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Readers Respond: Your Experience of the Monsoon in India

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From the article: The Monsoon Season in India
The only thing that's certain about the India monsoon is that it's unpredictable! Its intensity varies from year to year and region to region. Share your monsoon experiences here, and find out the experiences of others. Love It or Loathe It?

What a info!

I really enjoy reading your article. It is irony that I got information about my country using your article! However, knowledge doesn't have any border!. Great writing on the monsoon. Thanks again
—Guest Rajkumar


If you are near to Pune, Maharashtra(state) Then do visit Thoseghar falls, Mahabaleshwar, and Patan Vally for Great ghats, falls and greenery
—Guest Prashant

I liked it

The description of SW Monsoon is much better by this foreigner than the ones given by the locals. Good job.
—Guest Sini

Your Experience of the Monsoon in India

LAST year 2010 is the record rain year in last 50 to 100 years BUT Some one published that there would not be a drought in Kutch for at least one century AND ALL THAT published in news papers without any scientific evidence and without any support of knowledge. There has been records of two cycles of weather in KUTCH. though a mini cycle of 3 years of good and bad rain is known as short term periods as we are aware of in our regular life time. But a major cycle of droughts and very Good Rain cycle are different e.g. 40 years of cycles of major droughts (e.g. 1, CHHAPANOVikram Sanvant 1956= 1900AD and 2nd 1940 KUTCH FAMINE CHHANAVO Vikram Sanvant 1996= 1940AD) affecting most parts of western Monsoon system and also has Good Monsoon of 30 years cycle. both of those weather cycles falls in 120 years world weather cycle studied scientifically with rings in tree trunks. as good rain makes a ring wider expanding growth and narrows in famines. (30x4 cycle=120 years=3x40 cycle) CHHAPANO
—Guest Kutch Science

Absolutely love it

India is amazing in the monsoons. The entire area suddenly turns a lovely shade of green. The summer which precedes it can be quite merciless so when it starts to rain, it is a relief. Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra which form the Konkan coast get the best part of the monsoon. These areas get alive during this season. It is great to experience the monsoon in these parts.

Incorrect Information

The part of the information which says - the southern states of Karnataka receives most rainfall from North-east monsoon is untrue! Karnataka receives a battering from the South-West monsoon! I know it because I have lived here all my life! It is the South-West monsoon which has the most energy, strength and volume of rainfall. The North-east almost dries up by the time it reaches Karnataka, as it has to travel through the states of Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu before it arrives in Karnataka. That is not to say there is not much impact. Sometimes severe cyclonic weather during North-East monsoon can be quite dreary and annoying, but it is mainly the South-West monsoon which delivers the most rainfall to Karnata.
—Guest Incorrect information

Super info before planning!

This is just the info I needed, now I know where and when to go to make the most of my indian vacation =)
—Guest Yoyis

loathe it

Chennai gets plenty of rain. More than necessary in fact. (Editor's note: Chennai's monsoon season is from October to December -- it is not during the main southwest monsoon season from June to September).
—Guest Sarah


full of great info and helped during my homework :)
—Guest haziboy123

Love It or Loathe It?

Your Experience of the Monsoon in India

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