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Indian Festival Guides

Indian festivals can be a lot of fun but they can also be difficult to understand. What is everyone doing and why? These Indian festival guides will help demystify festivals in India. Also find out the best places to celebrate!
  1. Durga Puja (7)
  2. Ganesh Chaturthi (10)
  3. Holi (5)
  4. Kumbh Mela (6)
  5. Navaratri and Dussehra (8)
  6. Onam (4)
  7. Republic Day (3)

6 Ways and Places to Celebrate Diwali in India
If you're wondering what to do for this year's Diwali celebration in India, check out these top destinations and ideas for a memorable time.

Baisakhi: Festival of Punjab
Baisakhi is a harvest festival, a Punjabi new year festival, and commemoration of the founding of the Khalsa (Sikh religion brotherhood) all rolled into one occasion.

Buddha Jayanti: Lord Buddha's Birthday
Buddha Jayanti, also known as Buddha Purnima, commemorates the birthday of Lord Buddha. It's the most sacred Buddhist festival. Find out where Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in India.

Christmas: Jesus's Birthday
Christmas in India is more of a commercial occasion than a religious occasion. However, it's ardently celebrated in a traditional manner by Catholic communities.

Mumbai Christmas Mass - Your Favorite Midnight Mass in Mumbai
Do you have a favorite Mumbai Christmas Mass? Share your favorite midnight mass in Mumbai here and find out the favorites of others.

2014 Madurai Chithirai Festival Essential Guide
The two week long Chithirai Festival is one of the biggest celebrations in Madurai. It re-enacts the wedding of Lord Sundareswarar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Meenakshi (Lord Vishnu's sister).

Diwali: Festival of Lights
Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is India's biggest and most significant festival. It sees the whole country glowing under the light of lamps, candles, and fireworks.

2014 Gangaur Festival in India Guide
Gangaur, an important festival of Rajasthan, is all about honoring the goddess Gauri. A manifestation of Parvati (Lord Shiva's wife), she represents purity and austerity.

Hemis Festival: Buddhist Monastery Festival of Ladakh
The two day Hemis Festival commemorates the birth of Guru Padmasambhava, who founded Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. It's held in June or July every year at the 300-year-old Buddhist monastery of Hemis Jangchub Choling, near Leh.

Hornbill Festival: Tribal Festival of Nagaland
The unique Hornbill Festival, named after the bird, is one of the largest celebrations of the indigenous warrior tribes of Nagaland.

Jaipur Elephant Festival
The Jaipur Elephant Festival is a great opportunity to see the sturdy symbol of Rajput royalty, the elephant, at its finest and kick off Holi celebrations.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival: Fun in the Desert
The exuberant Jaisalmer desert festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the sandstone city of Jaisalmer and surroundings at their magical best. For three days in late January/early February, you can enjoy a host of weird and wacky activities.

Karni Mata Festival: Rat Festival of Bikaner
The famous 600 year-old Karni Mata temple, near Bikaner in Rajasthan, is home to thousands of rats. Twice a year, pilgrims flock to the Karni Mata temple to worship Goddess Durga and her incarnations, in the form of the rats.

Kerala Temple & Elephant Festivals Essential Guide
Kerala temple festivals are elaborate and exotic. The main attraction at these festivals is the elephants.

Kerala Snake Boat Races
Snake boat races take place from July to September each year in and around Alleppey, in India's southern state of Kerala. These races, in long canoe style boats, often coincide with other festivals. Here's what you need to know about Kerala's snake boat races.

Kila Raipur Rural Olympics: Rural Sports Festival in Punjab
The Kila Raipur Rural Olympics is a rural sports festival that's grown over six decades, to become a sports bonanza that attracts competitors from around the globe. Bullocks, camels, dogs, mules, and other animals competing in highly professional events must be seen to be believed!

Guide to 2014 Krishna Janmashtami Govinda Festival
The festival of Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Govinda, is a celebration of Lord Krishna's birthday. Lord Krisha is revered for his wisdom about how to live life on Earth.

Nag Panchami: Festival of Snakes
Nag Panchami, the festival of snakes, isn't for the feint hearted! This festival is all about the worship of snakes, which are especially dug out and gathered for the occasion.

Pongal: Harvest Festival of Tamil Nadu
Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. Find out all you need to know about it in this guide.

Pushkar Camel Fair in India
An astonishing 50,000 camels converge on the tiny desert town of Pushkar, in India's state of Rajasthan, for the Pushkar Camel Fair. It's a fascinating and peculiar sight, and a great opportunity to witness an old traditional style Indian festival.

Rath Yatra: Chariot Festival of Orissa
The Rath Yatra festival is based around the worship of Lord Jagannath (a reincarnation of Lord Krishna). It commemorates his annual visit to his aunt's home. The gods are transported through Puri on towering chariots.

Sonepur Fair: How to See It and My Experience
The annual Sonepur Fair in Bihar is an authentic rural fair that combines spirituality with elephant, cattle, and horse trading. Find out more about it in this article.

Teej: Festival of Swings
The Teej festival is an important festival for married women, and much anticipated monsoon festival. It commemorates the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The festivities are most spectacular in Jaipur.

Guide to the Jaipur Literature Festival
The Jaipur Literature Festival has grown in leaps and bounds from humble beginnings into an important literary event. Find out all you need to know about planning your trip and attending the festival here.

How Do You Like to Celebrate Diwali in India?
Where and how do you best like to celebrate Diwali in India? Share your experience with us here and find out the experiences of others.

Republic Day in India
Republic Day is an important national holiday in India. Find out the meaning of India Republic Day and how it's celebrated here.

Ramadan in Delhi: Top Places to Feast on Street Food

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