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Mumbai Architecture: 20 Places to Visit


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Horniman Circle
Mumbai Architecture: 20 Places to Visit

Horniman Circle, Mumbai

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Horniman Circle is made up of a strong sweep of stately building facades, laid out in a semi-circle. The Horniman Circle Gardens is at the center of it.

The Circle was constructed in 1860, around what was know as the Mumbai Greens -- a vast 15 acre space opposite the Town Hall where live music was played every evening after sunset. The Mumbai Greens later became the Horniman Circle Gardens, in tribute to Mr.B.G. Horniman, Editor of The Bombay Chronicle.

There's an ancient banyan tree within the Circle, which apparently acted as the venue for India's first stock exchange. Nearby historical buildings include the stock exchange and St. Thomas Cathedral.

Where: Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, next to the Town Hall (Asiatic Library) in the Fort district, south Mumbai.

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