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Nadi Astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil - Real or Fake?

By February 2, 2012

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Nadi astrology palm leaf.Nadi astrology palm leaves.

Recently, I had a reader get in touch with me about Nadi astrology.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Nadi astrology is based on  predictions that ancient sages were believed to have written on palm leaves. Apparently, there's a palm leaf that corresponds to everyone. If you find your leaf, you'll get to know your future.

I actually visited a Nadi astrologer in Mumbai last year because I was curious about the practice. It's too early to know if his predictions will come true or not. However, I'm really not convinced that he had my leaf, so am not expecting too much.

The process of finding the right leaf is carried out through a series of questions and answers related to the information on a bundle of leaves that the astrologer pulls out, based on the classification of the lines on your thumb print. In order for your exact leaf to be found, you need to respond "yes" to all the questions for a leaf.  Unfortunately,  I didn't.

Regardless, the astrologer still read out my future. Then, at the end, he suggested I pay 13,000 rupees for priests in Tamil Nadu to chant special mantras. This would ensure that my future would be rosy. (No, I didn't pay).

But, back to my reader. He was interested in consulting a Nadi astrologer and had heard that Vaitheeswaran Koil, in Tamil Nadu, was the best place to do so.  The reason why is because  the families of astrologers at Vaitheeswaran temple obtained the leaves and passed them down from generation to generation.

My reader headed to the temple. However, he told me that not only couldn't he find any astrologers there, the managing director of the temple informed him that it's all a scam. He was afraid to reveal much more to him though, because of the "astrologer mafia".

Very disappointing!

I'm not sure what to think about Nadi astrology.  Quite a few people have told me tales of accurate predictions. Are you a believer? Have you had any experiences with Nadi astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil or elsewhere?

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February 7, 2012 at 5:06 am
(1) dd says:

“Have you had any experiences with Nadi astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koli or elsewhere?”

I wanted to believe and went for this nadi astrologer but when he finally asked me to pay for pujas and stuff to make sure it all happens as he suggested I decided it was fake. The questions that he asks upfront is the 20 questions 20 answers type to find out all about you so that he can craft a plausible future with the details he gleaned from you from these questions. I guess that was the day I started turning atheist. You are lucky that he only asked you payment to make your future rosy. My uncle was scared into paying money because the reader told him if he didn’t something bad will happen to his children. I asked my uncle why he gave in for the scam, he told me that he cant risk the future of his children, so he paid.

February 7, 2012 at 6:00 am
(2) goindia says:

Oh no, that’s awful, to think that the reader would use innocent children to make money. :-( Thanks for sharing your experience.

May 13, 2012 at 5:02 pm
(3) kuntal says:

right now 60% nadi readers are frauds,as there are in any other field.Most in vaideeshwaran kowil are scamsters.
how to figure out frauds.
-if thy ask for ur birthdate,place or time of birth.
-online nadi readers,where u have to submit ur thumb impression nd fill lotta of information.if u give ur birthtime place nd date thy will make vedic chart nd will predict by tht way.
-anyone who forces u to get shantikandam is fraud. anyone who scares u if u dont do shantikandam remedies disaster will happen is a 100% fraud.

I have visited 2 nadi readers,from 1st i got my leaf,but i doubt tht it was genuine.After i got leaves of my sister,mother nd myself,i also had to get of my best friend,but he wasnt able to send me his thumb impression in time,i told nadi reader the same,he said just get his time place nd date of birth,i got he is fraud.Apart from that he told me to get some mantra puja done by tht centre,i asked him if its ok if i do mantra chanting myself,he said NO.thn it was confirmed he is fraud.this is well known nadi centre of kanchipuram.
Then following day i visited tambaram,where thy couldnt find my leaf.if anyone wants to contact me can do so trivedikuntal@gmail.com

May 14, 2012 at 1:21 am
(4) goindia says:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice, Kuntal. It’s very helpful.

June 6, 2012 at 6:32 am
(5) Anto says:

Ive had my naadi leaves read and it has been mind blowing. I was quite sure of what they would ask and I was quite prepared on my answers as couple of my friends too had experiences with this form of occult. I cant really figure if this is any money minded circus coz they never demand any money from you until your leaves are found. And one of my friends leaves have yet to be found. Let me give you my experience. My family is christian while my dad has a hindu name. The leaves were very accurate in prediting my dads name as well as pointing out that I was a lone child. But what has more convinced me is when one of my acquaintance went to consult this astrologer a day after his engagement to a girl with a ‘muslim’ name and the astrologer pointed out the exact name. To me this is really mind blowing. How on earth can you match all of these factors. I’ve read few of my leaves and in no where i can find any evidence to the fact that there is a ‘fooling’ science behind it. It could be true, could be false but it might depend on the genuinity of the reader as there are many fakes out there as well. So its all your luck where and whom you go to consult.

July 9, 2012 at 11:12 pm
(6) Padmaja says:

Few years before I went to Vaitheeswaram to get naadi astrology. Before me going there my dad did all the ground work by taking both of me and my husbands finger prints. My dad already found my leaf which will give you general kandam. So when I went there I got chapters of children, futuer, career chapters etc.
I myself didn’t take the general chapter but, my dad took my general chapter. It was clearly written my husbands name and profession also. All my family members got this horoscope. My family lives very far from Vaitheeswaram. If it is possible to get our information also it is not worth getting for what we paid.
Many of the things written are exactly happend in my life. It is clearly written what I’m going through at the time I got this horoscope.
If they have to get my information before Iwent there it will cost them hundred times more than what I paid them.
I believe in this.
From my child hood on I heard that if your leaf is there then only you will be able to go there to see your horoscope.
From 3yrs onwards I’m trying to go there. I planned to go to vaitheeswaram in that trip and booked my flight ticket. On the day of the flight I was admitted into emergency. Next day on I’m fine. Doctors were surprised. My pain which got detected should be atleast for 3 to 4 days. But, after the flight time I’m normal. This is true. This happend.
After 8 months again I reserved ticket to India for a stay of 6 weeks and planned to go to vaitheeswaram. But, some thing got confirmed which I’m waiting for long time. So I changed my ticked and stayed in India just for a week to attend a family function.
I totally believe that if I’ve choice of seeing my leaf second time (I already did it once) and for the time written on the leaf (approximate age when you will be seeing that leaf is also written on leaf) then only I’ll be able to go there.

July 23, 2012 at 2:24 pm
(7) ananya says:

I went to vaitheeswara temple 4 months back.the astrologer name s ravi n he got 2500 fr my predictns which s very much costly compard 2 other astrologers n same locatn.more than that they scared me a lot about my husbands longeivity n told 2 pay rs.5000 immediately fr parihara pooja’s.their predictions were mostly basd on the qsns which they as us priorly.

