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What to See and Do in India


There are so many different things see and do in India, it can be difficult to fit everything in in just one trip. That's why many people end up spending months at a time traveling around and exploring the country. Here are some ideas as to how to spend your vacation in India. One thing's for certain, you'll never be bored!
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  3. Historical Sites
  4. Nature & Wildlife
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Month by Month Events

There's always something happening in India! Find out what's on each month here.


Indian festivals are like nothing you've ever experienced. Full of color, music and dancing, they're sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

Historical Sites

India's long and rich history offers captivating architecture combined with fascinating tales of the past.

Nature & Wildlife

India is famous for its tigers, elephants, and other wildlife. You can see them in their natural environment in India's many national parks.


Adrenaline junkies and those who love the outdoors will find much to do in India. Everything from trekking to hot air ballooning is possible.


With a population of over 1 billion people, India can be a hectic and tiring country. Therefore it's a good idea to schedule some relaxation time to unwind and recharge. There are lots of appealing options.


Many people come to India to expand their knowledge and awareness, and be of service to others. India's ancient holy cities, many yoga and meditation centers, and opportunities for volunteer work with the underprivileged all give perspective changing experiences.


Make sure you leave some room in your suitcase because the shopping is fabulous in India! Handicrafts, art, and clothes are all popular purchases and the price is so much cheaper than at home. Shopping at India's markets can be great fun, but be sure to haggle.

Dining Out

One of the best things about India is the cuisine! There are so many wonderful places to eat out and you'll find that the food is nothing like the standard fare offered by Indian restaurants at home. There's so much variety all over the country, your taste buds will never get bored.

Bars, Clubs & Cafes

Finding a good place to drink or party is not always easy in India, but they definitely do exist. Cheap beer, enticing cocktails, live music, DJs -- take your pick!

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