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Guide to Train Tours in India

Go on an Organized Train Tour to Some of India's Most Popular Destinations


Going on one of the many train tours in India removes the hassle from sightseeing. You'll be taken to some of the country's most popular places and attractions. Better still, there are India train tours for every budget. Read on to find out what's on offer.

1. Luxury Trains in India

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation
If you have some spare cash, explore India in style on a luxury train tour. It's an excellent way to see the country without having to compromise on comfort. These luxury tourist trains, which offer every indulgence imaginable right down to customized cutlery, inject glamor and romance into seeing some of India's best tourist attractions.

2. Toy Trains in India

www.flickr.com user Nomad Tales

India's toy trains are small trains that run on historic railway lines up to a number of the hill stations in India. Although these trains are slow and can take up to eight hours to reach their destinations, the mountain scenery is beautiful, making the journeys really worthwhile.

3. Bharat Darshan Tourist Train

www.flickr.com user Grey Rocker
The Bharat Darshan train takes passengers on all inclusive tours to destinations including the temples of south India, Kanyakumari, Varanasi, Chennai, Haridwar, Delhi, and Agra. It provides an affordable option for people to see the country, as costs are kept as low as possible. Tours usually run for around 10 nights.

4. Fairy Queen Historic Tourist Train

India's historic Fairy Queen train has the oldest working engine in the world. It was built by a British firm and acquired by Eastern Indian Railways in 1855. Interestingly, it used to be an exhibit at the National Rail Museum in Delhi, before being restored and made operational again 1997. The train's journey combines heritage with wildlife on a one night trip to Alwar and the Sariska Tiger Reserve, in the Rajasthan desert.

5. Mahaparinirvan Express Buddhist Train

www.flickr.com user Carlos Adampol
The Mahaparinirvan Express is a special tourist train that takes passengers on a one week spiritual tour through Buddhist India, where Buddhism originated more than 2,500 years ago. The train's sacred journey includes visits all the important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, as well as a stop in Agra to see the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. It's a fabulous way of going on a pilgrimage without the hassle of organizing it yourself.

6. Panj Takht Darshan Train

Panj Takht Darshan Train
The Panj Takht Darshan is a special tourist train for the Sikh community. It takes passengers on a spiritual tour to the Five Takhts (Panj Takht) -- the five gurudwaras (places of worship) that are of great significance for Sikhs. The aim of the train is to provide Sikhs with a convenient and hassle free pilgrimage, within the shortest time.

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