July 30, 2012 at 1:24 pm
(8) Sundeep Majumdar says:

I am going to Vaitheeswaran Koli on the 1st week of Aug…so its all fingers crossed !!!…I have read so many negative articles and online posts about scams at the Nadi centres but i guess curiosity takes over.

July 30, 2012 at 1:31 pm
(9) goindia says:

Hi Sundeep, please do let us know about your experience. I hope it’s positive.

September 7, 2012 at 1:23 am
(10) nivedita says:

can u tel me genuine nadi astrologers in vaitheeswaram koil temple

September 16, 2012 at 6:39 am
(11) Sathish says:

I went to vaitheeswaran temple to see nadi astrology to know about my future. First i saw two people sitting in reception and receiving all the people with good smile. They are good in south Indian languages. Once i entered … the receptionist gave me a pamphlet and asked me to go through. Then he took my right hand thumb impression in small white paper two times. Besides that he took me to first floor and explained me that u have to help me to get the exact leaf …Like he told me that he would ask something question related to my parents,,my DOB and Education.. He started with one punch of leaves..i was telling him no no…no..no..during tat time itself he was getting my information.. Then he brought the second punch of leaves…again he started to ask the same question…then i replied with no no n o…. Then he went and came with the third punch of leaves…he took few and in the middle…he started to say my name and my parents..my education…star…etc.. Further he told me this ur leaf…Moreover,,he said u pl come after one hour.. So i will write down ur future… Then he was cooking the story himself… There is no logic… They are fraud… Cheating people and looting poor peoples money… Pl dont go for nadi astrology…

September 26, 2012 at 2:56 am
(12) Kala says:

Me agree too.plz dont go for nadi astrology.most of them is fraud n they will question us for future prediction .all r dirty tactics to me us to believe.

October 9, 2012 at 7:32 am
(13) kalpana says:

I went 8 years back to nadi astrology in vaideeshwaran koil,,,they told me my parents info,,it waz correct..they told my husband name he is middle child n vl have god name like ram n shiva,,it waz correct..they told my first kid vl b baby girl n second vl b baby boy,,it waz correct ,,they told aproximate at the age of 28 ivl b in other countries,,,before completing 28 now iam staying in other countries with what all they told that so correct,,,,,

October 18, 2012 at 9:46 am
(14) Anupama says:

I got my Nadi reading done last month, the one in Tambaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu. This office is the one which is the original one, its there since 25 yrs. I was shocked to know my name, my date of birth, my husbands name, my parent’s name and everything. I jaw dropped listening to my reading!!..totally freaked out…it was unbelievable. I got the whole reading done, my past, my present and future and what i should be doing to get rid off the ill effects of my past Karmas. There is no way one would have known my whole past and names of all my family members with such accuracy. I was a skeptic before I went there..but now am a believer!!..no amount of science or logical reasoning can ever fathom the experience I had….mind blowing!!!!….same was with my husband too, a software professional..he was shocked to hear the saint read the name of the woman whom he had a broken relationship earlier, before he met me!!…he was totally bewildered!!…. do make a visit to Tambaram branch of Nadi Agastya Astrologer….it will b an unforgettable experience…v feel blessed!

October 23, 2012 at 2:49 am
(15) sree says:


Can you provide the address of the Nadi reader at least name/


October 24, 2012 at 8:13 am
(16) Roshnee says:

Naadi Reading is a TRUE Astrologly. I too Visited and have experienced exact predictions which my Banana Leaf read. I never revealed them any details than Thumb Impression & Birth Data n Time. Not even place of birth or Surname etc. All the current predications n past predictions have been true for me. NAADI is written by Sapta Rishi by the Permission of GOD and you are lucky enough to have found your leaf since its not permitted for all to know the Naadi….It has deep Science wriiten 2000 Yrs before. if you cannot propogate, I request, pls don disregard it, becoz its PAAP…you are interfering in GOD’s Plan

October 29, 2012 at 7:57 am
(17) Radhanath says:

Hi Kalpana , Anupama
could you please let us know the nadi astrologer’s name/place/contact no. whom you contacted .


November 1, 2012 at 1:45 am
(18) yadav says:


I went to Koil and get astrology from Nadi. What ever they told it is happening to me.


November 1, 2012 at 5:31 am
(19) Sudha M says:

Can u please provide me Nadi Astrologer address a & telephone no. in Mumbai at the earliest.

November 2, 2012 at 10:28 pm
(20) vibha says:

nadi leafs exist since old times is true. the past details, names etc. do tally. the future predictions may or may not come true. some say that the future told is indicative and not definitive. future changes depending upon your actions and good deeds, penance etc. the law of karma is operative which leaves scope for some fluidity. as with other astrologers, there are crooks in this field too who try to fleece gullible people by asking pujas etc. not written in the lrafs and insist doing so through them. dont do that. the brahmin performing the pujas has to be pious and leanrd in the vedas and he must not specify the fees. that is the rule of a brahmin.pujas done by nonqualified and greedy brahmins are worse than useless. that may even unleash ill effects. so beware. i am a brahmin and can tell you that a real brahmin is not a trader to demand price for his services. instrad he does what is good for othets selflessly. these tamilians are fooling us since we cannot read the leaf ourselves and they keep it a highly guarded secret.
i had so far seen nadi for myself twice and 3 other times for family members. i did the mantra jap myself and obtained results. if you get done anything through a real brahmin, though he must not ask payment, you have to give him liberally as per your means, one sixth of your income overall. that is the dharmashastra.
when asked to do shanti and puja through their tamilianpriests, i simply avoided doing it. if i can do it, i will get it done from pious brahmins from my place at bombay and that would be satisfying to me, irrespective of the outcome. i am a future diviner myself. it is a birth gift. so i can make out how much truth the redaer is telling. i use the clues obtained from nadi reading to tally my own thinking and try to understand how much to go by it, particularly the deeksha and shanti pariharas where these crooks might fleece you.

November 15, 2012 at 2:14 am
(21) Yogesh says:

Padmaja, kalpana, anupama…possibly pls provide few details to find such right people rather reaching to fraudalants…

November 17, 2012 at 12:42 am
(22) Aarti says:

I went to a Nadi astrologer for my future prediction, after question and answer section he suggested me some puja and temple visits. Along with some yantra puja at home. He told me that this yantra will be prepared by some old pandit by some special pooja done. For this the total cost is 8200 /- Friends Please suggest is this ok if i give this amount to this person for Yantra . Anyone of you who have already done this please suggest.


