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Indian Railways Advance Reservation Period Reduced from 120 Days

By April 26, 2013

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Indian Railways Train.
Indian Railways train.
Sharell Cook

Around this time last year, Indian Railways decided to increase the advance reservation period for train travel from 90 days to 120 days, effectively allowing passengers to book their tickets four months in advance.  However, it looks like that little experiment failed.

According to this news report, from May 1, 2013, Indian Railways reservations will only be able to be made 60 days (2 months) in advance.  There are some exceptions. Foreign tourists can book tickets up to a year in advance under the foreign tourist quota. In addition, the reservation period for some short distance trains (such as the Taj Express and Gomti Express) will remain as 15 days in advance.

So, what happened?

Passengers were unsupportive of the 120 day advance reservation period right from the start. Although Indian Railways thought it would help them to plan their travel better, they complained that it would be difficult to accurately do so that far ahead.  They were right, as more tickets were canceled and re-booked.  These cancellations improved the chance of getting waitlisted tickets confirmed. However, not knowing one way or another until close to the departure date posed a problem for travelers.

What do you think about the new 60 day advance reservation period? Will it make booking train tickets easier?

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April 29, 2013 at 7:43 am
(1) Omkar Narayan says:

Increase the god damn supply so that demand is met. Narednra Modi has given a good idea about this. Give the private companies permissions to run the train on government railway lines.
Omkar Narayan

May 2, 2013 at 5:03 pm
(2) James says:

What modi said might sound good to people who have never experience the consequences of asking the private companies to operate trains. If you know anyone from UK, please them. Then you will know what modi’s idea is absolutely rubbish. I have lived in UK and experience the “private companies” trains. They were bloody expensive.

May 4, 2013 at 5:56 am
(3) R.S.Aggrwal says:

My fellow countrymen should know and note that there are just 550 Licenced persons in the whole country appointed as Authorisation of Rail Travellers Service Agents Rules, 1985. These rules were approved by Parliament and are statutory in nature. These rules are part of Judgement of Honourable Supreme Court delivered on 15.4.1985 in WP(C) 4298-4308. These 550 authorised licenced holders employ around 2000 employees who are issued Identity Cards approved and signed by an authorised person of a Zonal Railways. No body in the world word will believe that 2000 persons can block tickets on 9000 PRS counters on 2900 locations. There are no complaints against these agents.

May 9, 2013 at 5:48 pm
(4) Jimmy Paes says:

Very strange justifications . Unable to prevent and punish the guilty.
Easy way out , make life difficult for the good citizens. This excuse of people unable to plan ahead and reserve the tickets is very LAME. Where is the consideration for those senior and retired citizens who can plan their travel in advance. The people unsure of travel date can just sit tight till they are sure and then book or take flight or hike. WHY do you prevent all those who can plan ahead enjoy travel and life whatever little is left in them.

There must be a better way to deal with this. How do the airlines function?. No refund no cancellation without penalties policy. TODAY’S AAM ADMI is intelligent, you can count the few with out cell phones in their hands on the streets
Place the TTE staff of attractive bonus package for booking the voilators .

June 1, 2013 at 1:50 am
(5) Sharan says:

Ms Cook, you said, “Foreign tourists can book tickets up to a year in advance under the foreign tourist quota”. That does not seem to be in effect. If you open the Indian Railways booking website and try to enter some booking dates beyond the two month period after selecting “foreign tourist” quota, it says that date is outside the advance booking period.

June 1, 2013 at 8:04 pm
(6) goindia says:

Hi Sharan, sorry, I should’ve clarified — as far as I’m aware Foreign Tourist Quota tickets can’t be booked on line (although availability can be checked). It needs to be done manually at a booking office in India. Here are the main ones for foreigners. http://www.indianrail.gov.in/international_Tourist.html

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