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India Monsoon Season Health Tips

Staying Healthy During the Monsoon Season in India


India Monsoon Season Health Tips
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Staying healthy during the monsoon season in India requires particular care to be taken. The rain and water lying around makes it easy for mosquitoes to breed and increases the risk of mosquito transmitted infections, such as malaria and dengue fever. Viral infections are also common.

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Monsoon in India

  • If you’re fond of street food, the rainy season isn’t the time to indulge. Pollution of water and raw vegetables is very common during the monsoon.
  • Apply a strong insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away and prevent getting bitten. It's also a good idea to take anti-malarial drugs during this time of year, as malaria is at its most prevalent.
  • Where possible, try to avoid walking through dirty water. Besides leptospirosis, it can lead to numerous fungal infections of the feet and nails.
  • Also avoid walking where water is lying on the road, as traffic will drive by and spay it all over you.
  • Dry your feet whenever they get wet.
  • Avoid colds and coughs by keeping your body warm and dry.
  • Don’t enter air conditioned rooms with wet hair and damp clothes.
  • If you suffer from asthma or diabetes, avoid staying anywhere with damp walls. It promotes the growth of fungus and can be especially harmful.
  • Drink lots of warming herbal teas, especially those with antibacterial properties.

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