November 18, 2012 at 11:33 pm
(23) Nats says:

I went to a Naadi astrologer yesterday and I am not sure whether to believe him or not..At times he seemed to have some true insight into my life and at other times he seemed to be faking it..While he was questioning me to find my leaf, I stumbled a few times, especially when he was inquiring about the first, second letters of my parent’s names (The reason being that Hindi is not my first language so I had to think really hard when asked how many letters are in the hindi spelling of their names and thus made lots of errors)..I also stumbled on some facts in my life like my relationship status etc..So when the time came for him to ‘Reveal’ my past and present status to me, I was a bit taken aback when he repeated some of the facts that I had messed up while answering. As for the name of my dad he got it completely wrong and when I pointed it out to him, he said that the names had the same meaning, which is totally BS..but then again there were moments of clarity in which he told me that there would be a guy who was trying to misuse me just for sex by lying about being in love with me and wanting to marry me which is currently going on(Though every woman experiences that kind of guy atleast once in a lifetime, right?)..and then he predicted a beautiful future for me where I would marry a nice guy though a little late in life and have 2 lovely kids and live happily till the end of my life but of course with the normal ups and downs that we would have to deal with (Surprise, Surprise)..Anyway He charged us Rs 5500 and said that he would be willing to remedy my present negative phase with Pujas for Rs 2000 more. I have been comparing prices and am already almost convinced that I have been fleeced. So what do you guys think? Btw this astrologer resides in Old Raginder Nagar, Delhi (Sri Agastrhiyar Maha Tulliya Nadi Jothida Nilayam).Has anyone been to him?? Any reviews, did his predictions come true??

November 20, 2012 at 5:38 am
(24) Savitha says:

Hi Padmaja,

Can you please tell us the name of the nadi astrologer you visited at Vaitheeswaran Koil?

November 25, 2012 at 12:39 pm
(25) Shashidhar says:

Hi I also took the naadi reading from Online. As per my experiance Nadi Astrology is bettar then Other type of Astrology. I visited 2 diffrent online naadi reading website. In first web site i filled all my details because i am not worried about my name, father name etc because all these things i know myself. after 20 days they send my prediction by email. Prediction is realy good & they suggested few remedies but that i have to do it myself not from their side. after that i visited another web site for Nadi Reading. Here nadi reader came to Online (as per Appointment Time) with few leafs he asked few question but unable to trace my leaf. after 2 days back again he came with few leafs & that day he traced my leaf. & he predicted very very well i am so happy with prediction & one more important thing is he never suggested any remidies to do it himself. and even he told i realy not required to visit any temple. overall my experiance naadi astrology is good.

December 2, 2012 at 11:27 am
(26) Premi says:

Hi all
I will going to Vaitheeswaran Koli on 2nd week on Jan 2013. I would like to know a good thrust worth Nadi Astrologer address & telephone no. so i could contact them before arriving since i have only one day visit to Vaotheeswaran. Thank you

December 3, 2012 at 12:44 pm
(27) Arun says:

Hi All,
Go to this place and they just take 500 Rs to read from the leaf.

Agathiyar Naadi Jothidam
57 Brindavanam Road ,Fairlands, Salem, Tamilnadu – 636016
0427-2449397, 0427-2446292

I was not believing Naddi Jothidam at all but one of my friend told they tell predictions perfect. I visited Salem and what ever they have predicted in life has come true.

My girl friend name exactly came in as my wife name and in her’s my name has come. Worth going there.


December 9, 2012 at 8:13 am
(28) rayjain says:

i went to the one in gurgaon in jan 2009… i cannot call it fake coz my leaf had a horoscope and it matched (100%) with the one i have had all these years… btw, the reader had no clue of my birth time… he predicted some very specific issues and surprisingly all have come true… wish some good ones had come true too…!!!

December 9, 2012 at 11:57 pm
(29) Lakshmi says:

I went to a nadi astrologer in bangalore this April and found that whatever he said about my present and past were accurate. They only asked for my thumb impression and my date of birth initially and then the Yes/no questions followed. After they figured out my full name, they automatically mentioned my mom’s name. They even mentioned that my dad would be undergoing a surgery within the next 3 years and it wouldnt be a life threatening one. This turned out to be true! My dad did undergo a surgery last month. So i went again yesterday with my Dad to get his reading done. I was shocked when he mentioned that my grandad had 2 wives, the first one had died within 2 years of marriage and that my dad was born to the second wife. I hadnt known this fact at all and neither did my dad provide any sorta clues to him about this. Dad was shocked too when the astrologer mentioned this cos there is no way he could have gotten access to this info. The astrolger predicted certain other things too which are supposedly due to occur sometime next year so I’m patiently waiting to see whether they happen or not.

December 11, 2012 at 8:20 am
(30) him says:

can have the address of a genuine astrologer?

December 13, 2012 at 5:14 am
(31) vamshi says:

hello lakshmi ……if u please tell us the address, we can also go there

December 14, 2012 at 9:02 am
(32) joginder says:

hi ,shashidhar je,
can you please tell me online nadi-astroglers(web-site),i wana try .

December 20, 2012 at 1:16 am
(33) mk says:

what is naadi astrologer name??? were is this centre naadi fees max 1000rs how to pay 13000???

December 22, 2012 at 8:36 am
(34) Cin says:

Hi Lakshmi,
Could you please let us know the details about the astrologer in Bangalore. There dont seem to be many in Bangalore, and to find a genuine one is pretty rare. Request you to please share the details

December 28, 2012 at 11:28 pm
(35) Rajendran says:

If u want to look at Naadi astrology. u have to go Vaideswaran Temple only.
first of all u have to Trust God Vaideswaran. and u have to find the Good Naadi Astrologer there. One guy is looking naadi so many years…. his name : Poosamuthu…. now he may crossed 90yrs old. but his generation are looking for this. so better u can approch him

December 30, 2012 at 6:19 am
(36) puja says:

pl. give contact no. of bangalore nadi jyothish whom u visited.

January 1, 2013 at 2:12 pm
(37) Ashok says:

Hi laxmi
Could you please give me the address of nadi astrologer at bangalore . I shall be grateful .thanks

January 3, 2013 at 3:53 pm
(38) Reuben says:

Please share astrologer in Bangalore. Does anyone know of good Naadi astrologer in Mumbai?

