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Readers Respond: Indian Stereotypes That Bother You the Most

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From the article: Top 10 Indian Stereotypes
Snake charmers, roaming cows, poverty. These are all common Indian stereotypes. What stereotypes bother you the most? Share your views here and read the views of others. Share Your Views

Is there two 'parts' of india ?

I don't understand the division of 'north india' or south india. Is it northern parts of India more suitable word rather than using 'north india' as if its a separate state or country? Answer: They are two distinctly separate regions. Even the languages spoken in the north and south have distinctly different origins.
—Guest komatineni

Cows are Good !!

You've already mentioned most of the stereotypes present in India. One thing I would like to clarify is "Why are cows worshipped in India". See the thing is, scientifically cows are one of the wisest creatures around, along with elephants (which are worshipped in Buddhism). You won't realize this until you had a pet cow. They're very humble creatures. Ok, so what about cats and dogs ?? They've got the power to decide between wrong and right too, why aren't they worshipped ?? The answer is Indians do worship cats too. Not the dog unfortunately because dog is not a product of Evolution, rather it is a product of cross-breeding between wolves, foxes etc etc by westerners *flicking two fingers of my both hands* few hundred years ago. See thats why you'll see cows roaming our streets. We don't harm them. We don't harm sheep either!
—Guest Arbaaz


I'm neither Indian nor of Indian descent, but I respect Indians as I am a black person in the Caribbean and they play a significant part of our history. The thing that shocked me is that people think Indians are uneducated. Down in the Caribbean people of Indian descent hold most of the doctor ans pharmacist possession. Also, I thought Lord Krishna was the Hindu profit and one stereotype I don't mind holding on to is Roti... Mmmmhmmmm coming India just for that
—Guest milk

Don't agree

Don't agree with you. These are maybe stereotypes in big cities but it's the everyday life of many Indian villages. You should spend more time with simple people, not "fast growing middle class" then you'll learn much more about India.
—Guest anbu

forgotten the 1st Stereotypes abt indian

The Indian Head Wobble The head bobble, head wobble, or Indian head shake refers to a common gesture found in South Asian cultures, most notably in India. The motion usually consists of a side-to-side tilting of the head in arcs along the coronal plane.[1] A form of nonverbal communication, it may mean "Yes", "Good", "OK" or "I understand", depending on the context.[2][3] In India the gesture is common in the southern parts, but may not be used consistently all around the country.[4][5][6] In India, this particular headshake can also be acknowledgement or encouragement. In the Western world, people often use a nod for the same purpose. It is not always associated with yes or no, and is actually used in place of no when the person doesn't want to say no[citation needed].
—Guest Anandakumar


You CAN beleive the stereotypes if they are true. These people have no regard for safety or hygeine. In a certain region of india several children died at a day school after eating a free lunch laced with pesticides. Turns out that they were storing the poison next to the food to be served. In protest of this atrocity several parents of the dead kids decided to bury their kids in the front yard area of the school. Some stereotypes are not stereotypes if they are true
—Guest hadji not

Few more stereotypes.

Well, not to imply that you did a bad job on them but here are a few stereotypes about Indians you might have missed, Indians are socially awkward. All Indians are Hindus Indians are either engineers or doctors or work at 7-11 etc. Everyone Indian want to immigrate to US or UK
—Guest That lame Indian guys

The incident.

First of all, you're doing a tremendous job. I really think the foreigners need to see it before heading over here. It's really amazing to see how even without realizing, India and Indians can change someone's life. Secondly, the incident. I was in a govt. office waiting in a queue. Behind me was a white American male in his 30s. I got a call from friend asking about TV shows and songs I have in my PC. I talked about Friends, 2.5 men, suits, touch, mad men, Metallica, Black Sabathh, Led Zep, etc. After the call, I though someone was looking at me, I looked around casually and saw that guy was looking at me in utter surprise. Apparently, he hadn't understood the conversation but he had recognized the names. I asked him what happened. Well, for one thing, he was still thinking of India as a third world country where people watch only Hindi movies with a dozen songs in them. I'd just like to point out if any foreigner is reading this - India is so not what you think it is. Open your mind
—Guest Devin

its the fault of population explosion.

the sole blame of India's misery goes to the extraordinary population of India . for example , there are two families A and B A family's scene : A family has 4 members and their monthly income is 40,000 Rupees they can buy good quality and nutritious food . they can send their kids to good school so that they can get good education. they can get good medical help if they need anytime . overall A family can live a normal healthy and cheerful life . B family's scene : B family has 40 members and their monthly income is 40,000 Rupees. this family's members can hardly buy two time food for all . they cannot live in good house , cannot have good education , cannot get good medical help . overall their life is pathetic . A family is an example of western countries where national income is good and people are fewer. while B family is an example of country like India where population is massive and income and resources are limited . so you can imagine India's condition now
—Guest Ashish


This is in response to the caste point you made in the post. No, caste didnt exist in Vedic times. It was from 7th century caste based profession came into through existence, Evidences that 12th-13th century onwards caste elitism was being accepted in the main stream society. Until 13th century caste elitism didnt exist. i.e. no one was inferior or superioir, but political instability, foreign invasions were all responsible for the bastardization of caste system. There were some people with vested interests who time and time again tried to bastardize caste, they succeeded in 13th century. You can disagree, I care none!
—Guest Sai

Too stereotypical for the broad minded?

Everyone adheres to stereotypes, even intellectuals whether they admit it or not. Stereotypes are shortcuts for thinking and are based on what is true about a majority of a people, usually ingrained through formal education, socialization or cultural traditions. This web article is shallow for the subject matter. I wonder if any writers could provide more useful stereotypes on Indians for the anthropologically-minded reader. Answer: This is a travel website not an anthropological website. I think you're looking in the wrong place for in depth discussion on stereotypes. However, why don't you start by contributing some...

It's true, India stinks

Don't believe the hype, India is a country that is rotting. The grotesque stench is everywhere. Squalor is rampant and abject poverty is all around you. I will shoot the next person who says that India Is a worldwide economical force, only if public defecation, rotting garbage and open sewers become a currency!
—Guest makkers1


I have dealt with a number of Indians in the US and have not noticed any odor in the majority of them. Some will smell like curry. Many people of differing ethnicities have diets of substances that permeate their bodies and will emit an odor. It is like Westerners are thought to have a stench to the Japanese.
—Guest goldengrain

Dogs in metro stations/ Sewage

I see lots of Dogs in delhi metro stations. Do they also sell train tickets to Dogs? ALso, Some parts in delhi smell like rotten corps, due to poor sewage system they have.
—Guest Tipsy


WHat you say is 90% accurate! (Rest 10% leaving because of a modest calculation adn to avoid the raised eyebrows of ProStaitsics ppl!) Thanks
—Guest jiten

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Indian Stereotypes That Bother You the Most

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