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Making of Ravan

See Colorful Effigies of Ravan Before They Go Up in Flame


Making of Ravan

Colorful effigies of Ravan are made for Dussehra celebrations in Delhi, India.

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Every year on Dussehra, colorful effigies of demon king Ravan are burned all over Delhi to mark the defeat of Ravan by Lord Rama. Most of them are made in an area called Titarpur, in Tagore Garden in Delhi. A famous makeshift market gets set up on the footpath there, along Najafgarh Road. It's worth a trip to see it during Navaratri (the lead up to Dussehra).

However, the work on the effigies starts much earlier, in August. For three months, artisans work night and day to create the giant demons. It takes 10 to 12 days to complete three effigies.

How to Get There: Tagore Garden is in west Delhi. The easiest way is to take the Delhi metro train.

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