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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced a Problem with Making Your Indian Railways Reservation?

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There's nothing like trying to reserve a ticket for travel on Indian Railways as a source of irritation. Issues with the internet reservation system, and failed attempts at booking, are common. Have you experienced a problem? Share your frustrations here. Share Your Problems

Next Gen - IRCTC Web Site Failure

Today, I am unable to get through the tatkal ticket booking. once I select the journey details and proceed for train selection: Web message " You have changed the Journey details. kindly click on submit button" even after repetitive attempts and after clicking on n nos of time on submit button still could not succeed for booking. kindly look in to issue and resolve the technical issue. even undersigned tried for help line and understand that this issue is being raised by many passengers too. BUT due to the technical laps I have missed the opportunity to get the TATKAL Booking.
—Guest Schendker Jey

unable to login next gen e-ticket

I am unable to log in into IRCTC website. When I enter User name & Password, From station & To station, it has been asking for User ID, Password & Captcha. When I enter the same again it will back to From station & To station. Again & again the same thing is happening. Unable to trace it out the problem. Kindly help me out. Whether the User ID same as Username or it is different. If it is different how to create User ID.
—Guest Daniel Mitra

Unable to view train availability

Hey all, Today only I have created a new account in IRCTC and all verification was done perfectly. Once I logged in, it is showing " Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/FileTDR of your old transactions done before migration, click "My Transactions" below. To book e-tickets , click "Proceed For Booking". After migration new transactions can be viewed in "Booked Ticket History" in Next Generation e-Ticketing website. " Navigating, to the above mentioned link, once again asks me to enter into "www.irctc.co.in" where it asks me to login again and this process repeats forever and I couldn't check into train availability\booking part. I tried in both Windows Firefox and IE and I tried in another laptop also. May I get this issue resolved by any means? Thanks
—Guest Malathi

Indian Railways problems

First of all the website sometime works and often does not. Many dead links. Train number instead trains names, is a very strange way of booking. There is no train names list available, or not visible.
—Guest Mehrnoosh

Debit card booking unavailability

I have a UCO Bank and yes bank debit card... how am I supposed to book a ticket on irctc when none of the abovementioned payment gateways are unavailable? there are only few bank payment options like sbi or andhra bank for debit card.. please help
—Guest Hrishi Baruah

IRCTC reservation is nightmare

IRCTC.co.in reservation system is nightmare I am touring for my company purpose, from last 15 days tried several times with different gateways, credit cards , debit cards no tickets only time outs, payments done from credit/debit cards and nothing in return. Please Please Stop this non-sense
—Guest Hari

Not 1 tatkal for a senior since weeks

Trying since weeks to get a single ticket for my mum a senior citizen she cannot travel by road by air expensive I think there is some other site which the agents operate and get their job done
—Guest mr deep

Problem in Booking Internet railway tick

I am unable to book Internet ticket in my IRCTC account. I uploaded my address correctly in the profile. But when I book Internet ticket and ask for home or office delivery it says that address is not correct. I found that in the ticket my city and state isnot displaying. Why what is the reason for this
—Guest Mrs.Meenakshi Iyer

Worthless Reservation System

I have tried to book ticket for 4 passengers and used several different credit cards with different gateways and also using Amex. Nothing is working - each time it gets rejected. IRCTC should fix this problem; people are getting frustated. Is there any other way to book online?
—Guest Guest USPIO

Cannot book ticket online

For past one week irctc site is opening very slow. Once it opens, and after I've entered details of my travel plans, site closes saying online reservation error.
—Guest mitu roy

Tatkal booking

the site was logged at 10 am for on line booking but opened at 11.20 hrs by that time all seats were booked

increasing capacity

Few years back we used to get seating reservation for the day journey i. e. 4th seat on each birth.That was very good practice and 100s of reservations available.The third birth on side should be optional and be given to those who want instead of seating in RAC.thease practices will increase 100s of births in each train and almost all waiting list can be cleared.The platforms and staircases have no slopes,eventhough all the luggage now a days is with trollys.the britishers made slopes in stations like Nagpur ,Dadar and so on .this saves a lot of efforts to passengers.may start these practices again.
—Guest pvkhubalkar


How to enter my full name on passenger name? My name has 20 letters, but entry only 16 letters....
—Guest Livilan

Railway reservation woes

It is impossible to make online reservation in 2AC/3AC (even on opening day) for southbound travel from Pune to Chennai, Bangalore, Nagarcoil, Kanyakumari by any train throughout the year. There has been no increase in trains on this route for the last 3 decades. With phenomenal increase in travel it has become impossible for families to plan their travel. Railways should consider introducing more trains on this route. Everyone cannot afford to travel by air. Also, train journey has its' own charm which cannot be experienced by air travel.
—Guest Subramani

Weird behavior

Last one month, we have been trying to book some tickets for trains which will run after 2 month (i.e. 60 days), every day when the Reservation opens for the train after 60 days, right at 8:00 AM when we search for the desired train, it becomes very slow and when it appears back in about 3-4 minutes, what we see is, all seats booked and waiting of 12-15-30. I cannot believe that normal passengers are booking in just 3 minutes, it clearly indicates some fuss behind the scene by agents. Is there any proper way to book tickets for people like us, who cannot afford flight travel and extra money asked by agents? Here I am talking about a journey more than 2000 KM which cannot be traveled by Bus.
—Guest Tarun

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Have You Experienced a Problem with Making Your Indian Railways Reservation?

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