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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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From the article: Obtaining a Visa for India
Obtaining an Indian tourist visa and making multiple trips to India, or staying there for extended periods of time, has recently become more difficult. Have the new visa regulations affected you in any way? Let other readers know about it here. (Please note, do not ask for advice about Indian visas here. It's a page for sharing Indian visa issues only). Share Your Visa Issues

Great Service with CKGS

Great job by CKGS considering India's convoluted process! Only 2 weeks to get my visa. 6/30/2014 mailed application and passport to the CKGS San Francisco office by US Priority mail 7/15/2014 received my passport back (I included a prepaid USPS Priority Mail envelope with tracking number affixed) See processing times below copied from CKGS tracking site (ID and verification codes were case sensitive): Passport is collected in Person. 07/12/2014 (The passport was mailed to me on 7/14/14) Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. 07/11/2014 Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. 07/08/2014 Your application is in process. Your tracking id is ********* 07/03/2014 Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 07/03/2014
—Guest ptarmigan

CKGS will destroy tourism!

Every year for the last five years I've travelled to India with a group of friends (7-28 people). This year we had 24 people planning to go to India and spend $36,000 USD. Some of us got our visas before the switch to Cox and Kings, but 8 people in our group have been waiting for their visas for almost two months! we leave for India in one week. Getting Indian visas has always been a stressful hassle, but this year it is almost to much to bare. This mismanagement will cost us thousands of dollars and if my 8 friends do not get their visas it will ruin our trip. I don't understand how this dysfunction is even allowed to continue. It will ruin India's tourism industry!

Conference missed

Getting such a visa is like a gambling isn't it?My visa application was sent out on May 21 for a conference in mid July. Up till today, July 15, I haven't got anything back. Mostly the phone numbers were not working, while the time when I was lucky enough to be connected to a representative, I was told that they do not have a record of my application. Also it seems that CKGS and the consulate never respond to any email inquiry. Now I've missed the conference and have no idea where my passport is.
—Guest Dawa

Corruption ???? Hell ya

Sam007' I had the same feeling. They probably were looking for a bribe but I would be too scared to offer for fear of getting arrested for offering a bribe. I know in India nothing gets done if if were not for those under the table contributions. Hehehehe
—Guest Sam II

Sadhana I agree

Sadhana I agree. NRI's are being harrassed even though we have US passports. I have lived here for 40 years and they want documents from India and do not consider US documents valid!!!! NRI's should protest but how????
—Guest Khushi

Had to cancel trip

I had to cancel my trip because my Indian passport has a wrong birthdate, which was handwritten about 30 years ago. Ofcourse reason does not prevail with these Indians. That I loved in the US for 40 years, never used anything but what's on my drivers license, US passport etc etc. lost $1000 for tickets cancelled and more for driving back and forth to Visa office. Disgusted really.
—Guest Swarna


I applied for my daughter's tourist visa on may 27th. There was no information until I sent an email to CKGS and they said it was in process. i assumed since it had been almost 2 weeks it was already at the Indian Consulate but finally the updated status said it was submitted on June 19th. They asked for additional documents which they only told me when I enquired and submitted the next day. there is no update since. God only knows what they are doing with the documents rather than submitting it to the consulate General . I still don't understand why the indian Consulate needs to outsurce it to a third party if they are the one's ultimately issuing the visas. Why not just hire some extra staff to check the application for completions before presenting it for visas so they can fix any problems before they submit for approval. I am sure that would save them money and they could just keep those service charges that CKGS is asking for. The only company so far that was good were travisa

India visa and Ckgs

It is hard to believe how a county like India can operate their visa issue so bad. After I sent in all required docs and fees for Indian visa I cannot reach any one ay Ckgs and an agent confirming that all documents on phone that the application was complete and submitted for issue of via, I cannot reach anyone. All website listed tel numbers were not working numbers. Agent direct line number went straight to voicemail and the voicemail is full. My application does not show up on tracking system. Hard to believe, a consulate office in Atlanta and it's outsourced agency CKGS.


The CKGS is not moving energetically as promised by them and the indian high commission. They are slow, dumb, stupid and unreasonable in answering queries. They seem to be on their honeymoon period and not bothered, how their irresponsible approach is affecting the people applying for their crucial Visas for their family visits to their country, India. If this is the approach of the CKGS, then GOD HELP US ALL. Neither the HI-Com is helping us nor CKGS….Where do we go ???????????????
—Guest Dawson, Lawyer

Incompetent Indian Immigration

An Indian Immigration officer writes 1/2 on my Indian visa, meaning I have used 1 of my double entries as originally applied for. This has resulted in my visa becoming void and myself needing to wait a full week to reapply for a visa. What's even worse is the fact that the immigration office has stated they will not take responsibility for it given they will be fined for their mistake. Where does that leave me? Stranded, running out of money and absolutely screwed over.
—Guest Andy


May 14th did the on-line information with BLS, waited. The June 1st did the CKGS, no word from either company or the embassy.

VAF stamp

Hi, I applied for Indian visa in August 2012 and after 17 days when I didn't get any response from the high commission of Dhaka, Bangladesh I do a application to return back my passport and then sent a rude sms to a high commission stuff ( I was really angry that time). After that they return my passport with a VAF seal. Two years almost gone, I tried a lot but they say its not possible now ...I've to wait minimum 5 years...once a VAF seal put on a passport it'll take minimum 5 years to solve that problem. Well, high commission has 100% right to take action against anything they feel bad to them but is there any chance to appeal ?? just for a little argument 5 years punishment seems injustice to me........
—Guest Raj

7 years overstay, what is the penalty?

I am almost 7 years after my Indian visa has expired! What is the penalty and what should I do? Answer: You'll have to pay a fine and will be banned from returning to India. Go to your nearest FRRO to sort it out.

Indian visa-sanfrancisco

I applied for 5 year re-entry visa thru CKGS. after six weeks, numerous e-mails, no one answers calls, I got Visa for Six months even though paid for 5 year. did any get visa for six months and did they tell you why? I am just lost and confused. I had all previous visas for max term. Need some changes thru new Indian government.

CKGS is a disaster

Hi, I am Niraj Dewan, a journalist, who had been following up to get an answer for my mother-in-law’s visa application request in CKGS, New York who was rudely refused after 6 hours of restlessness and discomfort of not accepting her visa application due to manpower issues and system failures. I seek help from the Indian government who in turn help me to find a solution to a problem through the Indian consulate. You can also write to the Indian government who HELPED ME to get answers to my queries and discomfort faced with the new service provider in New York. You can write to if you really need solution to your problem: eam@mea.gov.in psfs@mea.gov.in dcmoff@indiagov.org minpic@indiagov.org vikram.misri@gov.in I hope you will be able to get relieved from the mess faced with the new service provider, CKGS. Regards Niraj
—Guest niraj

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Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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