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How to Get from Delhi to Haridwar

Delhi to Haridwar Transport Options


How to Get from Delhi to Haridwar
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The holy city of Haridwar, in Uttarakhand, is a popular trip from Delhi for pilgrims and spiritual seekers. There are a number of ways to get from Delhi to Haridwar. By road it takes around six hours, and by train the minimum travel time is around four hours (many trains take longer than this). Here are the best options:


The cheapest, fastest, and most hassle free way of getting from Delhi to Haridwar is definitely to take the train. The only concern is that trains do book up early, especially from April onwards (the most popular time for Hindu pilgrims), so you may find yourself on the Waitlist.

If you don't mind getting an early start, the Dehradun Shatabdi (#12017) departs New Delhi Railway Station at 6.50 a.m. and will have you in Haridwar by 11.30 a.m. The other superfast Shatabdi train, the Ddn Jan Shatabdi (#12055) is an afternoon service that departs New Delhi Railway Station at 3.25 p.m. and arrives in Haridwar at 7.30 p.m. The fare in AC Chair Class is 484 rupees and 392 rupees, respectively.

A number of other trains from Delhi to Haridwar depart from H. Nizamuddin Railway Station around 11-11.30 a.m and take around five to six hours to reach Haridwar. There are also three overnight services departing from various Delhi railway stations.


If the train is fully booked, the bus is a good enough alternative that usually has plenty of last minute seats. Find out more about Delhi to Haridwar bus services.


If you're taking your own transport from Delhi to Haridwar, one thing to keep in mind is parking. Many hotels are located by the riverside, and don't have parking or car access. You may end up having to park your car a little out of town. It's possible to take a taxi from Delhi to Haridwar, athough it's an expensive option. Expect to pay around 3,000 rupees upwards, depending on the vehicle. Many travel websites offer Delhi to Haridwar taxi bookings. Here is one: Pushpi Travel.

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