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The Kodagu region, often referred to as Coorg (the English version of its name), is an extremely picturesque and alluring mountainous area in southern Karnataka, not far from Bangalore and Mysore. It's separated from Kerala by the Brahmagiri range. These Coorg photos capture the area's natural beauty.

Coorg is one of the top travel destinations in Karnataka. In particular, the area is renowned for its coffee plantations, which contribute around 60% of India's coffee production. It also has abundant teak, rosewood, and sandalwood forests.

The Coorg area of Karnataka has a fascinating history, with the Kodavas being the dominant tribal community. The Kodavas have distinct customs. Traditionally, instead of worshiping any particular god, they worship their ancestors. This is done in the ancestral home, where offerings are made to the ancestors. The custom has started changing in the last 10 years though, with many Kodavas adopting Hindu beliefs.

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Sandalkad Estate CoorgCoorg Coffee PlantCoorg Pepper PlantCoorg Cardamom Plant
Coffee Drying AreaCoorg Coffee Estate TourCoorg Sandalkad Estate RiverCoorg Honey Pot Homestay Cottage
Coorg Honey Pot Homestay ViewCoorg Honey Pot Homestay FoodHoroor Estate Bungalow CoorgCoorg Historic Horoor Estate Tile
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