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Readers Respond: Issues With Getting an Indian Visa on Arrival

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Have you applied for and/or obtained an Indian visa on arrival? How was the process? Did you face any issues? Share your experience with us here and find out the experiences of others. Share Your Experience

British: Visa on arrival in Mumbai. ?

I'm offshore in a West African country. My tickets are booked. What happens when I arrive without a visa. Being offshore I don't have the ability to visit an Indian mission before departure. Will I be granted entry for a couple of days? Answer: No. You will be denied entry. Actually, most likely, you won't be allowed to board your flight in the first place as visas usually need to be shown at check in.
—Guest Peter V

Visa on Arrival

When will the visa on arrival be applicable to Australian nationals? Answer: Only if/when the proposed new regime is implemented, perhaps in October 2014. http://goindia.about.com/b/2014/02/06/indias-new-plan-of-tourist-visas-on-arrival-for-180-countries.htm
—Guest chauhan

Waited for 3.5 hours to get a "stamp"

HYD airport - Staff obviously DOES NOT KNOW the process and very very very very very UNFRIENDLY. And after waiting for almost 4 hours, finally we got a simple stamp which is valid for 7 days. They charge 3,900 and not $60 since they only accept their local currency. Better get visa at the embassy.
—Guest hydera-BAD Experience


Hi I'm flying from Finland to Delhi in March 2014, I was wondering if 6 hours is enough to get the Visa on arrival (before my next plane heads off)? Thank you! :) Answer: Yes, it should be.
—Guest Emilia

Visa on arrival for Australian

I read that Australian passport holders will be soon eligible to apply for visa on arrival in India. We're planning to go to Hyderabad in mid January 2014, will the new policy applied by then? Thank you. Answer: There has been no news so it's very unlikely.
—Guest Susan

south african visa's

Hi, I would like to verify that I can now get a tourist visa on arrival in Mumbai from 2014. Please confirm if this is true thanks and regards. Omar. Answer: Sorry, this is not true. Please refer here for the latest update: http://goindia.about.com/b/2013/12/22/now-india-has-no-plans-to-extend-its-tourist-visa-on-arrival-facility.htm
—Guest omar joosab

Visa on arrival

Im travelling to India for ten days and would like to apply for a visa on arrival based on NZ passport. I have travelled to india more than ten times in the past twenty years for holiday and never had an issue for preapproved visa application. I have looked through the checklist for visa on arrival criteria and I meet them all but should I stick to the old system or be rest assured I wont unnecessary issues when I land in Mumbia airport? After all, it is a long journey to get to India and the last thing anybody wants is nuisance? Answer: There's no reason why you should have a problem but if it really concerns you, it's best to do what makes you feel the most comfortable.
—Guest Cautious traveller


Hi this is yamini here! i have one question that is possible to extend my visa during i stay in india? can i extend my visa for another two weeks from any travel agent there. Answer: No, this isn't possible, sorry.
—Guest yamini


I have 8 hours waiting time at the airport. Can I get a visa to go out? I am an ex-Paki but German citizen. Answer: No. 1) German citizens are not currently eligible. 2) If you, your parents or grandparents were born in or lived in Pakistan, you're not eligible.
—Guest dOSO

visa on arrival

I am a australian passport holder i will come kochin on 23/ 10/ 13 /can i get visa on arrival. Answer: No, sorry, you can't. Although Visa on Arrival facilities have been in operation there since August 15, 2013, Australian citizens are not eligible for VOA.
—Guest don

from the USA

I am trying to find out if I can get a visa on arrival to New Delhi. Ran out of time here in the use. Anybody know? Answer: US citizens are currently not eligible, sorry. Refer to this article for a list of eligible countries: http://goindia.about.com/od/visas/qt/Indian-Tourist-Visa-On-Arrival.htm
—Guest scott reynolds


I wanted to know whether Netherlands passport holder can eligible for on arrival Indian Visa at Mumbai airport. Answer: Please refer to this article for the list of countries that are eligible for VOA: http://goindia.about.com/od/visas/qt/Indian-Tourist-Visa-On-Arrival.htm
—Guest Anil B Patel


my friend is 16 year old from philippines want to visit me in india this july 2013 she is traveling alone, can she get tourist visa on arrival in india ? thank you in advance


i am a 18 year old girl from philippines i like to visit india,Banglore can i get a tourist visa on arrival in Banglore ? if so ,what are the requirements ? do we immediately have to apply visa after we get off the plane ? kindly help me this is my first time visiting other country . Answer: Sorry, no, Bangalore doesn't have that facility.


Hi! This is yamini and i am an Indonesian. What kind of question immegration will ask me on delhi airport? And can i fly from singapore to delhi?
—Guest yamini

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Issues With Getting an Indian Visa on Arrival

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