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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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From the article: Obtaining a Visa for India
Obtaining an Indian tourist visa and making multiple trips to India, or staying there for extended periods of time, has recently become more difficult. Have the new visa regulations affected you in any way? Let other readers know about it here. (Please note, do not ask for advice about Indian visas here. It's a page for sharing Indian visa issues only). Share Your Visa Issues

poor visa persons

i have read almost every comment on this page. this is a country where people are confused with its own government. sad about you guys who have tried for indian visa. the only solution is if you give them extra money for nothing. and when you do this they will honour you, treat you well and go humble with their decision. its a corrupt nation.
—Guest pranab

Indian Visa (Wake up India)

Almost all my family is in India. This is a family I never met, being that I have a Pakistani origin. am a US Citizen and my Wife is Indian Citizen. We married in Nepal because my first application for Indian visa applied in 2010 is somewhere, don't know where but I have not heard anything on it. My Wife's family and a ill grandmother so much wants to meet me, but this means nothing to the visa issuing authorities. I see a lot of changes in India, all good changes especially amongst ambitious youngsters wanting a better India. Hopefully some day one of these same youngsters will take posts in these offices and use common sense to bring India to the next level. By no choice of my own I was born in Pakistan, came to US young and have not been to Pakistan since I came to US that is over 20+years, this is the reason I can't see my family. Pakistani Embassy is no different, I asked for a Renunciation Cert and I am asked to provide items that I do not have or can get. India wake up Please
—Guest khan

Visa cost.

I have been travelling to India for ages from 1986 to 2014, but i will not be travelling there again as the visa is so expensive. The prices need to come down.
—Guest jacqueline shapiro

Help!!! What do they need?

We are going to india in less that two weeks but my husbands visa is not approved yet. We got an email asking us for "AMS approval documents" but we have NO IDEA what AMS even stand for or what specifically they need from us. Please help!!!
—Guest Kristin

India Cheat on Visas

I recently applied for a 5 year visa, had all correct paperwork, sponsorship and company letters. They just issued a 6 month visa which is ridiculous considering I clearly stated multi trips for 2014\2015
—Guest Unhappy Businessman

Student Visa or Research Visa

I was admitted for a PhD full time course in an Indian University. At the point of applying for Visa, I came to the Indian High Commission (Nigeria) asking for the type of visa I needed and was told I need "a student visa" . No mention of type of visa for Phd is made on the Indian Embassy web site in Nigeria. I have been given a year Student Visa with possibility of extension. but on arrival in India the university refuses to register me as they ask for a Research Visa. contacting the Indian High Commission in Nigeria, they refuse to reply my mail nor pick several calls made. Some immigration staff here said I don't need a Research visa because I am a PhD student and not a research professor nor independent Scholar. In other words I do not fulfil the requirements for a Research visa. But the university still refused to accept. I attempted to convert the student visa to research visa and it has been a herculean task. I have spent 2 months stranded in India now.
—Guest Adebakin


I have held Indian business Visas more or less continuously since 1994, I lived and worked there (and paid a lot of taxes) in 2005 and 2006. I recently applied for a new 5 year visa, paying the $815 fee. They decided to issue me a 6 month visa instead (should cost $155). NO REASON. NO REFUND. I just paid $815 for a $155 service. THIS IS BLATANT FRAUD.
—Guest H

blacklisted for overstaying in india

i am indian born canadian citizen because of my ill mother i overstayed my indian visa by 3 months i went to frro mumbai asking for extension they said this can be done only in delhi, i left for delhi frro i gave them all the explanation then in the evening he gave me a envelope and said not to open give it to frro mumbai which i did,immigration officer told me you have to leave in 2 days he just gave me 2 days extension i had no choice i came to canada waited 6 months, and applied for visa again they gave it to me then in mumbai immigration officer said you are ban in india and gave me a letter stating foreigners order 1948 para 2 very next flight came back since then applied for oci that got rejected officer told me your name is in the blacklist of mha i need help need to see my mother urgently i am ready to give-up my canadian citizenship to get my indian status back please advise thanks
—Guest karan


