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8 Quirkiest Festivals in India


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Jaisalmer Desert Festival
8 Quirkiest Festivals in India
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The exuberant Jaisalmer desert festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the sandstone city of Jaisalmer and surroundings at their magical best. For three days in late January/early February, you can enjoy a host of weird and wacky activities such as a parade of camels and fancily dressed locals, camel races and polo matches, turban tying competitions, and competition for the finest facial hair.

The festival kicks off with a morning procession, exhibiting the life and culture of the desert, from Sonar Fort to the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. Competitions, including Mr. Desert and the longest mustache, are held next followed by music and dance performances.

The fun continues on the second day, with a host of bizarre camel related activities at Dedansar Stadium. Camel decorating, camel fur cutting, and camel polo will keep you amused for hours! In the afternoon, the activities again return to Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium where the Border Security Force Camel Tattoo takes place. Marvel over gymnastics on camel back, and camel band with formation dancing.

On the third day, the festival culminates with a gala Rajasthani folk concert under the stars in the Sam sand dunes. Also catch a cricket match, camel race, parachuting, and Air Force display in the dunes.

How to Get There: Jaisalmer is accessible by rail and road from Jodhpur. The journey takes around six hours.

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For more information visit the Jaisalmer Desert Festival website.

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