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Readers Respond: Issues With Getting an Indian Visa on Arrival

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Have you applied for and/or obtained an Indian visa on arrival? How was the process? Did you face any issues? Share your experience with us here and find out the experiences of others.

Visa on Arrival for USA citizens

What is the procedure for visa on arrival for a USA citizen after Oct 1, 2014. Is the visa given at the airport in Bombay. Answer: The facility has not yet been implemented. It may be operational by the end of 2014 or start of 2015.
—Guest mukut dave

Carol Allen

I recently applied for a tourist visa through Travisa Outsourcing for travel to Leh, New Delhi, Varanasi, and Agra with a tour group. Travisa Outsourcing responded that I needed to request a special permit for these protected areas which I did but that process may take eight weeks and I will miss my trip if it takes eight weeks. The unfortunate thing is these areas are not on the restricted list. Someone at the Embassy has bad information. None of the other twenty students on this tour have had the same problem. Travisa Outsourcing will not call the Consulate for me and I do not know what to do. Does anyone know an Indian person who might help me at the consulate? Thank you.
—Guest Carol Allen

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