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India Walking Tours Essential Guide


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Best Walking Tours in Calcutta

Kolkata street scene.

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Kolkata has a diverse and fascinating history, which you'll really be able to immerse yourself in on one of these Kolkata walks. Alternatively, there are also walking tours in Calcutta that will give you a modern day look inside the city.

Name: College Street - Bengal Renaissance Walk
Company: Kolata Magic
Description: A visit to College Street provides an interesting insight into the social and intellectual concerns that shaped India, culminating in the struggle for independence from British rule. The area around College Street was the heart of an intense social reform movement called the The Bengal Renaissance. It questioned existing orthodoxies, particularly with respect to women, marriage, the dowry system, the caste system, and religion.
More Information: Kolkata Magic website.

Name: Bringing the Goddess to Earth - Kumartulli
Company: Calcutta Walks
Description: Kumartulli is the place where artisans delicately craft the statues of Goddess Durga for the hugely popular Durga Puja festival. This walk will take you along the riverside, where you'll be able to see how the statues are crafted, the conditions in which the artisans live and work, where their material is sourced from, and which industries depend on their creations for their survival.
More Information: Walks of India website.

Name: The Star Still Shines - Sovabazar
Company: Calcutta Walks
Description: If you're interested in Bengali culture and cuisine, this tour is for you! Wander though Sovabazar, where the natives of Kolkata have long resided, and see the cosmopolitan blend of architectural that made up the old world dwellings of the city’s wealthier Bengalis.
More Information: Walks of India website.

Name: In the footsteps of the Raj - Dalhousie Square
Company: Calcutta Walks
Description: On this walk, you'll get to explore the "European" area of what was once the capital of the British Empire in India. The British proudly referred to it the "White Town".
More Information: Walks of India website.

Name: Bengali Cooking Experience
Company: Calcutta Walks
Description: Fabulous for foodies, this tour will take you through a market so you can become familiar with the ingredients that go into making authentic Bengali cuisine. Afterwards, you'll get a cooking demonstration by a housewife in a Kolkata home.
More Information: Walks of India website.

Name: Flower Market and Howrah Walks
Company: Kolkata Magic
Description: Howrah station and Howrah bridge are a “real life spectacle” not to be missed by any visitor to Calcutta. At the base of the Howrah bridge, on the Calcutta side, is the city's colorful wholesale flower market.
More Information: Kolkata Magic website.

Name: Culture Kaleidoscope
Company: Calcutta Photo Tours
Description: Especially for those with an interested in photography, this tour focuses on the various communities that have made the city their home. It visits rare religious places, and also provides an opportunity to taste local food and witness life as it unfolds in front of you.
More Information: Calcutta Photo Tours website.

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