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Readers Respond: Your Reaction to India Culture Shock

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About.com readers share their reactions to India culture shock.

How did you feel when you first arrived in India? What things do you find difficult to cope with in India? Here's the place to get it all off your chest.

respect their job

In India everyone work .even a women work, it was past when women weren't working. But people don't respect their work and even others work.they treat a bathroom cleaner,cleaner,sweeper differently than an engineering, docter etc..being an Indian I itself don't know why this happens!!I want everyone to change their view towards low workers and treat everyone equal. this is what I can say as a girl age of 13
—Guest jhansi j

Indians do not value time.

Lived in India for 26 years of my life and still have nightmares thinking about my life there. Luckily I left India at age 26 never to go back I have a good life now which I would not have if I was in India The worst thing in India is lack of personal space. There are lot of unwanted distractions in the form of relatives, neighbours and friends. Lack of respect of personal space and no value for time makes it very difficult to live in India .
—Guest Dea

Life in India

I went to India and saw many things that amazed me. Before I went there I was told by many Indian people that caste system is thing of the past. It is not so. Upper caste people will not eat lunch with sutras or Dalits. They do not invite them as guests at weddings. In many areas of India men from lower castes have been murdered for marrying upper caste women. I don't understand why educated Indians will deny reality that is so very obvious. There are a lot of holy men in India. I suspect it is not because it's a spiritual place. I think it is so because a lot of people are superstitious and believe that these holy men have special powers to heal and change bad luck. With so many devotees willing to believe that the holy men can read future and also fix future if necessary it's not surprising that there are so many holy men there. In India many people told me that India is a spiritual place and people help each other and take care of each other but it's full of hungry people. Sad!

Indians find happiness in dirt?

what does Prateek mean when he says Indians 'find happiness in dirt'?
—Guest Ru

India Culture shock

I live in Canada. Landing in Mumbai. Many people all over. I was doing just fine till we went to the export area and got caught in rush hour traffic. Finding good healthy food, like a fresh salad impossible. I was with my now husband who is from Mumbai. I am starting to have a meltdown by then. Don't you people believe in freeways and grocery stores. I started to fanatize about the grocery stores back home. Oddly I fell in love with India. It IS interesting and very contrasting!
—Guest bluecamas

Going to India

I am from India and I would definitely recommend going there. It might be a shock for some at first but it is a beautiful place filled by different experiences, people, and cultures. All you need to do is open your heart and mind and learn away!
—Guest Hello

Culture shock going in & out rural India

Culture shock going in and out of rural India: http://jpgmag.com/stories/15772 http://jpgmag.com/stories/16308
—Guest My India

visit india anytime......i loveee it

when i first reached india i was quiet set back by it all.being from ireland im not used tothe high population number.there was sso many people.i was visiting a school in chennai and what can i say ....people in indian are so nice.i can honestly say i have never came across nicer ,kinder lovable people.i defently plan to return once i finish my exams.if anyone is stuck wondering if they will visit india or not....who cares about the smell or the busy traffic,go there it will be a trip of a lifetime.i only went for 1 week and i was quiet tired when i got home for the next week or so because there was so much to do in 1 week so take my advise and go for 2 weeks ....you wont be sorry.
—Guest cinta

given a chance,think.

India is a country defined beyond the mess,dirt,cleanliness nd corruption,for once give me a country,that has by far excelled in every aspect ppl can think,it's not perfection that u shld expect,if that is the case,their wouldn't be competition btw manufacturers of products around the world or wars happening. U decided to visit,fine,if u didn't like it,i do get it... Just don't brag that india sucks,not everyone in the country would be the same as the ones u met during ur trip,so stop accusing the country,it's the few ppl whom u met that has brain washed you to think india is bad.
—Guest the ponderer

Citys OK,Villages are the heart of India

In 2003 I made my first solo trip to India, had been twice (1996, 2002) before on tours with small groups, you know... buffet meals, on the bus, off the bus, etc, sheltered, yet I had fallen in love...all along thinking I can do this. Nothing in other third world countries, I have traveled, prepared me for India though. Population density in the cities is a challenge, couldn't even get a morning stroll in the early morning hour after sunrise without it being an obstacle course...and in evening almost terrified to leave my room, it was a spiritual awakening and personally confronting, and growth experience. Now I go anywhere, book all reservations including trains from USA via internet, travel by bus, alone, sticking to Government tourist hotels which are in each state and budget friendly, I am undaunted as a female solo in India, always using good judgement as a solo traveler. I am soon to leave on my 10th trip, I go each year, soon to be aged 60. YOU CAN DO IT!! Yoga practioner!
—Guest RSB

how not 2 go india

i got scared when i went to india because it was really loud and people were asking me to buy there 5rubbish so dont go to delhi
—Guest luvs2shootzombies

India the best

Thanks for the post the points mentioned is really true i am an indian i respect india
—Guest Web development service

indian food

indian food is a mixture of spices and vegetable and fruits and other ingrediants which u wouldn't haven't heard of!!!! there are a no. of vegies which u'd find in india and not anywhere else. the problem is that most of the countries today depend on tinned and canned food. u want homemade , healthy and nutritious food which activates ur taste buds? go to india!! i loved the food on my visit!!!
—Guest thinker

what places to visit in india

places worth visiting but less known: 1.Jammu and kashmir (paradise on Earth)--leh and ladakh (you won't find heat there) and srinagar. 2.punjab- rich culture, fok songs , the indian beats u dance to are punjabi. Chandigarh is one place known for it's shopping places and gardens and CLEANLINESS. 3.himacahl pradesh- hill stations like shimla,kasouli, (beautiful scenerey) 4.delhi- political places 5.rajasthan- udaipur, jaipur, johpur known for their palaces and culture. 6.goa- beaches 7.karnataka- culture, tradition, dances,Bngalore known for it's CLEANLINESS. 8.kerala- one of the "50 PLACES TO VISIT BEFORE YOU DIE" of the world. not worth missing. 9.meghalaya- dense forests . 10. west bengal- darjeeling (tea gardens) and temples , kanchenjunga mt., monastries , etc.etc. these are the 10 worth worth visiting places. others are too but yo can't miss on these ......
—Guest thinker

just a few words ....

hey people, just spare a few minutes to read what i think !! roads in India are chaotic , no doubt , but what else do you expect from the country which is second most populous in the world? let me now tell you something about how indians treat their guests ....guests in india are considered GOD ..."atithi devo bhava" meaning guest should be treated like God. heat ..yes , why not? the tropic of cancer passes through this country which gifts it the varied climate and natural vegetation . in every city of india , you breath a different air , see a different flora and fauna and meet veryy different people. people only know od cities like delhi and Munbai and make their judgement according to them. Mumbai ??? place to visit??? yes , surely but please do keep in mind that it is the finanacial capital of india so is always filled with hustle and bustle , HORNS , and a hell lot of other stuff. it really matters what places you visit in india. though all the places are worth visiting but ...
—Guest thinker

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