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Photos of Durga Puja in Kolkata


Durga Puja is the biggest and most important occasion of the year in Kolkata. The festival sees huge, elaborately crafted statutes of Goddess Durga installed in homes and beautifully decorated podiums all over the city. At the end of the festival, the statutes are paraded through the streets, accompanied by much music and dancing, and then immersed in the Ganges river. The magnificence of the festival is revealed in these Durga Puja pictures.
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Making DurgaMaking Durga # 1Durga PandalDurga Blessing
Durga Puja PanditDurga Puja AartiDurga Puja IdolDurga Puja Idol # 1
Durga Puja Idol # 2Durga Puja Idol # 3Durga Puja Idol # 4Durga Puja New Market
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