January 6, 2013 at 8:58 am
(39) G S SAMPATH KUMAR says:

Hi all,
I had been to nadi center in bagalore ramamurthy nagar.According to me it is the best nadi center to visit where you can get accurate predictions and cost is also reasonable.Here is the address and contact number.
Address : No 16,3rd main,3rd cross,hoysala nagar,behind FMC building,ramamurthy nagar,bangalore

contact number: +918065343699, when you visit you can tell my name as referred person.

January 9, 2013 at 11:30 am
(40) Raj says:

During the British colonial rule one German Christian missionary stumbled upon these palm leaves by chance. They were surprised that these leaves contained all basic informations ranging from medicine to philosophy. They were even more perplexed when they found out that one’s past, present and future karmas can be decoded just by studying the thumbprint. It then dawned upon them that not two thumbprints,whether from the living or dead, were alike.

The Missionary took back this information along with the one dealing in treatment of ailments through plants and herbs (ayurveda) to Germany. They were not interested in the predictive aspect of the naadi leaves as it was too complicating since it was written in coded Grahantha Tamil.

Thus the fingerprinting system was introduced to the world for identification purposes. The Germans re-invented their discovery on the medical aspect of the naadi leaves as ‘Homeopathy’ which was also introduced globally. Remember, India was much civilized, cultured and educated well before the Europeans.

Coming back to Naadi Joshiyam. Even in mundane astrology a skilled astrologer can narrate the immediate past karma after studying the placement of the houses in the astrological chart of the person concerned. But since there were just too many astrologers around some have re-packaged themselves as Naadi astrologers which became a craze in the seventies.

It has also been predicted that in the age of Kaaliyug such public conning will take place and the people will blindly seek out such charlatans. In conclusion I would say that if one truly wishes to seek for peace and prosperity just pray sincerely to the Amighty. He will know that you are sincere and will guide you to the right astrologer or a naadi reader who is not commercialized. And please don’t forget that when we get conned by such charlatans it is also due to our past lives’ willful karma. Once you realize this you are on the right path.

January 22, 2013 at 4:08 am
(41) kalyani says:

what is adress in thambaram and vaitheeswaramkoli anupama or padmaja plz reply…there are many centers plz do reply the one u visited

January 24, 2013 at 4:33 am
(42) balaji says:

Tambaram naadi address.

Forgot door no. but it is very small street, you can fin this place very easily. It is near
New state bank colony.
West tambaram

Finger print will be taken from morning 8 to 9. Be prepared to stay whole day. Usually it takes around 4pm or 8pm to hear your naadi.

I saw naadi at 2007. Till date everything is happening as per their prediction. Including my Job and when i will clear my Degree.

After feeling Agasthiar’s power. I surrender my soul to him.

January 27, 2013 at 12:16 pm
(43) keerthana says:

hi all,
even i hav seen naadi jhodhidam for me in NAMAKKAL near anjaneyar temple,,,,
but now its not there.
i saw in 2007,
every prediction of me is correct and its happening too.
very shocked bcoz just by thumb impression they predicted complete details abt me.
i didnt even tell ma name and i saw just for 100 rs.

awesome experience .
feel great abt naadi :) :)

January 30, 2013 at 2:16 am
(44) shank says:

Hi All,

I got my nadi reading done recently from agastya nadi reader in old rajinder nagar.

everything about past and present is true.
They predicted my sickness with pinpoint accuracy.

Hoping everything comes out to be true in future as well.


February 1, 2013 at 2:36 pm
(45) Bhaskar says:

Hi to Every one,

I am looking for a naadi astrologer in Hyderabad …. If any one know the best naadi astrologer please let me know,And what will be the fee…….

Thanks in ADVANCE


February 9, 2013 at 10:38 am
(46) Naresh says:


Last 4 months back i visited vaitheeswaran koil for siva nadi. At first they took my thumb impression and took my DOB details. They asked me numerous questions. I dont know how do they get my details after asking numerous questions. It sound fake. They scared me that my fortune is not at all good and i have to do some shanti poojas. THey asked me 4000 rupees and also asked to do some poojas for 4 months. I dont know about future but they really scared me … my adivce is dont even get a thought of knowing ur future.. they will ruin all your future plans..

February 12, 2013 at 2:06 pm
(47) ABC says:

A Naadi astrologer created a gap of 25 years in my reading. He dint told anything for 25 years span and continued after that…… Are these types of readers Fake ??

February 16, 2013 at 10:17 pm
(48) omkar says:

My sister went to visit a agastya nadi reader in kuala lumpur. the reader asked for her thumb print (left hand) and d.o.b. what convinced her that this was real was that the reader correctly identified that she is adopted. but, what has put her off is that she has been told to go back to see them and get a puja done (which only they can do) for agasthiyar for a minimum of RM300 (approximately Rs3,000). This puja is to ‘wipe out’ the bad karma of her past. Is there such a thing? She also had to say mantras twice a day for 48 days. when she asked what mantra she should say, the reader mumbled the name, but said it would be written down on a bronze talisman which would be given to her much later (of course at another price). So, she is confused. She doesn’t know whether to believe, not believe, follow or not follow. I don’t know what to say to her.

February 17, 2013 at 1:36 pm
(49) Amitt says:

Dear All,

I have gone through comments of various people and have observed when ever a naadi astrologer asked for money or fee , they sounded fake,

Please respect what said about you without taking your name ,parents name , dob, events in life etc if it comes true ,just by thumb impression.

Why does a doctor charge fee , or a lawyer or a professional charge fee, when we are stuck , we love to pay.

To share my experience , what ever was told in my naddi is 100% true.
My parents name , my wife name , one kid , what will happen to my marriage, my sufferings etc.

And after reading my chapter 12, I was shocked , everything is happening in same manner.

I am a highly qualified person , who works in corporate world.

Its our luck that we find our leaves , many of my friends have come back empty handed ,many are happy .

Just my opinion with no offence to anyone

February 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm
(50) vivek khanna says:

HI , Everybody,i am interested to have a meeting with nadi reader, shall anybody tell the genuine one at delhi ncr area. i will be very thankfull to all of them.

February 21, 2013 at 4:01 am
(51) Shanthini says:


can u please tell me the perfect nadi astrologer address in vaitheeswaran koil and the payment for reading, please let me know the details.


February 22, 2013 at 1:59 am
(52) A.Guruge says:

I am from Sri Lanka & wants to go to Vaitheeswaramcoil for pooja to
temple and Nadivakyam reading. Can someone kindly tell me a reliable
place to visit. Many thanks

February 22, 2013 at 9:25 am
(53) sundar says:

I worked with a naadi astrologer as a translator in Goa. That naadi reader doesnt leave beautiful ladies coming to his place. He scare them and take them to bed. I worked in that place for 2 months and came back. Most of the naadi readers are drunkard and womenaiser,

February 22, 2013 at 9:55 pm
(54) Guest says:

I had a very good experience with this nadi joshiyam in kachipuram .. i just gave them my thumb impression and i was very careful in answering their questions .. i didnt give my place birth date or time .. they just asked me certain questions and expected only yes and no answers .. after sereis of such questions they clearly narrow downed to my palm leaf which consist of all details .. i was surprised to hear my mother full name which even i was not aware of … which have given me 100% belief ..

