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Readers Respond: The Best and Worst Indian Beers

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From the article: Top 5 Indian Beer Brands
There are plenty of different beer brands in India but which ones are worth drinking? Share your opinion here, and find out what beer lovers think are the best and worst Indian beers. Share Your Opinion

My Top Five

1. London Pilsner 2. Kingfisher Ultra 3. Knock Out (The best strong beer) 4. Kingfisher Draught 5. Tuborg
—Guest Utsav

Tuborg booster is the best ever

you must taste Tuborg booster it's my all time favourite beer it tastes good , smooth
—Guest Prasad patil

main sharabi

budeweiser FTW! ............. Then i'd like to go with kingfisher...........
—Guest ?


i have tasted all brands of beers but KNOCK OUT is best of all brands.. it tastes well and a strong beer.. what more than we need while taking beer..
—Guest saiii

King's is king

Out of the given choices King's is far ahead of the rest. Currently, Carlsberg is best & Heineken comes a close second. Kalyani Blaxk Label IF bottled at Kalyani is good; bottled anywhere else is horrible. I've grown up with beers from Solan : Golden Eagle, Gymkhana, LION, which are no longer available.I wonder what happened to them
—Guest Shekh

An old beer joke ..

Here's an old joke with my own addition: Americans: Drink weak, pissy-tasting beer. Canadians: Drink strong, pissy-tasting beer. Brits: Drink warm, beery-tasting piss. Aussies: Drink anything with alcohol in it. Now, my addition: Indians: Drink any piss as long as the label is cool. To be fair, and in defense of my country's beers, there is a ground swell of interest in craft beers and new microbreweries in America. Some of them are going overboard and screwing up with too much hops or other hit-and-trial experiments but many micro-brewers are coming up with fantastic new choices - like what the wine industry started a few decades ago. You CANNOT say the same about many other countries with a beer culture. India - where I grew up - has no beer culture and what traditional "toddy" brewing it had has been killed off by a mixture of snobbery, superficial "urbanity", and a totally immoral mercantile class. THAT is a shame no one will talk about.
—Guest Ram from Princeton, NJ


Indian beers are mostly lagers and, at best, they are mediocre. Even as newer products are introduced, the quality is suspect. Indians go more for the labeling and all the semiotics that goes with it (see why the damned mediocrity called Bose speakers and Sony products are popular?). The manufacturer know that they can get away with lousy quality because there's no quality control by any association and the consumer is not discriminating. How else do you explain the fact that for a country that is the site of the India Pale Ale, there is not one beer of great character? Just a lot of watered down, sweetened fermented malt.
—Guest Ram in Princeton, NJ

Why Knock Out Beer is missing?

I think we can't have a top 5 best beer brand list without Knock Out Refreshing Strong Beer . Knock out is one top 2 selling beer in the key volume driving states like Karnataka, AP and Maharasthra. There is a loyal base of million consumer of Knock Out in this states. Knock Out Brand has has unique thermochromic label which tells consumer the optimal temparature to drink beer. Isn't it one of the best packaging innovation?
—Guest Suraj

Worst beeer

wat the hell in Kingfisher they are just giving money to the shopkeepers to make them rich i am not getting my haywards beer for last 6 months and i am forced to drink Kingfisher. Kingfisher is taking the advantage of Indian shopkeepers providing lot of commissions to that beer.
—Guest Big Papa

must be nice

They are nice Indian beer! Hope I can have one one day in the future :)
—Guest hsheng


Its better than regulars and keeps one high..... Surely !!!

King's Black label

a little bit of a rectification out here, the King's Black label is priced at Rs.25 and not 35. Editor's Comment: Yes, it's priced at 24.90 rupees I think in stores. However, it now retails for around 50 rupees in the beach shacks (I just got back from Goa yesterday!).
—Guest BeerBoy


Its mild as well as gives a smooth high. However, beers like Kingfisher and others are economically consumable. Carlsberg is mostly consumed by sport fans.
—Guest Rakesh

Worst beers

I remember India in the 70s and 80s, those were the years of the worst beers, brimming with glycerin. I remember hangovers from Guru, Stud and Bullet that still make my head ache.
—Guest John Mijac

Australian Max destroys all of these

My mates and I tried all the beers on this list as well as a long list of our own, and the one thing I honestly miss the most about my travels in India is the taste of Australian Max beer. All of us agreed that this beer was mind-blowingly good literally could not get enough Strongly recommend aussie max
—Guest GapYearTraveller

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The Best and Worst Indian Beers

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