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Festivals and Events in India by Month

No matter when you visit India, there will always be something special to see. Check out these monthly calendars of festivals and events in India to find out what's of interest.

What's On in India in January
Visit India in January and you'll be able to enjoy popular musical and dance events, as well as traditional festivals and parades. Kites, camels, and cattle are just some of what's on offer!

What's On in India in February
India in February is all about enjoying the last of the cooler winter weather at festivals in some of the best destinations across the country, including the Taj Mahal, Jaisalmer, and Goa.

What's On in India in March
If you're spending time in India in March, the states of Goa, Rajasthan and Kerala are where you should head to catch most of the action. Here's the best March events in India.

What's On in India in April
As the heat of summer approaches, the number of events in India dwindles. However, there are a few festivals that will be a highlight of your trip.

What's On in India in May
If you don't mind the summer heat, you'll be able to enjoy some big events in India in May. Fortunately, a few of them take place in the hills where it's not too hot.

What's On in India in June
The monsoon arrives in India in June, so it's a great month to enjoy the wet weather at a monsoon festival in India! Otherwise, head north to the hills.

What's On in India in July
The monsoon fun continues in India in July. Kerala is an excellent place to participate in it. A number of colorful religious festivals also take place all over India during July.

What's On in India in August
The famous festival season gets underway in August in India. Visitors can enjoy some of India's most popular and traditional festivals and events.

What's On in India in September
Some of the biggest and best religious festivals in India take place during September, as the festival season is in full swing. The colorful spectacle is captivating.

What's On in India in October
October is a very exuberant time in India, as the monsoon rains have eased in most places. Come to India in October and take part in events filled with dance, drama, and lights.

What's On in India in November
Wondering what's on in India in November? The full moon at this time of year is considered to be particularly auspicious. You'll find fairs and religious celebrations happening all over India.

What's On in India in December
India comes alive in December with an eclectic mix of traditional and modern events. From classical to electronic dance music, and local performers to international DJs, it's all on offer. Not to forget Christmas celebrations as well!

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