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Readers Respond: Best Historical Places in India

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There are plenty of historical places in India, but which ones are really worth seeing? Share your favorites here and find out the favorites of others. Share Your Favorites


Guys Please check out this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wwFEs7JYKs Hampi, one of the best places I've ever been to. You will surely enjoy a trip to this awesome place
—Guest Sharath


the worth seeing place is none other than jhansi . it is in the state of madhya pradesh, near to Kanpur and gwalior. it was the living place of newlakar dynasty of jhansi. Rani lakshmibai was indeed well known to every Indian. she fought like a lion against the British rulers. there are many things in jhansi to see. the ganesh mandir, where she was married to the king od jhansi, the rani mahal, raja gangadhar rao's chatri, the government museum, the artefacts of the war of 1857. the place where the great queen was cremated. and many other informative and interesting things for all the researchers in history and about 1857.
—Guest sssssssssssssssss

top 5 historical places in india

from this i get to know a lot and it is very useful for my project
—Guest harini

Best places

Ten most visited travel destinations of India 1. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 2. Munnar, Kerala 3. Goa 4. Periyar, Kerala 5. Dehradun, Uttaranchal 6. Pelling, Sikkim 7. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 8. Ranthambore, Rajsthan 9. Mount Abu 10. Lava & Lolegaon, West Bengal
—Guest karthik

ancient dravidian

the dravidians came from iraq / iran more than 9000 yrs ago..thier architecture and high culture is a secret in india so therefore ,indian history is seen as not even as old as greek even though indian culture is as old as egypt..time to rectify this..

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Best Historical Places in India

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