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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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From the article: Obtaining a Visa for India
Obtaining an Indian tourist visa and making multiple trips to India, or staying there for extended periods of time, has recently become more difficult. Have the new visa regulations affected you in any way? Let other readers know about it here. (Please note, do not ask for advice about Indian visas here. It's a page for sharing Indian visa issues only). Share Your Visa Issues

Indian entry x visa nightmare

I applied for x-visa 3 months ago but I have not got any response yet. I had to cancel my travel plans and now I don't know how long I have to wait? No one answers the call and replies to the email. At least, they should have the courtesy to give me a rough timeframe. So far, it has been a nightmare.
—Guest Anil

pathtic behaviour

Got to India on Wednesday. They refused entry. They said that my dates were not right. I asked them if i could pay a penalty fee. Was refused and sent back. The officials are rude and their behaviour if disgusting. Will think twice going back there.
—Guest kay

Cox and Kings is a complete disaster.

I always used to wonder how can getting Visa (or related) services to India get worse than what they were when handled by Indian embassy in New York. Cox and King provides answer. This service is completely incompetent and useless. I am sure the outgoing super-corrupt UPA government took big bribes from this service to give them contract. I submitted application for my daughter's OCI card in early June. It has been more than 3 months and numerous phone calls later they have no idea about that application. I got fed up and told them to just refund the money. They are not refunding the big $320 fee they charged. My OCI has apparently been approved but I am too scared to give this incompetent service my passport as I don't want to lose it. I will just apply for regular visa for my daughter so that we can visit her sick grandfather dying of cancer! I am going to complaint to NY Attorney General for the fraud service they have been running.
—Guest Chetan Jain

Will cancel our travel to India

I have been working in India for over 30 yrs. A friend wants to come with me for two weeks. He is a self employed social worker. CKGS has asked for three months of paystubs to "verify" that he is working... Really??? WOW this is amazing...
—Guest Guest NANA

visa prices

Love India, was born in India in 1943, and have had 3 holidays and find each time the price keeps going up, cannot afford it now, Why?
—Guest Wright

Reason enough to never visit India

The application process is extremely invasive and completing it can easily take an hour due to all the details required. Just as bad, the complexity of the process means that it is easy to make errors whether due to typos, accidental omissions or whatever. At the next stage you have to personally submit the document (here in the UAE) where your errors will be spotted, then you are sent away to repeat the whole error-prone process. The process is about as difficult as filing tax documents (in the US). I wish I could say F### It and just be done with India, but I love the country, culture, history, people, etc. It is tragic that the shortsightedness, arrogance or ineptitude of officials in the Indian government have created such a cruel application process for people wishing to visit their country. If planning a first time visit to India better not to, lest you risk traveling there and falling in love with the country only to be treated like sh## whenever applying again for a visa.
—Guest Bruce

OCI Visa

I applied for my OCI Visa on oct /2013... the money has been deposited on d account , but my visa didn't came yet, they send my Indian passport wid my papers but my money was not refunded...It was done by BLS International... I am a USA Citizen , carrying a USA passport & citizenship... I have called a few times, email to them with my money order documents but no reply from the other end have came to me... please help me in this situation , what should I do next. Thanking you... Rita {Rita Ganguly}
—Guest Rita Ganguly

Entry Visa

Hi, possibly this is not the right place for my question, but i dont know where else to ask it. I'm from germany and I received my X- Entry Visa today. I am very happy about that, but there's one thing on my mind: I'm doing an internship in New D. for three month, and after that, i'm planning to travel around the country. But on my Visa it says "New Delhi" plus the corporation at which I work. Will there be any problems when I am outside New delhi or am i worrying for no good reason after all? Hope someone will know the answer and share his/her knowledge with me. I'm a bit in panic right now.
—Guest Leonard

Have a bad feeling...

