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Top Destinations in India

No matter what your interests are, the tourist destinations in India are wide and varied. There's sure to be a destination that appeals. Browse this section to get some ideas about where to visit in India.
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Top 10 India Landmarks for 2014
Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel site, has announced the winners of the Top 25 Landmarks of the World for 2014. See which Indian landmarks have been included.

India Tourist Places by Region
Where to go? What to see? And all in so little time! This guide to India tourist places by region provides a roundup of all the highlights of each state in India to help you plan your trip.

India Vacation Planner: Top Places to Visit in India
India is a vast country with an abundance of appealing attractions scattered from one side of its soil to the other. This India vacation planner highlights the top places to visit in India.

5 Places with the Best India Tea Plantations
Love a cup of tea? Don't miss visiting these places where you'll find the best India tea plantations and tea. You can even stay on a tea estate and check out the factory.

10 Must See India Destinations
Ah, it's so hard to choose! What are the must-see destinations in India? A lot of the time, it comes down to personal preference. However, some India destinations remain perennially more popular than others. These 10 popular destinations all reflect the diverse charm of India.

10 Places to Visit in India Off the Beaten Track

5 Must See North India Tourist Places
Think of India and its likely that visions of formidable forts, palaces, and temples will come to mind, set against a backdrop of bright colors and history. That's exactly what north India provides. These must see north India travel destinations will give you a taste of what the mystical side of India is all about.

5 Must See South India Tourist Places
Don't miss these five must-see tourist places in south India to discover the distinct culture that sets it apart from the rest of the country.

8 Places to See Magnificent South India Temples
When it comes to south Indian temples, the state of Tamil Nadu dominates with its many ancient Dravidian masterpieces. These temples, which display some of India's greatest temple architecture, are the backbone of Tamil culture.

5 Vineyards To Enjoy the Best Wine in India
The popularity of wine in India has started growing rapidly. Along with it, India is also experiencing a boom in wine tourism. Many Indian vineyards now have tasting rooms, so wine enthusiasts can enjoy exploring India's wine regions. It's often possible to complete the experience by staying at at the vineyards.

8 Popular India Honeymoon Places and Hotels
Traveling to India on your honeymoon? There are some amazing India honeymoon places and hotels to make your trip a memorable one.

5 Top India Monsoon Travel Destinations
Fortunately you don't have to avoid traveling to India during the rainy season, or even stay indoors all the time. Travel to some places in India is actually preferable during the monsoon time. Here are five great ideas about where to travel in India during the monsoon.

Top 6 India Adventure Travel Destinations
In recent years, India has emerged as one of the world's most popular adventure travel destinations. One of the main reasons for this is the huge variety of adventure activities that are possible in India. Most people looking for adventure travel in India head to the far north mountains, and the beaches of Goa. Here are the best places to...

India's Top 5 National Parks
There are over 80 national parks in India, spread all over the country. Some are larger and more accessible then others. Many visitors come to India wanting to see the infamous tiger. The chance of spotting a tiger greatly depends on the size of the national park and the number of tigers, and is higher at some parks than others. These five parks...

Top 5 India Wildlife Parks
Wanting to see wildlife in India? These parks and sanctuaries are the best places to go to for a visual treat of tigers, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, birds, and even wild ass!

Visit India's Golden Triangle
The magical Golden Triangle in India is one of the country's most popular tourist circuits. Comprising Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, it gets its name from the triangle that these cities form. Roughly located an equal distance from each other in northern India, the cities provide a classic and unforgettable introduction to the country and its charms.

10 Short India Tours from Delhi
Looking for a side trip or tour from Delhi? Get the lowest possible prices with these private India tours from Viator.

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