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Indian Visa on Arrival Facility Not Hassle-Free


India's tourist visa on arrival facility is currently available to citizens of 11 countries, and the Indian government is looking to expand it further in order to boost tourism. However, according to this recent report in the Economic Times, less than 5% of tourists have a hassle-fee experience when getting their India visa on arrival.

A survey found that the process takes an hour, and sometimes one and a half hours, at Mumbai airport. However, it's faster at Delhi.

According to the survey, infrastructure (including enough space for the special counters), staff training, and processing times were all issues. Language and foreign currency are major issues. Not many tourists carry Indian rupees or US dollars with them. They have to run between multiple counters to get their foreign currency exchanged, and sometimes face problems when staff are on tea breaks and counters are closed.

Immigration officers also felt that the facility needed to be better publicized and the required forms should be provided to passengers in flights to save time filling them out.

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