February 23, 2013 at 11:52 am
(55) Lila & Paro says:

On 21st Feb,2013, had an appt. with a nadi astrologer in Dehradun. The reader,charged a fees of Rs. 2500/- and taken the thumb impression & asked numerous Q&A with reference to a set of palm leaves questionnairs regarding my dob,first letter of my fathers/mothers name,brothers ,sisters etc. Then brought the second set of the leaves and singled out a leaf, stating most of the fact of my life and relations. The next day, he pronounced my past, present and future and gave a horoscope+a casset of hindi translation of my horoscope . Since, my future is not comfortable, I was advised to perform a pooja,which will be carried on in a temple at Tamilnadu by their own guruji or so ,at the cost of plus Rs. 24000/- .Dear, friends! please write ur suggetions and comments for this, coz i am con fused.

February 24, 2013 at 3:33 pm
(56) Sungod says:


Pl dont have this confusion dont go for pujas, i have got multiple nadi readings done for the entire family and at one point of time we even got the parihars done and beleive me nothing changed, this was some 6 years back and whatever was predicted happended, but these guys actually play on your fear and weaknesses and claim that poojas conducted by their guruji will change your future. I got my own reading done from five different places, this guy in Noida gave me a cock and bull scary story which was completely different from others and I could understand in a minute that he is trying to fool me since all other readings had commonality.

Pl b careful accept the good things and since the bad part is over magnified u tend to get gripped in fear and loose balance and pay money but pl remember future/good luck cant be bought from these fortune dealers. Instead pl use the nadi reading as a navigating tool. And get your reading done from 2-3 places. Assimilate the information and median time of all events will give you an idea on occurence of events. All nadi readers after identifying the basic information devote 10 mins to all negative aspects out of some 22 min long pitch/narration. Just focus on your Karma and chant the name of almighty without any expectations. And u dont have to tell when you go to other readers that you already have reading done in past.

Best wishes

February 25, 2013 at 2:02 am
(57) Sunilkumar Dubey says:

In my experience Nadi’s are true but this livelyhood of these readers they do not want to loose there customers. May be because of that they use astrological knowledge if nadi not found. second thing because of difference in language they misinterpret or use wrong word to explain things. Third years of event may change by 1 or two years for unknown reasons.
I have my nadi reading coming true.

February 26, 2013 at 6:09 am
(58) Shuba says:

Hello, I am looking for a good online nadi astrologer . I am from Malaysia. Appreciate if you direct me. Thx

February 26, 2013 at 6:44 am
(59) living says:

good evening to everyone who searching nadi jothidam (astrology from ancient leaves method and thumb print)… past three days before i visited to vaitheeswaran temple with my cousin and his friends… and we saw every things in that temple and finally we decided to see the astrology there… and we gave finger print and wait there… few minutes later, astrologer asked my cousin friends we get back ur records come and listed what we telling… after few minutes another astrologer asked and come there my records also took… come to the point he read step by step of my status… its like a yes or no question format… if they read ur some situation wanna to tell yes” if not say no:… he told the past and future… in my point of view over all these are true…

March 7, 2013 at 3:06 pm
(60) Rina says:


I have some dought. In 2011 i went to meet a nadi astrologer in Patna.he took my thumb impression and told me to wait for a while after some he came with some leafs and asked some question and instruct me th ans should be yes or no . i was surprised knowing that the given information was true.But that he predict about better half like name ,family background,no. of siblings , direction and his profession and name that he said that didnt come true .then what say it -it is true or false, Plz say becz now very hopeless fom life.

March 8, 2013 at 4:05 am
(61) Rony says:

Hi everyone..I’ve read through all your comments and myself am not a firm believer in astrology thanks to all those fake pundits out there. :(
Anyways I’ve heard a lot about this Nadi astrology in Tambaram,Chennai and would like to give it a try. So could someone whose already visited that place give the details about the charges/fees that they take for the predictions.

Thanks in advance :)

March 11, 2013 at 11:44 am
(62) Nar says:


I tried Nadi in 2007 and now I found everything has come true. unfortunately the person who told me about my future is no more available at the same place. his name is S.Navraj.

Now having gone through all this I tried finding the same bit in vain. now I took my family to one center that is located at katwaria sarai -south delhi.

I was told to do some pujas for pitra shanti and then some pujas need to be done at Chennai. these pujas need to be conducted by each memeber of the family the cosy is huge

I do not know what to do

can some body help me finding the same S.Navraj

March 13, 2013 at 6:38 am
(63) Suresh says:

Anyone… Please give the details of Tambaram Nadi Agastya Astrologer..

March 13, 2013 at 5:17 pm
(64) rm says:

i went the Nadi astrologer in New Delhi. My family history my education etc was predicted very correctly and also abt my children what they are studying etc. The future he predicted abt my children me and my husband was bad and then later on some were good.
I was totally taken aback by the parhara one was do put Rs 1008 times my age amt (I am 53 yrs) in each of nine kalasas and do the pooja at the center.
the other ones were doing abhishekam to ganesha, murugan and siva for 21 pradosham.
He said we have to do the first one which would cost me nearly 5 lakhs first and then do the rest. and that the result is 100% guarantee.
I believe in God – I am doing all the other Pariharas of abhishekam etc but the first parihara totally blew me away
I was waiting to hear some parihara to be done in temples etc but this was way too expensive-probably he knew that we were from abroad or what????
I am just praying everyday and hoping God will not punish me very badly for all the bad deeds of my past
Rest in hands of God

March 14, 2013 at 6:13 am
(65) Rm says:

Hi nar
Looks like you went to the same nadi guy in katwaria near mother dairy -whose remidial measures are very expensive. I just did whatever he toid by myself hoping to at least reduce the bad effects

March 17, 2013 at 8:09 am
(66) vs says:

I went to nadi astrology in mylapore ,chennai,he predicted my name and my family members name correctly,he even told my past karma ,i sort of started believing in this now ,he suggested me to do some poojas to rectify my past sins,the poojas are expensive and it would cost nearly one lakh and he also suggested me to go various temples near tanjore
Could someone please advice me what to do ,should i do expensive poojas

