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Zenana Bathing Ghat


Zenana Bathing Ghat

Zenana Bathing Ghat, Kolkata.

Nigel Pavitt/Getty Images.

The bathing ghats of Kolkata, located along the Hooghly River, receive hoards of devotees who come to wash and make offerings each morning and evening. The Hooghly River is considered to be a branch of the holy Ganges River, and therefore auspicious.

Two of the most popular bathing ghats are the Babu ghat and Armenian ghat. This is a picture of the historic Zenana Bathing Ghat, hidden behind Armenian ghat next to the Mullik Ghat flower market near Howrah bridge. Built in the late 1880s or early 1890s, it was once one of the most beautiful bathing ghats in the city. Now it's dilapidated and rarely used, as there's no clear approach from Strand Road.

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