I don't trust BLS any more than I can throw the Taj Mahal. I go to their office with my printed copy of the online application. They say the dates from my application have the months and dates printed backwards. Ok my bad although site is non-intuitive. I ask if I can refill the online form there. Yes but for a $15 fee. NVM. I go back next day with correct info but now they say my photo is not white background enough. Yet it was ok for 3 other country visas. I tell them that I have another photo correctly formatted on my usb stick. They say they don't have the wherewithal for manipulating pic files. So now I fork $15 for photos and the admin takes some using a cheap digital cam! Can't manipulate files eh? Complete utter rubbish. All they want is money. Also, when I go to pay cash, they have no change because they do not carry a float. Since I don't have the exact amount to the penny I must use my bank card and they charge an extra $1 ATM fee. Now I wait...
—Guest Freethinker

Messed up in Bangkok too!

Went to Embassy contractor here in Bangkok with all correct paperwork including air and hotel reservations...very strict here. Trip was scheduled for 3 months from now but this was last chance to apply before more travel. Found out that 3 months ago the embassy stopped giving 6 month visas to non-Thai nationals. They offered 3-month, single entry...only thing offered! Did us no good due to our dates and we needed at least dual entry since a side trip to Nepal was planned. The contractor sent me to talk to the consulate to appeal, but was met bu the rudest, too bad attitude. The change was made with no public notification to date. Monetary loss is small (used points for air), but I will not be going through hoops again to get into a country that runs a rude and indifferent Embassy. Three month single..take it or leave it! So much for tourism promotion.
—Guest Melo1

Indian Visa

I do not have any problem with the Indiain Visa :-) After reading the application I decided never to go back to India. There are many friendly countries where I can go, without such headache.
—Guest Rose


Have driven to San Fran from Los Angeles twice now (once with an appointment) in a desperate attempt to get a visa (process started more than 1 month prior) for travel this week (this is what they recommended last week when I was there and couldn't get ANYTHING accomplished). Appointment was Monday, but they said they can't guarantee anything because of Eid ending on Wednesday?? We asked why they even told us to make an appointment if it was going to be closed, and they said it was listed on their website. BUT IT IS NOT. And this ladies and gentlemen is why I, as an OCI, reassure people 'it ain't gonna happen' when they tell me that they think India and China are going to outpace the US.
—Guest satyavan180@yahoo.com

Indian Visa

I was scheduled to travel to Southern India this November. Due to my busy schedule, I always use a trusted visa service. Last time when I went to India, the only thing I had to send was my passport and give them the customary information about myself. That was 5 years ago. My visa does not process visas to India anymore. So I tried the CKGS designated by the Indian Government, they sent me to the Indian Consulate to fill my application. I started to fill it, although it was like a third degree interrogation; when they lost me was when they asked me if I was a naturalized US citizen, and I responded yes (I am originally from Mexico and it says so in my passport) then the questions began to be annoying: father's name and birth place, city,state, country. The same information for mother, was any of my grandparents of Pakistani origin???!!!?? How Paranoid! Right then and there I knew that is was not worth it Rather pay cancellation fee and going somewhere else friendlier.
—Guest Rose

Great Service with CKGS

Great job by CKGS considering India's convoluted process! Only 2 weeks to get my visa. 6/30/2014 mailed application and passport to the CKGS San Francisco office by US Priority mail 7/15/2014 received my passport back (I included a prepaid USPS Priority Mail envelope with tracking number affixed) See processing times below copied from CKGS tracking site (ID and verification codes were case sensitive): Passport is collected in Person. 07/12/2014 (The passport was mailed to me on 7/14/14) Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. 07/11/2014 Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. 07/08/2014 Your application is in process. Your tracking id is ********* 07/03/2014 Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 07/03/2014
—Guest ptarmigan

CKGS will destroy tourism!

Every year for the last five years I've travelled to India with a group of friends (7-28 people). This year we had 24 people planning to go to India and spend $36,000 USD. Some of us got our visas before the switch to Cox and Kings, but 8 people in our group have been waiting for their visas for almost two months! we leave for India in one week. Getting Indian visas has always been a stressful hassle, but this year it is almost to much to bare. This mismanagement will cost us thousands of dollars and if my 8 friends do not get their visas it will ruin our trip. I don't understand how this dysfunction is even allowed to continue. It will ruin India's tourism industry!

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Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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