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Nightlife in India

When it comes time to Indian nightlife, the palm-fringed shores of Goa are usually at the forefront of peoples' minds. However, a surprisingly vibrant nightlife can be found all over the country if you know where to look. Take in a live performance or party until after the sun comes up!
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An Overview of Nightlife in India
Nightlife in India is diverse and growing. Tucked away, you’ll find everything from intimate bars and pubs, to multi-level nightclubs. Those interested in something more traditional will find no shortage of cultural performances either.

5 of the Best Delhi Bars
Looking for a night out in Delhi? Here's where you'll find five of the most hip and happening Delhi bars.

Top 5 Live Music Venues in Mumbai
Live music has really caught on in Mumbai, with many people now preferring to go out and listen to a live band than a DJ. Visit any of these popular Mumbai live music venues and you won’t be disappointed.

6 Unforgettable Mumbai Bars
From the romantic to the incredibly sophisticated, Mumbai has some world class bars that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable night out. To see Mumbai for a different perspective, treat yourself to an experience at one of these atmospheric Mumbai bars. Many of them offer fine dining as well.

6 Places to Find the Best Kolkata Nightlife
Once readily associated with slums and poverty, Kolkata has come of age to be the cultural capital of India. It’s abundant in music, art, dance, and drama. Also unlike some other large Indian cities, there are no curfews in Kolkata, ensuring a surprisingly thriving nightlife.

Top 5 Casinos in Goa
Goa is the only state in India where gambling is legal. The industry is still emerging but casinos can be found scattered across many of the five star hotels. Try your luck at these top five casinos in Goa.

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