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Essential Spiti India Travel Planner


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Guesthouses and Hotels in Spiti
Essential Spiti India Travel Planner

Guest bedroom in a Spiti homestay.

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You'll find a range of comfortable guesthouses and hotels in Kaza and Kibber.

In Kaza, expect to pay 500-1,000 rupees ($10-20) per night for a clean room, with western toilet and 24 hour hot water. Decent options include Sakya Abode (in the new part of town), Hotel Khangsar, and the HPDTC Tourist Lodge and Spiti Hotel . For a little more luxury, try the Banjara Retreat. Double rooms cost around 4,400 rupees ($90) per night.

Accommodations in Kibber are cheaper, and more basic. There plenty of guest houses to choose from, costing 200-300 rupees per night. A popular place is the Norling Guest House.

One of the most fascinating things that you can do in Spiti is to stay in one of the villages. Mahindra Homestays offers some charming, rustic accommodations where you can live with a local family. The homestays are are all very similar in terms of facilities, although each village differs in its nature, and cost 2,500 rupees ($50) per night including meals.

While staying in Spiti’s villages, you’ll be able to dine on delicious home made local cuisine, often consisting of momos (vegetable dumplings), thukpa and thenthuk (hearty noodle soups).

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