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Review of Antara Spa Mumbai

Luxury Spa in Relaxing Surroundings in Mumbai

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Review of Antara Spa Mumbai

Therapy room.

Antara Spa/The Club Mumbai
Antara Spa in Mumbai advertises itself as a luxury day spa that provides a relaxing environment, in peaceful tranquil surroundings. It certainly doesn't disappoint. Antara Spa did an excellent job of appealing to all of my senses, and leaving me feeling wonderfully refreshed.

Antara Spa Location

Antara Spa is located within The Club Mumbai, situated in D.N. Nagar, just off Link Road in Andheri West. Although The Club is a private lifestyle club for members only, Antara Spa is open to the general public. The spa's setting next to The Club's pool is very conducive to relaxation. The fact that The Club itself is nestled amidst expansive landscaped gardens makes it a particularly serene retreat, away from the surrounding hustle and bustle.

International travelers will also find Antara Spa's location convenient. It's only around 20 minutes from Mumbai's international airport in Andheri East.

Antara Spa Design and Facilities

Couples suite.

Antara Spa/The Club Mumbai

Antara Spa has six therapy suites, including an Ayurveda room, dry flotation room, and couples suite. Each is equipped with attached shower and steam cubicle.

My treatment took place in the spacious couples suite, which contained a sizable bath, bed, and treatment table. I was provided with a comfortable cotton gown to wear, disposable underpants, and a tray to place my jewelry in.

It's obviously that a lot of thought has been put into the design of Antara Spa. The five elements of space, air, earth, water, and fire are prominent, with features such as bowls full of floating flowers, aromatherapy burners in all rooms, and earthy tones. Handpicked artifacts complement the decor.

Upon entering Antara Spa's reception area, my senses really appreciated the calming music and taste of the cool aloe vera drink that I was served. For those who aren't partial to aloe vera, citrus is another option.

For its treatments, Antara Spa uses a range of organic products that haven't been tested on animals. Products for facial treatments are from a French company called Thalgo, while Indian products are used for body treatments. All the products are on display in the spa's reception area.

Antara Spa Treatments

Antara Spa has an extensive spa menu with a wide range of massages, body polishes, facials, body wraps, and baths. These treatments are designed to serve different purposes, such as detoxifying or balancing.

During my visit to Antara Spa, I had the Antara Signature Massage, combining Swedish and aromatherapy techniques. As a writer, I spend long days sitting in front of my computer, and am often plagued by tension in my shoulders and back. I was hoping that the massage would provide me with some relief from this tension. The actual result was so much better than I anticipated. I felt so relaxed at the end of the massage, I struggled to lift myself from the table.

The treatment started amidst flower petals, with a foot bath. On the massage table, my limbs and back were stretched and kneaded before aromatherapy oil was applied to my body, and I was given a thorough full body massage. I was looking forward to my back being massaged the most, but the leg massage felt particularly invigorating. It soothed sore spots I didn't even realise I had.

My masseuse had been working at Antara Spa for three years, and it was obvious that she was experienced and knew what she was doing. I was pleased that she asked me what level of pressure I wanted her to apply during the massage, and often inquired as to how I was finding it. I chose to have a full body massage, but felt comfortable at all times.

After the massage, I was given a shower cap for my hair and guided into the shower and stem cubicle for a five minute steam session before my shower. This really felt cleansing.

Antara Spa Cost

Freida Pinto at Antara Spa.

Antara Spa/The Club Mumbai

The treatments at Antara Spa are reasonably priced for a luxury spa. They start from 600 rupees ($15), plus tax, for a 30 minute head and shoulder massage or foot reflexology massage. A 60 minute Antara Signature Massage only costs 2,200 rupees ($45), plus tax. The other types of massage on offer are even cheaper. 30 minute body polishes cost 1,150 rupees ($25), plus tax. Facials cost from 1,550 rupees ($35), plus tax. Day packages are also available, starting from 3,500 rupees ($70) for the two hour Essence of the Earth body polish, stone massage, and protein mask.

If you can't make it to the spa, don't worry. Antara Spa will come to you with its innovative Antara-on-Wheels mobile spa service.

The verdict? I'm already thinking about going back for another treatment.

As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with a complimentary spa treatment for the purpose of reviewing this service. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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