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Readers Respond: Your Experience of the Monsoon in India

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From the article: The Monsoon Season in India
The only thing that's certain about the India monsoon is that it's unpredictable! Its intensity varies from year to year and region to region. Share your monsoon experiences here, and find out the experiences of others.

What a info!

I really enjoy reading your article. It is irony that I got information about my country using your article! However, knowledge doesn't have any border!. Great writing on the monsoon. Thanks again
—Guest Rajkumar

Incorrect Information

The part of the information which says - the southern states of Karnataka receives most rainfall from North-east monsoon is untrue! Karnataka receives a battering from the South-West monsoon! I know it because I have lived here all my life! It is the South-West monsoon which has the most energy, strength and volume of rainfall. The North-east almost dries up by the time it reaches Karnataka, as it has to travel through the states of Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu before it arrives in Karnataka. That is not to say there is not much impact. Sometimes severe cyclonic weather during North-East monsoon can be quite dreary and annoying, but it is mainly the South-West monsoon which delivers the most rainfall to Karnata.
—Guest Incorrect information

Super info before planning!

This is just the info I needed, now I know where and when to go to make the most of my indian vacation =)
—Guest Yoyis

loathe it

Chennai gets plenty of rain. More than necessary in fact. (Editor's note: Chennai's monsoon season is from October to December -- it is not during the main southwest monsoon season from June to September).
—Guest Sarah


full of great info and helped during my homework :)
—Guest haziboy123

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