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Mumbai Architecture: 20 Places to Visit


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Mumbai Architecture: 20 Places to Visit

Kotachiwadi, Mumbai.

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The narrow winding lanes of Khotachiwadi village are home to old Portuguese-style bungalows and a tiny church. Evidence indicates that Khotachiwadi started developing as an urban form before Bombay became a city. In time, it became integrated into the surrounding space. Then, a century after the Portuguese arrived, they gave Bombay away to the British as part of a dowry gift to Charles II of England. A walk though Khotachiwadi village will transport you back in time to relive this part of Mumbai's history.

Where: Girgaum, in south Mumbai.

More Information: See 18th Century Houses at Khotachiwadi.

This blog has some lovely photos of Khotachiwadi.

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