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Bangalore Airport Hotels

Guide to Hotels Near Bangalore Airport


Unfortunately, with the new Bangalore airport being located in a remote area, there aren't many options for transiting passengers who want to stay near the airport. New branded hotels are being built to meet demand, but these will take a while to be completed. This guide to Bangalore airport hotels reveals the best options in the interim. Most of these are holiday resorts and clubs in the surrounding vicinity.

1. Olde Bangalore

Olde Bangalore

The Olde Bangalore is a hotel with an unusual concept -- luxury tents. There are 25 of them on the property, located only 15 minutes from Bangalore airport. The hotel offers plenty of recreational facilities. And pleasingly, rates are very transit friendly with packages starting at $26 plus tax, for guests who only want to spend the day (not overnight) there. For stays of up to 12 hours, rates start from around $100 for a double, plus tax. For an overnight stay, expect to pay upwards of $170 for a double, plus tax. Transport is not included in the price.

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2. Clarkes Exotica

Clarkes Exotica

The Clarkes Exotica is a sprawling luxury hotel that's set on 50 acres of land around 10-15 minutes from Bangalore airport. It offers a wide range of leisure facilities, and swimming pool with sunken bar. However, claims that the hotel is overpriced for what it provides are common. There are 95 rooms, which were updated in 2007. Rates start from around $125 for a double, per night. The hotel also offers a transit rate of around $100 for six hours maximum stay.

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3. Hotel Presidency

Hotel Presidency

Located less than 10 minutes from Bangalore airport, Hotel Presidency is an excellent choice if you're transiting on a budget. The hotel is well managed, and the rooms are clean, well designed, and spacious.  There's a 24 hour coffee shop, gym, business center, and rooftop for guests to enjoy.  Unfortunately dining options are limited. Rates for a double room start from around $70 per night. If you only need a quick freshen up, there's a transit rate of $40 for four hours (6 a.m to 6 p.m).  Airport transfers are extra.

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4. Fantasy Golf Resort

Fantasy Golf Resort

The Fantasy Golf Resort is another option for staying close to Bangalore airport. It's not luxurious but it does offer good value for money. The hotel is located approximately 10-15 minutes from the airport, and room rates start from $60 per night for a double. Airport transfers aren't include and cost 650 rupees for two people.

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