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Review of Escobar Mumbai

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Review of Escobar Mumbai

The bar at Escobar, Mumbai.

Sharell Cook

The Bottom Line

Opened in January 2010, Escobar has fast become one of Mumbai's hippest and most happening bars. It's not surprising because there is nothing ordinary about this nightspot -- starting with its name. Please note: Escobar has now reopened after a temporary closure.


  • Longest bar in India.
  • Open air terrace and outdoor dining area.
  • Reasonably priced drinks.
  • Great music.
  • Very hip!


  • Popular and exclusive, so you might not get in.


  • Address: 199 V.N Sphere Mall, 4th Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.
  • Phone: (+91)22 427 60000.
  • Opening Hours: 7.30 p.m. to 1.15 a.m. 7 days a week.
  • Seatings for dinner with reservations, in batches from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m.
  • Serves pizzas and tapas.

Guide Review - Review of Escobar Mumbai

What's in a name? You may wonder, and yes it is true -- Escobar has been named after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. This curious name makes the bar stand out right from the beginning.

Next, there is the 77 foot long bar, which runs along the whole side of one wall. It's the longest bar in India, so there's ample space to be served. The furniture in Escobar has also been carefully selected. Teak wood, imported from France, features prominently. Combined with cream fabric, it gives the place a very classy feel.

Then, there's the open air terrace. Whether you choose to drink or diner there, or both, it's perfect for warm breezy evenings. Mumbai is a city of extreme contrasts, and the view from terrace is no exception. The international feel of Escobar prompts the imagination to think that you could be anywhere. Yet, look over the balcony and the sight of numerous advertising billboards, and auto rickshaws whizzing by, places you undeniably back in Mumbai. I think it adds to the bar's charm.

Light food is served at Escobar, and there's even an outdoor pizza oven. However, the focus is more on drinks. And, refreshingly, they're not too expensive by Mumbai standards. The impressive selection of gourmet martinis and cocktails is priced between 350-400 rupees ($7.50-$9.00). Another two pages of the extensive drinks menu is devoted solely to alcohol shots. For those who are fond of Jagermeister, a special Jagermeister Machine will pour you the perfect one!

But of course, what really makes a memorable night out is the music. Some of India's best DJs play there. The music is uplifting and sophisticated, like the rest of the venue. Escobar is one place you won't hear Bollywood! Dress to impress, because the door staff are selective about who they let in.

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