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Don't Want Indian Railways Food? Try These Food Delivery Services



Passengers eating on the train.

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One of the things I really appreciate is how enterprising people are in India. For every problem that exists, someone will usually come up with an innovative solution.  The issue of the declining quality of Indian Railways food is no exception.

As mentioned in this recent news article, two new companies have started up to provide fresh food delivery services to Indian Railways passengers. Called TravelKhana and MeraFoodChoice, the companies are essentially meal ordering platforms that have tie ups with restaurants at major stations. Passengers pre-order their food through the companies (either by phone, online, or using an app)  and the restaurants package and deliver it to them.

According to the article, MeraFoodChoice is just three months old but is already serving 300-400 customers daily at over 75 stations across India.  On its home page, TravelKhana claims to provide meals on over 2,000 trains.

I tried TravelKhana on a train from Mumbai to Rajasthan and it worked really well. My food was delivered to my seat, fresh and without any hassles. And, it was so much better than Indian Railways food!

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