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Have Your Tried the New MakeMyTrip RoutePlanner?


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  • Lets face it, deciding on the best and cheapest way to get from place to place in India can be a challenge when planning your travel, especially with so many different train and bus services available.  Thankfully, it recently got a bit easier with the introduction of the MakeMyTrip.com RoutePlanner.

    According to the media release, this free service  "enables trip planning between any two destinations in India by combining multiple modes of transportation across 4,300 cities, 2,300 flight routes, 65,000 bus routes, 970,000 train routes and an extensive road network." Sounds impressive!

    The interface on their website is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter the place that you want to depart from and the place that you want to go to. RoutePlanner displays all the different transport options, including specific flight numbers, train names and numbers, and bus operators. The approximate travel times and fares are listed as well. RoutePlanner even gives each option a score, called a RouteRank, taking into account price, duration and convenience.

    I played around with it for a few destinations in India and it seems to work really well, and most importantly was helpful. Take a look at it and try it for yourself on the MakeMyTrip.com RoutePlanner website. What do you think?

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