March 19, 2013 at 2:57 am
(67) ram says:

had a starling experience with naadi. I gave my thumb impression and the naadi reader came out with the first bundle. After a series of yes or no questions he couldnt find out my leaf. He came back with the second bundle. After flipping throuh 4 leaves, he casully read my date of birth out. I was shell shocked, he made me even more surprised by telling the time of my birth, my moms and dads names, their jobs, about my sibbling, all accurt. Finally i asked, whats my name. He casully looked at the leave and said my name. He asked me to come after three days for a detailed reading. Its still hard to belive, that all my delatils were inscribed 100s of years before im born. I myself is a doctor. My logic is still not able to find.. how this is possible

March 19, 2013 at 6:55 am
(68) Amal says:

How can we find a good Vaitheeswaran Koli naadi reader ?
give few address details please

March 21, 2013 at 1:16 am
(69) Nikhil Raut says:

First be rational.. my first reading was done in 2003..then out of curiosity i read nearly 5 different rishi naadi.namely starting from agasthya,bramha,shiva vakkiyar,thirumollar,bhrigu,vasistha and guess what i did all the remedial measures from all these naadis..now the question does their prediction came true? or was it useful to improve my future.do the pariharam really helped.. the answer to it is not so simple.. first your destiny is partly your current actions and rest to the unriped past karma.so the remedies do help to ease ur mind of past life karma’s and presently you have more options to choose..its not like all things are predetermined..things can change if you do conscious efforts in present..and this is the rule of remedies which it self tells that mans will overpowers destiny or rather destiny is sum total of all ur actions be it on any level physical,mental or spritual
So be rational.what happens for good. People saying be are mere puppets in hands of destiny are in deed worthy of pitty.. i am writing this to awaken people because i personally went through all this. NAADI PREDICTION IS NOT LIKE A LINE ON HARD ROCK IT IS REALLY A LINE ON WATER WHICH CAN BE MOULDED. See the truth for yourself i really feel what happens actually may be diferent as predicted by naadi because it was written much ago in between time you have created ur own karma good or bad and ur present is collective result of or ur karma.
If u

April 1, 2013 at 2:53 am
(70) rajan says:

Yes, naadi astrology is TRUE.when I meet naadi readers in vadodara.I truly believe on it.all predictions going to be true.

April 4, 2013 at 1:50 am
(71) Anil kumar says:

Exact and reasonable nadi getting inside the temple

April 6, 2013 at 4:24 am
(72) ramesh says:

Sri maha siva vakya thula nadi jyothidam @wellington road is the best nadi reader in hyderabad to my experience they give exact details….

April 6, 2013 at 7:43 am
(73) raj says:

Guys! i got my nadi reading done during my student days in 2003 at shri Agasthiya Shiva Nadi Jyotida Nilayam,Kothrud,Pune.since SHIVA NADI gives yearly predictions so in my case accuraccy is 100%
2002-03 – breakup with my girl friend.
2003-04 – struggle in my studies.
2004-05 – visit to Tirupati.
2005-06 – one year extension of my Engg. course. as said in NADI.
2006-07 – B.E. (C.S.) degree awarded.
2007-08 – higher study
2008-09- job as per nadi.
2009-10- My Dad’s death.
2010-11- Marriage as per NADI,same girl’s name and status.
2011-12- abortion of my wife as per NADI.
2012-13- YET TO HAPPEN.

SO NADI IS 100….%%% TRUE ONLY U NEED TO GET HOLD OF PIOUS ,TRUE,GENIUNE NADI READER .So by criticising nadi you all will achieve nothing….

April 7, 2013 at 12:49 am
(74) sampath says:

Hi all,
I have seen the comments but i think some people belive in nadi astrology and some people dont.Guys one thing i wanna tell is nadi astrology is 100% true and it all depends on your destiny.i will tell my own experience.Some people dent even know the name of this astrology even i was also the one before 1 & 1/2 years.But see how destiny plays on you,i dont know i myself started watching videos on the internet and developed interest in nadi.One day i had been to nadi astrology in ramamurthy nagar(before i have shared with you all)and i got my leaf and predictions for all the chapters.Accordingly my future is going on and hope all the future predictions come true with god blessings.Please dont blame nadi astrology because it is a true astrology(GOD will definitly give deserved punishment who misuse nadi).one more thing i will give you the address and contact number of genuine nadi center in bengaluru.If anyone wants to get nadi predictions just go to this center.people in this center are very godly people and very respected.Excellent nadi center guys.You should be lucky to visit this center.one more thing cost is also very resonable.Here is the address and contact number

Adrress: No 16,3rd main,3rd cross,hoysala nagar,Behind FMC building,Ramamurthy nagar,bangalore

Contact number: 9448293251

You can tell my name as referred person

Thank you all

April 7, 2013 at 9:31 am
(75) Kalil says:

Nadi are 10000% fake and fraud. Bcoz nadi reader aims to make money only. They will collect all informations from our mouth . So do not go for it.

If they tell without any info ….. its fine.

Trust astrology only. Do not trust astrologist. They are all frauds.


April 9, 2013 at 1:42 pm
(76) Sarav says:

Give thumb impression and ask them to tell you everything without asking anything. If they started asking you serious of question. Then they gathering information from that conversation itself. Sometime common questions which may apply for anyone. It is not serious of question. It is linked questions . If you record that q&a conversation and you hear it later you can find how he found your personal info. Crazy right! That’s it. Based upon the dob they can say your characteristic Which can be taken online easily.

We have to ready to face anything that’s basics of life. You know that death is big loss. If they know someone death date and can solve it using some Pooja. Then everyone do that Pooja and will live right?

April 10, 2013 at 6:00 am
(77) Calim says:

I went Tambaram center today ( near the new state bank colony).
I choose Tambaram because the place was convenient. Closest form Chennai.
And it turned out to be a horrible experience.

They demand 2000Rs at first. After that, 1000Rs for each paragraph.

The nadi was awful, too.

His questions were like this ..

“Is your birthday June?” → ”No”
“Is it greater than 6 or less than 6? ” → ”・・・”

“Is your age 25?”→ ”No”
“Is it greater than 25 or less than 25? ” → ”・・・”

Every questions were like this.
He kept asking me like that, until he got the correct answer!

And finally, he just repeated all the information I gave to him, pretending that the information was on the leaf. And say, ” this is your leaf.” I was so disappointed.

So now, I have a strong doubt that the comment #42 is posted by that fake nadi himself. I recommend to not to go to the one in Tambaram.

