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Readers Respond: Indian Stereotypes That Bother You the Most

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From the article: Top 10 Indian Stereotypes
Snake charmers, roaming cows, poverty. These are all common Indian stereotypes. What stereotypes bother you the most? Share your views here and read the views of others.

Is there two 'parts' of india ?

I don't understand the division of 'north india' or south india. Is it northern parts of India more suitable word rather than using 'north india' as if its a separate state or country? Answer: They are two distinctly separate regions. Even the languages spoken in the north and south have distinctly different origins.
—Guest komatineni

u get used to it

after visiting india 17 times i never stop being excited the smell is a mixture of india in all its glory and i love it
—Guest alice


I disagree that the British introduced the caste system, it was in India long before then, and is strong today, India is very wealthy, but the wealthy seek to remain wealthy and keep the lower castes doing the 'dirty' jobs without a proper wage to better themselves. no nanny state in India, Very similar to old victorian values. I have friends in India. It is as though the poor are invisible. Ans: No, the British didn't introduce the caste system, but they made it more pronounced by conducting caste census.

Indians Smell

I always wonder why nobody addresses this issue. I lived in NYC for a few years and there was an area known as "little India" or (as my New York friends used to call it) "stinky town." Body odor was unbearable. I don't know if Indians don't use deodorant or their smell is so strong that it gets through it. About six months ago, I visited India. I was expecting unbearable body odor, but I found that the city itself stank even more than the people. The smell of urine, cow feces and rotting garbage was everywhere. How do you deal with this as a foreigner? Did you just get used to it? I found myself gagging half of the time I was there.
—Guest Sarah

Answers the common "concerns"

Very well written. As I am an expat Indian, I get flooded with questions on aspects covered in this blog. The next time, someone has a question, I will direct them to this post. :)
—Guest Meera

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