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5 Best Hotels in Pushkar for the Pushkar Fair

Where to Stay for the Pushkar Camel Fair


If you're heading to the Pushkar Fair, there are a number of options as far as Puskhar hotels are concerned. For budget travelers, it's best to arrive a couple of days before the fair starts and find a cheap hotel in town. The fairground is located around 300 meters west of town, and is withing walking distance. Many people end up staying in luxury tented camps set up in the desert especially for the fair. However, these are costly and you will be isolated. The following accommodations are excellent options for all budgets. The prices shown are normal rates. You can expect to pay up to four times more during the fair.

1. Aroma Hotel

Aroma Hotel

If you're on a budget and want to stay near the fun of the Pushkar Fair, this no-frills cheapie is one of the closest hotels to the camel fairground. There are 12 clean rooms at the Aroma Hotel, all with TV, hot water and attached bathrooms. Some also have air conditioning. And there's a groovy rooftop restaurant that overlooks the street. Rooms usually go for 800 rupees per night or less.

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2. Inn Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven

Inn Seventh Heaven is a delightful 100 year old haveli (mansion) that's been restored and converted into a boutique heritage hotel. One of the appealing things about this hotel, apart from its harmonious atmosphere, is its wide range of accommodations. There are 12 uniquely decorated rooms, each situated around the hotel's leafy courtyard (one room is situated on the rooftop). The cheapest room on the ground floor is 1,100 rupees per night, going up to 2,950 rupees per night for the rooftop room. The hotel is located a little to the east side of town. Its restaurant has delicious food and great views!

3. Hotel Everest

Hotel Everest
Hotel Everest is a budget traveler's favorite! It's rare to hear anything negative said about it. Fresh food, friendly staff, clean rooms, and colorful interiors all make it stand out from the rest. The hotel is located around 2 minutes walk north of Pushkar Lake. Average room rates are around 700 rupees per night, and there are 15 rooms of different categories to choose from. A meal in the hotel's rooftop restaurant will provide you with a mesmerizing view.
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4. Orchard Tents and Tranquility

Orchard Tents
This tented camp, which is one of the better ones available during the time of the Pushkar Fair, gets its name from the orchards and roses around it. The grounds are maintained by the local villagers and the trees give the camp much sought after shade in the hot desert. There are only 11 luxury air conditioned tents, which makes this place much more personal than the large tented camps. Guests who don't wish to walk to the fairground, located a couple of kilometers away, can be transported by camel cart. Tents cost around $90 upwards per night, including breakfast. The camp operates from September 1 to March 31 every year.
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5. Pushkar Resorts

Pushkar Resorts
If staying in a resort is more your style, Pushkar Resorts is possibly the best option. BUT only if you don't mind being away from the action. The resort is located around 8 kilometers outside Pushkar. On the upside, it's one of the few places where alcohol and non vegetarian meals are served in the area (Pushkar being a holy town). Billed as a modern day oasis, there's a variety of flora and fauna, as well as a swimming pool and sun deck. Bright Rajasthani decorations add to the resort's appeal. Accommodations consist of 40 luxury cottages, and rates start from around $180 for a double.
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