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Visiting the Madhya Pradesh Malwa Region

By Sujata Mukherjee

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Madhya Pradesh Malwa Region Transport
Visiting the Madhya Pradesh Malwa Region

Evening time in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

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Indore is the nearest airport for the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. It's situated at a distance of 55 kilometers from Ujjain, 77 kilometers from Omkareshwar and 98 kilometers from Mandu. Ujjain is well connected by train as well.

Madhya Pradesh Malwa Region Itinerary

Indore was our port of entry and exit. The itinerary was as below:
  • Day 1 -- Arrive Indore, drive to Mandu; Lunch, sight-seeing at Mandu; Drive to Ujjain and check into the hotel.
  • Day 2 -- Darshan at Mahakaleshwar temple early in the morning; Sightseeing around Ujjain. Read more about the experience of visiting Mahakaleshwar temple.
  • Day 3 -- Checkout early in the morning and drive to Omkareshwar. Darshan at Omkareshwar temple and lunch. Drive back to Indore airport and flight out.

Renting Cars in Madhya Pradesh Malwa Region

Contrary to its prosperous past, Ujjain in the present is almost entirely dependent on tourism and devotee donations to survive. Thus, most travel agencies, hotels, rental car companies are out to fleece the unsuspecting traveler for as much as they can get. It is advisable therefore, to book a taxi in advance and negotiate the price. In order to do the latter, you need to know the distances between the towns, and ask for the taxi company to charge you by kilometer.

Roads in Madhya Pradesh Malwa Region

The roads between Indore, Mandu and Ujjain are narrow two-lane roads, and at the time of our visit, were in disrepair. This added about an hour both ways to our journey, and also made the entire drive very tiring. The last stretch of road leading to Mandu, however, was better -- as it meandered down into the valley where Mandu is situated. The road between Ujjain, Omkareshwar and Indore is remarkably good, compared to the drive on the previous day. We started early, and made good time.

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