April 13, 2013 at 5:50 am
(78) sacheen says:

Please don’t go for this they will ask u many question in those question they will make ur complete bio data …………and they will tell u …….and finally they will say u need to pay for puja etc ……
they will ask u question like ur birth date is in between first week then in next leaf another question ……….if u want clarify go with hidden voice recorder and then tally it with their prediction……….they will get answer from u and then they will tell u………… challenge……….if u want know how pls call me……….9819449559

April 14, 2013 at 2:59 pm
(79) Simmi says:

Like many others who have left a comment here, I too had a very positive experience with Nadi Jyothisham. I got my reading done 6 years ago in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh and was impressed by the accurateness of information given to me-names of family members, number of siblings, no. of children, professions for self and siblings, etc. Even the events in my life are unfolding very close to the predictions. Yes, pariharas in the form of Puja’s were recommended but I wasn’t forced to do any. There is no reason for me to doubt the accuracy.

April 15, 2013 at 11:42 am
(80) karthikayan says:

Why you people don’t want to pay money?

why asking salary to your boss?

if they say for free. what about their’s life. do u like them to die say free. do you think of wast of money. they live in your money means it is good for your sin. this is not psychology or science. first you must think on what you living. of course some nadi people are fake. don’t blame to all nadi people

without you tell your name means how do they have your name in the palm leaves. if you don’t believe. make research or don’t advertise to kill what they belongs to live

April 16, 2013 at 5:51 am
(81) P.R.K. says:

I hv had good experience at Naadi jyotish centre at Dhanori, Pune’s office, where he told accurately about my son’s as well as daughter’s info very accurately, without my revealing them any inputs. In fact, the priest insists not to speak anything other than yes or no. I hv also been to some other centers prior to this, where they did make lot of efforts to get info. from us. It appears all are not equally competent, so they seek clues from u, but when your leaf is found, they will also tell u lot of things u never mentioned to them.

April 16, 2013 at 1:57 pm
(82) Hitesh says:

Well, I know most of the people reading this blog think Nadi jyotish is bull**, but lemme tell you this. If you think our culture is useless, grow up !
Nadi is such an accurate ancient science and art. Now for every such field, there are fake and genuine people. Nadi astrology is the same. You just gotta find the right astrologer.
I used to be sceptic ( I am still and Atheist), but still Nadi convinced me that there are forces outside of human control and understanding. Just so that you get out of the mystic halo of this – know that science accepts that linearity of time may not be always true. We live in multiple dimensions at once. The past, present and future are all here, NOW !
About Nadi, I went to Mr. Muthuswami in Panchkula (Haryana) and the prediction turns out to be preetty accurate. Also, I am not dumb to give out information before hand. I only answered yes or no to their questions. Hell, they insist you do so !
there’s no freaking way they can get all that info with just a thumb impression. I guess the F.B.I. also can only get the past info with a thumb.
They told me my name, my mother’s name, my father’s as well. I never spoke anything other than yes/no.
Charge: Now some HATERS over here say they charge for their service, so they’re fake. Let me ask you how would you intend to feed yourself if you had knowledge or power. You will still need money, right ?
They told me the exact name of degree i would be doing and i did it. they told me about my job- perfect match.



April 23, 2013 at 12:02 am
(83) sweta says:

i am all consufed .i got the nadi done online .It seemed to me that they follow simple permutation and combination and after grabbing answer from you only, at the end they say that they have found the leaf.Might be what they predict is right but this can be done by any astrologer who comes to know your date of birth,time of birth and even the place of birth.How difficult it is to prepare a normal kundali. What i don’t get is ,if even they are doing this why they be-fool innocent people by charging them such high fee and stating its an ancient science and these predictions have been written on bark by an ancient sage.And while giving my prediction the lady asked me to show my thumb on the webcam ans she will take its snap……i can hardly understand how can camera resolution of a normal hp laptop be so gud to display my thumb lines………its plain n simple fooling around.

April 23, 2013 at 4:00 am
(84) Shiva says:

ALL NADI readers are fraud .For people claiming they found a genuine one ? I am sorry but you are STUPID .You gave the answers and they give the same answers back. These readers most of them live a pathetic environment and poverty around these people is a rife . when will they read their own leaves and become rich or prosperous ? Dear people the best guru or adviser is sitting inside of you . search and you will find, Dont waste your hard earned money on these con artists .

April 24, 2013 at 2:12 am
(85) abc says:

i visited dombivali center and santacruz ..

both reading were different

thou i found dombivali one was more relevant.

but prediction for future was not accurate

can any 1 guide genuine naadi reader in mumbai

any one has experience with one chembur reader ?

April 24, 2013 at 2:26 am
(86) Kicha says:

Above comment is from the fake naadi in Dombivli.

That cheat took 800 Rs from me and asked me every questions and got the answers from me itself. He don’t even know proper Tamil and he found it difficult to say anything confidently. When I again called the guy who fixed this appointment and asked why he is stumbling, he said, this guy is new. But this guy looks like a beast, big with scary looks.

Shame on astrology.

Don’t even visit Dombivli center. I suspect the same with other centers in Mumbai as the head is same when you call. Its as good as any service you find across.

Don’t be deceived, atleast spend that money for the god, may be your story will be listened by god than to cheaters. Else give some dhaanam.

April 25, 2013 at 2:00 am
(87) abc says:

i visited in one in pune , although my leaf was not found .

my fnrd got his leaf , but what they said was all wrong .

this concludes there is no geniune naadi readers in mumbai / pune..

all are fake,..

if some1 knows any genuine one . share with us ( if they really exists )

April 26, 2013 at 2:45 am
(88) manish says:

Dear all

does any one knows any nadi astrologer in the world…who ask few question in either yes or no.. and start talking about you only.. can any stranger tell you anything about you only…anything that has happened with you.. only you are the witness and on other one.. and this nadi people tell you… for instance i give you oxygen and hydrogen to make water.. can any one make water of it…no one has ever been able to do so.. similarly.. nadi is something which is forthrightness of the future by ancient saint….its not the question that are they real or fake..its the fact that any one can do it…. but who will like to do..

