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Walking Tour of Stylish Mumbai Shopping in Bandra


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Party Clothes and Club Wear in Bandra Globus Department Store Mumbai
Walking Tour of Stylish Mumbai Shopping in Bandra

Inside Globus Department Store, Corner Hill Road and Waterfield Road, Bandra

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Cross Hill Road and Globus is on the left as you face towards Waterfield Road. It's a multi-level building with a large green sign on it. You can't miss it!

What You'll See

This department store is more like a nightclub, complete with lighting and music. Its interior is modern, classy, and cool.

What to Buy

  • The basement stocks women's Indian clothes, lingerie, accessories, and children's clothes
  • On the ground floor you'll find women's western clothes, party clothes, and denims.
  • The third floor has men's formal, casual, and party wear, and sunglasses.
For men, expect to pay around $15 for shirts, $30 for denims, and $5 for accessories. For women, expect to pay around $15 for blouses, $20 for classy tops and bottoms, and $2 for accessories. Guy's and girl's party wear sells for $10 to $15.

What to Keep in Mind

Everything's on display here and you can browse through the racks of clothes at leisure, without having to be assisted by a salesperson. There's also a cinema in this building, so if you have plenty of time do check out a Bollywood movie.

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