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Top 5 Hindi Language Books and Resources

Best Books to Learn the Hindi Language


Whether you simply want to learn some useful Hindi phrases, or you're more serious about studying Hindi, there are plenty of books to help you. These are the 5 best Hindi language books for learning Hindi at all levels.

1. Lonely Planet Hindi, Urdu & Bengali Phrase Book

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Want to learn some basic Hindi phrases? This phrase book is probably the best one of its kind available. It's invaluable for travel to India, and is conveniently pocket sized.

2. Colloquial Hindi by Tej K. Bhatia

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This is the perfect book for beginners interested in learning to speak or write Hindi. While it's not a definitive resource, those who complete it will have a good grasp of Hindi and a vocabulary of around 200 words. The book also provides a good grounding in Hindi for those who may want to move on to a more comprehensive course of study.

3. Teach Yourself Hindi by Rupert Snell

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This is an excellent and comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to learn how to both speak and read Hindi. However, those only interested in speaking Hindi (and not reading it) would be better off choosing a different book as it contains a lot of Hindi script.

4. Hindi: A Complete Course for Beginners by Living Language

This program comprises a book and six audio CDs. It assumes no background in the Hindi language, which makes it suitable for beginners. Lessons are clear and contain plenty of examples. There's also a significant focus on grammar. Many people find the additional section about Indian culture useful as well.
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5. Rosetta Stone Hindi

If the thought of textbooks isn't appealing and you'd rather immerse yourself in learning Hindi, Rosetta Stone offers an interactive approach. It uses award winning language software with special speech recognition technology, enabling learning without translating or memorizing. You can practice with native speakers in live interactive sessions and an online community.
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