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Readers Respond: The Best and Worst Indian Beers

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From the article: Top 5 Indian Beer Brands
There are plenty of different beer brands in India but which ones are worth drinking? Share your opinion here, and find out what beer lovers think are the best and worst Indian beers.

Worst Beer in India!!!

I admit i'm a hardcore beer addict in South Delhi, for the last 9 years, there's hardly a day that i didn't drink at least a couple of bottles, even in chilling winters of Delhi. There's been some very good beers and some not so good ones. I don't know why but all the beer brands that i've fallen in love with have for some unknown reasons to me been out of the market. But lately, for the past 2-3 months now, all the shops in my locality have stop selling the better ones that are consumable and instead we are forced to buy some cheaply produced local beers that even before you drink, you feel like vomiting just from the smell of it. It's called Godfather strong, apart from the horrible taste, you get headaches the morning after. I'm not lying, it's practically the only beer they sell these days, i tried asking the shop attendants why but they are too proud or arrogant to respond. I'm helpless here, i believe there are many like me out there. I suspect something fishy in this deal.
—Guest Thunder


Its better than regulars and keeps one high..... Surely !!!

King's Black label

a little bit of a rectification out here, the King's Black label is priced at Rs.25 and not 35. Editor's Comment: Yes, it's priced at 24.90 rupees I think in stores. However, it now retails for around 50 rupees in the beach shacks (I just got back from Goa yesterday!).
—Guest BeerBoy


Its mild as well as gives a smooth high. However, beers like Kingfisher and others are economically consumable. Carlsberg is mostly consumed by sport fans.
—Guest Rakesh

Worst beers

I remember India in the 70s and 80s, those were the years of the worst beers, brimming with glycerin. I remember hangovers from Guru, Stud and Bullet that still make my head ache.
—Guest John Mijac

Australian Max destroys all of these

My mates and I tried all the beers on this list as well as a long list of our own, and the one thing I honestly miss the most about my travels in India is the taste of Australian Max beer. All of us agreed that this beer was mind-blowingly good literally could not get enough Strongly recommend aussie max
—Guest GapYearTraveller

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