The visa application site for India (https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/) is PATHETIC. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. It is so temperamental that sometimes it will save your application and sometimes it won't.. and then you have to start-over. It has taken me more than 2 hours to fill out two applications (only 3 pages per application). They seem to be employing some 10 year old technology....unbelievable that a country which is supposedly a hotbed for IT will churn out such pathetic site.
—Guest az

BLS nightmare

We sent our passports to BLS in Dec 2013 - a month later, no word on our visas. We spent another month going back and forth with them on their support ticket portal - every time that I requested information on why our visas were talking 4x the normal processing time, the ticket was closed with a response that didn't tell me what was going on. None of the phone numbers listed worked. We finally had to contact our congressman, whose office contacted the state department, who contacted the Indian embassy to determine that our passports were not lost. We were told that because we were adopting an Indian child, that "extra administrative approvals" were needed (which our adoption agency, who handles dozens of adoptions to India, had never heard of). Two weeks later we received our passports back with no visa, and only a handwritten note stating "Clearance Not Received". Who knows what happened. We're now trying ItsEasy to see if we can get around whatever this roadblock is another way
—Guest Chris

Indian Consulate in Atlanta

Apparently, Indian specialize in hiring morons to run its consular services, at least in Atlanta. Wife and 10yrd old have received the visa, my 12 yrs old and 21 yr old girls are being shoved around for over a month. When you call the consulate, they will answer the phone 1 out of 20 times, and when they do they will transfer you to a non-existent extension. If you call their outsourcing service, BLS, your call will almost never get answered. As of now, they are holding my daughters US passports hostage. This is not the first time this has happened. If my wife was not originally from India, I would have NO reason to visit a place where we are not welcomed. There are plenty of other places that welcome you with open arms. Let this be a message to all those who want to visit India - GO SPEND YOU MONEY ELSEWHERE- INDIA DOES NOT WELCOME YOU. SHAME ON YOU INDIA, INDIAN CONSULATE AND BLS INTERNATIONAL Their phone numbers are: BLS: 404-600-6421 Atlanta Consulate: 404-963-5902
—Guest frustrated_beyond_belief

Visa for baby born in India

I'm a Canadian citizen. I'm in India on tourist visa and married with Indian wife. We got baby in India and baby got Canadian passport. Now baby will travel with me to Canada first time. What she need, noc or Indian visa? How much is the fee? Answer: The baby needs an Exit Visa in her passport, obtainable from your nearest FRRO. They will be able to advise you of the charges.
—Guest jatinder

My marriage is blocked

My fiance from USA has booked the ticket to India and her Visa is approved but the officials keep messing with her name spelling and the date in the visa continously for third time. Are these government officials so Incapable even to spell a name and to print a date ridiculous...
—Guest Sujith

So far no luck

We are in Sri Lanka and trying to get our Visas for India. Got to the office today and was turned away because the forms had minor issues (that we could NOT have foreseen - for port of entry/exit we should write All Ports, instead of the cities that we are actually flying in and out of) We are travelers and ran to the nearest place to redo the form and reprint only to come back at 1:55pm and the office was locked for the day (they do not take any applications after 2pm). The processing time is 5-7 days so we are in limbo as to plan our tour there / arrival flight. I can't understand why they would make the process so difficult for travelers. We've been on the road for 8 months and no other Visa was this challenging. A shame because we had wanted to visit but it's just not worth a 3rd trip to the the Visa office for imaginary 'errors' that have no bearing on whether I should be issued a Visa.

India Visa

Filling the visa on line is a nightmare.The biggest shock is the £90 fee which you learn only when you ask to pay on line. It reminds me why I have left it for 5 yrs before daring to go to India again.The form is designed by someone with limited understanding of English.Very odd requests like details of your spouse,mother ,father-grandparents-on a VISA application !!!Still not clear if the on line photo is all that is required-it prints out on the form -not in the box marked 2 x2 inch but on the top left.Later in the payment process it asks for £10 for uploading of picture-not sure if this refers to the original upload or a further picture. If this is an attempt to reduce tourism to India it is a master stroke and likely to be highly successful.At least it avoids face to face contact with the creatures at the embassy.International companies and investors are pulling money out of India-so should tourists
—Guest honest john

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Have You Experienced any Issues With Your Indian Visa?

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