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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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From the article: Obtaining a Visa for India
Obtaining an Indian tourist visa and making multiple trips to India, or staying there for extended periods of time, has recently become more difficult. Have the new visa regulations affected you in any way? Let other readers know about it here. (Please note, do not ask for advice about Indian visas here. It's a page for sharing Indian visa issues only).

Will take my tourism elsewhere in future

First off the online application process had a phenomenal amount of technical flaws & was not at all user friendly! Eg timing out quickly, not easy to navigate around, specifying the use of OS IE v8, but then come payment & booking appointment, it only worked in the chrome OS! Someone should really re-look at the process & improve it! The form itself is invasive, wanted every bit of detail, even my previous india visa details (which I had to dig out in old passports), a list of countries travelled. At my appointment, I also had to write a personal letter to the high commission of India, stating who I was, where I worked etc! Other cons: specifics 5 x 5cm passport photos (not the norm sizes), the steep cost (>£100). When my visa did arrive they made the mistake of a single & not multiple entry! To summarise, although the culture, history & country itself is beautiful (not so much the people), I definitely won't go again & will take my tourist activities elsewhere for sure!


We tried 4 times to fill the visa forms online saved it when we went back to complete it couldn't retrieve it. Then trying to get the photos what a hassle they have to be a different size requirement which the post offices are confused about too. Why????? Even thew American visa application was straight forward and was easy to fill out.
—Guest sandra Daly

tourist visa

The entire site is terrible, the fee totals are incorrect. Some place they list reference fees as required and description says it is only for non US citizens. So, they are collecting it regardless. Does it take 3 weeks for visa now, used to be given same day? When is visa on arrival coming for US citizens, ckgs service is primitive and non-reliable, it should be changed asap.
—Guest Pankaj


Hello. Im wondering if someone can help me here. Im an American citizen with no ties to any other countries (other than the fact that my mother was born in Germany) , no criminal record, nothing suspicious whatsoever. Im going to get married to my Indian fiance in India in February, my flight is already booked for February 2nd. I need to start the visa process soon but Im afraid my Unemployed status will raise some flags. I need this visa to get to my finance who had to go back to India, can anyone tell me what to do here? Should I put unemployed on the application or should I put my last job as a secretary down? On one of the particulars forms its asks for current employer and all their details, so Im lost and I really miss my fiance ): Will they care that Im unemployed? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
—Guest Cookiecutter

Cox and Kings Visa Experience

Their website is so complicated, no one understand it. They call me and asked me to send more documents, I told her which one could you tell me. She was very rude telling me go check on website. first of all what I didn't understand what she was saying. she was talking so fast with accent and didn't care if I understood her or not. I tried to call them again same horrible experience. They make you feel so stupid when you ask them any question. No customer service at all. shame on them.
—Guest Mina

Never more disappointed or frustrated

I sent my application following all the rules and instructions. But my application came back using my return fedex envelop with a piece of paper , that piece of paper is some one else's visa application, scribbled with very unreadable , full of spelling mistakes , saying something wrong and missing. Even wrong and missing misspelled. What a shame. I called all the numbers in every website to find out what I am missing and what is wrong I have my phone statement to show that I would have called at-least a hundred times with no one to answers. I have no idea what to do I cannot afford to send my visa application to go to India through a company that provides for $200 fee. I am an US citizen from India, who cried with frustration about how to deal with this simple issue of getting a visa to visit my family. This kind of issue I never faced before when I visited most countries in the entire world. I even thought I would never want to go back there just because of some incompetent idiots.

Almost 2 years.

I submitted my application in January 2013 to travel in May 2013, and I am still awaiting approval/refusal of a visa. I was asked to send in extra documentation, an extra fee and letter from my employer, as well as details of my grandparents place of birth, which happens to be India! You can't get hold of anyone, it's impossible. It's disgusting how they treat people who want to visit their country.
—Guest Nightmare

Getting Indian visa from Sri Lanka?

I have lived in India for 1 year travelling back to the UK every 6 months to renew my visa. This time I am in Sri Lanka to renew but can only get 3 months? Yet my German friend got 6months? This is very common for the British does anyone know why?
—Guest Lynn uk

9 Months and no reply

Applied for visa in Dec. 2013, and it is now October 2014. No response from either BLS, CKGS or the Indian Embassy. Getting the run around from all directions. The websites are a joke...no records found and all the phone numbers listed have recordings on ALL THE TIME. What a shame...
—Guest Fed Up

Getting new passport

Cox & Kings could not process a visa in 2 months, could not return a requested Passport return in 3 weeks. Tomorrow I go to USA passport services to report passport stolen by Cox & Kings and get mine replaced at a large cost and time. India you don't want or need tourists or you would never use these idiots. Told many times to wait told it was requested to send, but to send is not sent.
—Guest Lou


Three weeks to get Indian Visa ... CKGS saved us $$!! Hotel stay in India for Ten Days saved $1100, Two airline tickets $2400 and $2000 for Gifts, sightseeing, merchandise food etc. Instead we drove to Toronto had a blast and will do it again next year.
—Guest Saved Money

What a Joke

Why can't Indians do anything in a simple way. It is like a national disease! The Indian Embassy is a shame to all Indians. This outfit that is servicing visas fits right into the INDIAN CULTURE. No repose! No way to call some one!
—Guest Bommaraju

Re-Issue OCI on new US Passport

I applied to BLS India with a few together with my cancelled US and Indian Passports and OCI card in May,2014. Till date, I haven't heard anything from BLS or CKGS and I want to travel India soon. Can anyone help on this? Thanks.
—Guest Moses

No update on OCI appl for 3 months

I had a rough time dealing with BLS and I thought that CKGS was selected by the Indian Embassy to address those issues. Looks like they are even worse and are completely incapable of doing their job. There is no response or update and phone calls to their Wash DC center don't go through. How do we convey this message to the Indian Embassy or the concerned authorities? With all this talk from the new govt on effective governance, I hope that they do something to remove these incompetent agencies who probably bribed their way to secure this contract from the previous govt.
—Guest Sharad Gupta

Visa Given - Not for my Holiday though?

I know how pedantic the Indian authorities can be from my application 2 years ago, hence this year I thought I'd do it nice and early. I filled all the questions out in full, even repeating myself, got a letter from my employer saying that I wouldn't work there (they sent my application back last time, saying that they wanted this) and payed the fee for a 6 month visa. Got my Visa back in about a week BUT it was only for 3 Months, when my holiday is after that, and I clearly stated the date I intended on travelling. I don't know what they are playing at, all they are doing is deterring people from travelling there which will damage their tourist industry!
—Guest Vik

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