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India Monsoon Season Packing List

Staying Comfortable During the Monsoon in India


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The monsoon season can make traveling more difficult in India, however there's much you can do to stay comfortable, and enjoy yourself during the rain. Here's a suggested monsoon packing list for India.

Items to Pack for the Monsoon in India

  • A heavy duty umbrella.
  • A raincoat. Long trench style coats work best.
  • Knee length pants and pants in dark colors. This will help you avoid getting the bottoms of your pants wet, and will also hide splashed mud.
  • Suitable wet weather shoes, such as rubber sandals and flip-flops. Wellington boots/gumboots are very useful, although they can be cumbersome to carry in your luggage.
  • First aid supplies, particularly disinfectant scrubs and adhesive bandages/plaster.
  • A small, absorbent hand towel.
  • A small, waterproof backpack to carry a change of clothes in (just in case you get caught in the rain!) and other emergency items.
  • A hairdryer, not just to help you avoid catching a cold from wet hair but also to quickly dry underwear.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • A mosquito net, if you plan on staying in budget places where mosquitoes are unavoidable.
  • For ladies, water proof makeup!

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