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10 Best Goa Beach Huts

Special Goa Huts for a Laid Back Beach Vacation


Goa beach huts are a popular alternative to hotels in Goa. Most of them can be found in south Goa, particularly Agonda, Palolem, and Patnem beaches. You'll also find a few on the less developed north Goa beaches, such as the Arambol to Morjim stretch. Unfortunately, the beach huts are no longer cheap places to stay though. Rates have been jumping substantially every year, and it's a case of paying for location, location, location. Compared to what you'd get at a hotel for the same price, facilities are minimal. Part of the reason is because the huts have to be pulled down every year and reconstructed for the season, which runs from around November to May. These 10 Goa huts all offer something a little more special than others in their areas.

1. Dwarka Eco Beach Resort, Cola

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Paradise found is the first thing that comes to mind at the exclusive Dwarka Eco Beach Resort. Tranquilly and seclusion abound with 10 stylish cottages, set amidst a sprawling palm grove that borders a lagoon right next to the ocean. Nature is a focus and it's as idyllic as it sounds! To get there, you have to drive through villages and down a dirt road. The location is little-known Cola beach (not to be mistaken with Colva beach) in south Goa, with the closest beaches being Agonda and Benaulim. Expect to pay 6,000 rupees ($100) upwards, for a double. The rate includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea/cookies and dinner.

2. The Art Resort, Palolem

The Art Resort
Expect something different at the groovy Art Resort, which is located at the southern end of Palolem beach, and has Indian and Austrian management. The resort's eight spacious new cottages, painted and decorated in uplifting bright colors, are gorgeous. Each has its own patio and unlike many other beach huts, hot water. As can be expected from the name, art is a focus at the resort. It operates a non-profit art gallery in its restaurant, where young Indian artists can showcase their works. The restaurant serves fine Indian and European cuisine, and the Chill Out Bar a selection of fresh juices and expertly mixed cocktails. There's often live music. Rates start from 6,000 rupees ($100) upwards per night.

3. Palm Grove and Little Palm Grove, Ashvem

Palm Grove
Palm Grove consists of six uniquely named huts, all made out of "love, bamboo and chatai". They're stylish and comfortable, and come with king size bed, porch, and hammock. There's also a restaurant that serves healthy and tasty food on the premises. The location, at Ashvem beach (between Morjim and Mandrem), is one of the most peaceful places in north Goa. Yet, it's close enough to more lively Arambol in case you've had enough relaxing and feel like some entertainment. The renowned Yab Yum restaurant is next door to the huts. Two minutes walk along the beach and you'll find the smaller and quieter Little Palm Grove, also with six gorgeous bamboo cottages on the beach. Expect to pay around 8,000 rupees ($130) per night, including tax and breakfast.

4. Village Susegat, Morjim

Village Susegat
Susegat means to totally relax and take it easy in Konkani (the language spoken in Goa). Village Susegat is an offshoot of Villa Susegat -- a successful guesthouse run by a British couple. They've now expanded their business and have transformed a neglected palm grove on Morjim beach (around 20 minutes from Anjuna) into what is now “Village Susegat”. The village consists of sixteen solidly built beach huts (so the plumbing does work!) and a beach cafe and bar, Cafe Bar Susegat. Everything has been personally designed and built by the couple, including handcrafting the furniture and fittings. Rates start from 2,750 rupees per hut, per night, and decrease according to the length of stay. And the best thing: the rates remain the same all year round, even over the busy Christmas and New Year period.

5. Shanti, Agonda

Shanti Agonda
If you're looking for a tranquil location on Agonda beach and attractive huts that are a step up from the rest, then Shanti Village is the place for you! Located at the far southern end of the beach, there are eight upmarket huts. Rates start from 3,000 rupees ($55) a night. Some of the huts have lovely open air bathrooms. Guests appreciate the tasty food and helpful staff too. If you'd prefer to be closer to the center of the beach, there's also Shanti Restaurant and Beach Huts. These huts are more basic but still appealing.

6. Simrose, Agonda

Simrose is situated in the center of Agonda beach and offers three different types of beach huts to suit all budgets. The owners, a Nepali living in Germany and a local Goan, try to make the resort better each year. In 2013, they upped the standards by building four spacious new luxury sea view huts. Rates start from 2,000 rupees ($35) for a garden hut. Expect to pay 6,000 rupees ($100) per night for one of the new sea view huts. Simrose also has a healthy restaurant that serves as much food from organic farms as possible, and its own yoga shala under the palm trees. You'll find plenty of hammocks and loungers to relax in around the property as well.

7. Agonda Cottages, Agonda

Agonda Cottages
Agonda Cottages has the same owners as the highly regarded Agonda White Sands and was newly opened in 2013. It offers 14 luxury cottages situated towards the quiet southern end of the beach. Not all cottages are beach facing, but they're huge (compared to other beach huts) and beautifully built with tiled floors and painted walls. Each has a private open air bathroom, solar heated hot water, spring mattress, wardrobe, tables, fan, fresh flowers, and quality furnishings. Expect to pay around 4,000 rupees ($70) per night for a cottage.

8. Ordo Sounsar, Palolem

Ordo Sounsar
Want to stay at Palolem but be away from the growing crowds? Try Ordo Sounsar, situated on the riverside a couple of minutes walk north of the beach and only accessible via a bamboo footbridge. Huts are basic, and consist of two types -- those with attached bathroom (on the ground level) and those with common shared bathroom (raised). What you'll most likely love about this place is its laid back vibe, cushioned lounge areas, hammocks, pool table and bar. The restaurant serves genuine Goan cuisine, and the surrounding trees attract birds and monkeys. Delightful!

9. Cuba Beach Bungalows, Palolem

Cuba Beach Bungalows
The very popular Cuba Beach Bungalows has 16 colorful huts set in a semi circle shape, so all huts get at least some view of the beach. The location is central, and staff are friendly and helpful. The crowd is predominantly young and up for a good time, and there's a bar close to the huts, so do take that into consideration when deciding whether to stay here. The vibe is definitely one of fun. Rates start from 2,800 rupees per night and increase dramatically during December-January. They are pricier than many standard huts, but Cuba's justification is the range of services provided.
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10. Papayas, Patnem

Papayas has Goan Swiss management and offers eco friendly huts, all built using local materials such as rice hay, bamboo and wood. There are two front huts which face the sea (spend a bit extra to stay in one of these if possible), and another seven in the lush garden behind. The huts are a step up from the usual, with solar heated water and tiled showers. The midway location on the beach is very convenient. A word of warning: this place books up extremely fast and is full even at the end of the season, so make your reservations early. See other recommended Patnem beach huts in this Patnem beach travel guide.

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