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Mumbai Infrastructure: 9 Places to Visit


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Buffalo Tabelas
Mumbai Infrastructure: 9 Places to Visit


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It can be surprising to discover that the heaving, concrete jungle of Mumbai has approximately 640 buffalo tabelas located amidst apartment buildings, shops, and roads. These huge cowsheds house around 50,000 buffaloes, which supply 750,000 liters of fresh milk to the city every day.

In recent years, the tabelas have become controversial, as the state government wants to move them out of the city limits. The reason? They're occupying around 150 acres of now expensive government land in residential areas. The stench and unhygienic conditions is also a problem for residents. Although the Bombay High Court has issued an order for the tabelas to be relocated, the government has so far been unsuccessful in implementing it.

Where: Western suburbs of Mumbai, mainly Goregaon, Jogeshwari, and Andheri. Some of the tabelas can be see along the Western line of the Mumbai local train. Aarey Milk Colony, which was set up in Goregaon East in 1949, is the city's best organized milk colony.

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