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Top Regal Udaipur Wedding Venues


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Plan a Regal Wedding in Udaipur
Top Regal Udaipur Wedding Venues

The Zenana Mahal, The City Palace Complex, Udaipur.

Photo courtesy of Eternal Mewar.

Many girls dream about being a princess on their wedding day. If you're one of them, you can't get much closer to living the dream than a wedding in Udaipur at the City Palace Complex, where the Mewar royal family still resides. And who better to organize the wedding than the royal House of Mewar, and the event planners of their HRH Group of Hotels.

The Mewar royal family were the pioneers in the concept of destination weddings in India, and have been at the forefront of organizing these weddings for over a decade. Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Chairman and Managing Director of the HRH Group of Hotels, explains that initially there was a great deal of opposition against holding weddings away from home in India. In order to sell the concept of destination weddings, they had to stage mock marriages. Now the bookings are flowing in.

Foreigners have also become very interested in the idea of getting married, royal style, in India. According to Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, he's been holding regal weddings for foreigners in Udaipur for around seven years now.

So what makes Udaipur such a standout destination for a wedding in India? Foremost is the setting. Known as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur really is one of the most romantic places in India. It's not just marketing hype. Udaipur is an incredibly charming city. A lot of this charm comes from its beautiful, regal palace buildings -- and the best bit, you can get married in them!

Contemporary wedding venues, they are not. However, their uniqueness and historical importance makes them very sought after. These venues offer couples the opportunity to truly live the royal fairy tale on their wedding day.

Let's take a look at some of the regal venues that are available in Udaipur, for weddings of all sizes:

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