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New Direct Mumbai to Pondicherry Train



Pondicherry Promenade.

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  • Although Pondicherry, one of the top destinations in Tamil Nadu, has been directly connected by train to many major Indian cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore), up until now there's been no direct train to and from Mumbai. Travelers have had to go via Bangalore or Chennai and change trains, or go as far as the nearest station (Villupuram Junction, 38 kilometers from Pondicherry).

    The good news is that's all a thing of the past with the introduction of the 11005/11006 Puducherry-Dadar Express this week.

    The train departs Mumbai on Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays at 9.30 p.m.   Going to Mumbai, the train departs Pondicherry at 8.15 p.m. on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The journey takes nearly 35 hours, over two nights. With an average speed of 47 kilometers and 34 stops, the train isn't particularly fast -- but it is direct!

    It's got  two AC 3-tier, one AC 2-tier, nine Sleeper class, three General Second class and two General Second Class/Guard's Brake compartments.

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