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India has so many highlights, it's difficult to select the best ones but here's a start! In this section, find out about India's best attractions, destinations, beaches, outdoor adventures, shopping, things to do with kids, and more.
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  2. Best Destinations
  3. Best Beaches
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  5. Best Shopping
  6. Best Things to Do With Kids
  1. Best Accommodation Experiences
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  3. Best Nightlife Experiences
  4. Best India Tours
  5. Best Views of India

Best Attractions

Amazing architecture, vibrant festivals, luxurious spas, and interesting insights into day to day living are just some of India's diverse attractions. Each city is different and has its own appeal.

Best Destinations

No matter what your interests are, India has a wide range of destinations that are sure to appeal.

Best Beaches

From November until February, visitors flock to India's beaches to enjoy fun in the sand and sun. Fortunately, there are beaches for everyone including those who want a lively party scene, and those wanting to relax undisturbed.

Best Outdoor Adventures

India is fast gaining a reputation as a top adventure travel destination. Whether it be in the mountains, the desert, or the beach, you'll find plenty of options to get out and about and get your adrenaline flowing.

Best Shopping

From markets to malls, and handicrafts to fashion, check out the best places to shop in India.

Best Things to Do With Kids

Indians absolutely adore kids, making India a very child friendly country to visit. There are many things to keep them amused including fun parks, water sports, mini trains, and animals.

Best Accommodation Experiences

From the lavish to the charming, there are accommodations to suit all budgets in India. You don't even need to remain stationary while sleeping! India's very opulent luxury trains will take you on a week long tour to some of the country's most popular sights.

Best Dining Experiences

In India, it's possible to eat as cheaply or as expensively as you wish. While there are many fine dining restaurants serving up sumptuous cuisine, sometimes a meal from a simple restaurant can be just as satisfying.

Best Nightlife Experiences

India's best nightlife happens in major cities and along the coast of Goa. The nightlife is surprisingly world class, and it can be easy to forget you're in India. However, keep in mind the curfews. Nightlife in most places is early to start and early to finish.

Best India Tours

India can be a challenging country to travel around independently, so many people prefer to take a tour. This guide to the best India tours will help you plan your sightseeing.

Best Views of India

India is such a fascinating country, it's difficult to take a boring picture. Enjoy these photo galleries, which capture some of the best views of India.

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