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Volunteering in India

Doing volunteer work in India can be a very satisfying way of giving something back to the community. There are numerous welfare organisations and charities who welcome volunteers. Placements can also be arranged through specialist agencies.

10 Inexpensive India Volunteer Opportunities
There's no shortage of India volunteer opportunities, but many involve agencies that require volunteers to pay high fees for the experience. The following diverse opportunities for volunteering in India are either free, or there's minimal cost involved.

Where to Volunteer in Kolkata to Help Victims of Trafficking
Thinking of volunteering in Kolkata? These Kolkata volunteer opportunities are all aimed at helping women and children victims of trafficking and prostitution.

Tree of Life: Helping Street Dogs in India
Tree of Life animal shelter, located near Pushkar in Rajasthan, treats and rehabilitates street dogs and other animals in need. A volunteer program is offered.

What You Need to Know About Doing Volunteer Work in India
Referred to as "voluntourism", the concept of volunteering while on vacation is growing in popularity around the world. Many people now come to volunteer in India while traveling. Here’s what you need to know about volunteering in India.

Why Volunteer in India?
If you're thinking of volunteering abroad, here are some compelling reasons why to do so and why you choose India as your destination.

Why Do I Have to Pay to Volunteer in India?
Despite wanting to volunteer in India, you might have a question. Why is it that I have to pay to volunteer abroad in India?

Reviews of Volunteer Programs in India
Go Overseas has a useful section containing first hand reviews of volunteer programs in India, as well as a guide to volunteering in India.

Volunteerabroad.com Website
Website of a US based company that provides an overview of the various programs, offered by a range of different organizations, for volunteering in India. It's a comprehensive resource with excellent information.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center
Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta to provide help for the sick, poor, and needy. It attracts volunteers from all around the world.

Daan Foundation Udaipur
Development Action Awareness Nationwide -- a grass root organization working for women's empowerment, youth education and awareness in rural India. Cultural exchange and volunteering opportunities available.

Conserving the Environment in Rajasthan
This volunteer organization offers programs in India's desert state of Rajasthan that are closely related to nature, environment and people, especially children.

Helping Jaipur's Street Children
Website of a non profit organization that operates a range of programs devoted to helping give Jaipur's street children a positive future.

Shikshan Gram Shelter for Homeless Children
Shikshan Gram Shelter is dedicated to caring for children who have either lost their parents, or whose parents are unable to care for them. The shelter is located near Lonavala in Maharashtra.

A Traveler's Experience of Volunteering in Kolkata - Lonelyplanet.com
A traveler shares her experience of volunteering at the Mother Teresa Center in Calcutta.

Volunteering in an Indian Village - Lonelyplanet.com
A traveler's experience of volunteering in a small Indian village in the foothills of Jharkhand.

Tree of Life for Animals: Helping Stray Street Dogs in India
There are so many stray dogs that roam the streets in India, and sadly they're often neglected and mistreated. Tree of Life for Animals, an animal hospital in Pushkar, is dedicated to helping them.

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