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How to Get from Mumbai to Shirdi

Mumbai to Shirdi Trains and Mumbai to Shirdi Buses


How to Get from Mumbai to Shirdi

On the way to Shirdi.

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Shirdi is a popular pilgrimage town with a vast temple complex dedicated to one of India's most revered saints, Sai Baba. It's located almost 300 kilometers from Mumbai, and 122 kilometers from Nashik, in Maharastra. Find out the best ways to get from Mumbai to Shirdi in this guide.

Mumbai to Shirdi Flights

Unfortunately, there are no flights from Mumbai to Shirdi. The nearest airport to Shirdi is at Aurangabad. Hence, it's much more convenient to take the train or bus.

Mumbai to Shirdi Trains

There are two main options for taking the train from Mumbai to Shirdi. Both run overnight but one is faster than the other, and the arrival time in the very early hours of the morning is useful if you're a devotee who wants go straight to the line for the early morning aarti.

When searching for trains or making a reservation, please note that the station name for Shirdi is Sainagar Shirdi (SNSI).

  • The 12131 Dr Sainagar Express is a superfast service that runs three times a week. It departs Dadar (central Mumbai) at 9.45 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and arrives in Sainagar Shirdi at 3.55 a.m. the following morning. The fare is 170 rupees in sleeper class, 423 rupees in 3AC, and 564 rupees in 2AC.
  • The 51033 Shirdi Fast Passenger departs daily at 10.55 p.m. from Mumbai CST. It arrives the next morning at 10.55 a.m. The fare is 106 rupees in sleeper class and 447 rupees in 3AC.

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Mumbai to Shirdi Buses

Buses from Mumbai to Shirdi are much more frequent, and are a good option. By bus, it takes 7-8 hours to complete the trip. Buses leave Mumbai almost every hour from around 8.30 p.m. to 11.45 a.m. The fare ranges from 170 rupees for non air conditioned seated, up to 500 rupees for air conditioned sleeper. Book through Red Bus or Make My Trip.

Mumbai to Shirdi Taxis

It's possible to hire a private vehicle to go to Shirdi, and you can leave from Mumbai airport if you wish. It will cost around 5,000 rupees for a return trip. Have a look at Ecabs.

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