May 1, 2013 at 6:51 am
(89) Arpita says:

looking for a genuine nadi reader urgently located in Delhi. kindly lemme kno at 9654686553 . it would be really nyc of u ppl .. I m in urgent need.
Thank you


May 3, 2013 at 12:19 am
(90) abc says:

there is no genuine naadi astrologer in this world

one can go just as a curiosity ..

but don’t dare to make decision and choices and wait for predictions made by them to become true

at last one will end up in regret and repent .

just do wat your heart / mind feel like

the real guidance always comes from within not from any external source

May 8, 2013 at 10:04 pm
(91) Stalin.v says:

Hi friends,

i went to get reading from this Nadi astrologer after a month. They asked me some question like “is your father’s name ends with this letter ?” ” is your mother name is deity name?” “is your father doing so and so job?” I have to answer them either “yes” or “no” for their questions. After the series of questions, finally they got the exact palm leaf which has details about my life. It seems every palm leaf has detail about 4 persons with same name, and same date of birth. Thus, to eliminate other palm leaf from one set of manuscript, they asked me set of question. I was astonished that when they said my father and mother name exactly correct. They also said my date of birth as by tamil calendar. Now i tend to believe them as they could tell about my family member’s name exactly. they also predicted the details about my father and my career. They also confirmed total number of my maternal uncles. They informed me to come by wednesday for general reading which covers over all the my life style ie.,general prosperous of life or bad lucks if any. They also have drawn my natal chart accurately with no time after reference with selected palm leaf. I really astonished in this part as i know astrology and my natal chart details. They can tell totally of 12 different chapter about one’s life. First is the general reading. second is related to the 2nd house of one’s natal chart. 3rd is related to one’s 3rd house so on. .

However, they said my date of birth and ascendant after reading my thumb prints, they were not able to say my accurate time of birth. but they said it would be ’10.30-11.30am’. my parents confirmed it either .

Here is their website:


Hope, It helps.

May 15, 2013 at 12:34 am
(92) ganssans says:


Actually this center got awards from politicians and cine personals.i had reading on 22-04-2013.in the past i had reading on 07-06-2010 with different center.for my conclusion i recently reading in the given website adress center.both reading are same.both nadi center readers predicted the same.if the predictions are true iam lucky!!

May 18, 2013 at 3:05 am
(93) Rohan Yadhav says:

I went to Vaitheeswaran temple to see NADI astrology to know about my future. We went to any office named – SRI AGASTHIYA MAHASIVA KOUSIKA NADI JOTHIDA NILAYAM and the owner of this office is none other than the BLOODY CHEAT – V.P. Anandh (West Car Street)… Vaitheeswaran Temple, Sirkali District, Tamil Nadu…….Now my story starts from here, but before this my Brothers and Sisters please please don’t believe these fraudsters, because I am the VICTIM of these cheats…. First i saw 4 people sitting in reception and receiving all the people with good smile. They are good in south Indian languages. Once I entered … the Owner gave me a pamphlet and asked me to go through. Then he took my right hand thumb impression in small white paper two times and he took my complete DATE OF BIRTH. Besides that he took me to a room next to his office and explained me that u have to help me to get the exact leaf … Then he was cooking the story himself with 100000% Lies, and after his complete Fraud Episode he screwed me with 5 thousand rupees, and later he started telling me a new story about my previous life’s PAPA (Sin) and informed me that I have to do 96 days of Tight Pooja and once I agreed for it, that fraud said that it can’t be done by me or him and it has to done only by some superior guru and he will charge me 8 thousand rupees and if I fail to do this “MY LIFE WILL BE SPOILED AND EVEN I WILL DIE WITHIN FEW MONTHS” .. There is no logic… They are fraud, Cheating people and looting poor people’s money… So my innocent People I request you to not to go for any Nadi Astrology………..Especially TAMIL NADU people will loot you if they find THAT YOU ARE AN OUTSIDER , so please don’t trust them, they are all big fraud – Fraud People, Fraud Astrology, Fraud Hotels, Fraud Temple Administration, Fraud Items, Fraud Food – TOTALLY FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD.

May 18, 2013 at 5:11 am
(94) Kanaka says:
May 18, 2013 at 8:22 am
(95) Kanaka says:

Hi Rohan,

dont think so from past 2 years iam leading my life in the predicted way.u went for wrong place.and no need to do pariharam.bcoz the destiny no body will change and the poojas are only for our satisfaction.but if u get ur original leaf thats yours and no body even poojas and pariharams also not able to change ur fate.

so choose good astrologer…….


May 18, 2013 at 8:50 am
(96) Kanaka says:


please also check this web adress may helpful

May 18, 2013 at 11:11 am
(97) Karen says:

I had mine read in Singapore in 2007. It was arranged thru a friend that I met up with this Indian man. Before I see him on the actual reading date, he asked for my thumb print and birthdate and time. Few days later, I met up with this indian man. He brought along a huge luggage which contained a tape recorder, empty cassette, some ‘leafs’. He told me to just answer him ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for all questions. Thru series of questions, he managed to find my ‘leaf’ and told me my name, husband’s name, my parent’s name….. He even told me the number of siblings I have and their problems. The sickness my mum and dad would face… Etc. He even tell me what profession I m best in. He could tell me my relationship with my daughter and her future career . He is very accurate. Good gracious. I tried locating him now but my friend has lost contact with him.

May 20, 2013 at 5:12 pm
(98) sivanesan says:

one famus nadi reader Mr.Poosamutu @ vaittheeswaran koil was lost several laksh on IT raid.. how he could miss his own destiny /fate.
Next, go to any one reader, tell him your date of birth/father’s name, place of birth ( but do not tell your mother’s name and date, but tell month and year. I tested several people in vaitheeswarn koil, but nobody could tell my mother,s name exactly. and date of birth.. finally they say sorry , your nadi is not available… Fools make others fools…
There are brokers also… all peple are money thieves.. money minded. poor people are loosing money.. I lived there at vaitheeswaran koil for 4 years. At last I found out they are fake… SUn TV also revealed this misery… Beware of these criminalslooting others money…

May 21, 2013 at 7:17 am
(99) Kanaka says:

Hi sivanesan…destint will never change.but the content in the nadi matches your past details that gives 90% exact future prediction……nadi is 100 % true if u got ur leaf…

May 21, 2013 at 9:49 am
(100) sampath says:

Hi sivanesan,i have also got my nadi predictions in bangalore and till now the predictions are going 100% accur.According to me not all people in this world will get there leaf,only blessed souls will find there nadi leaf and it should be in your fate.Keep on trying,if your are destined you will defintly get exact leaf. Thank you

May 21, 2013 at 10:49 pm
(101) sampath says:

Hi all, First thing i want to clear is does a person predictions are available in all nadis( i got my agasthiya nadi predictions like wise can i get predictions in other nadis like kousika,mahasiva sukshma etc) and my second doubt is regarding poojas or remedies,will the remedies suggested for us will be in nadi leaf or the reader will suggest the remedies? and if the person does not perform the remedies does our destiny change? can anyone please clear my doubt. Thank you.

May 22, 2013 at 1:34 am
(102) ganssans says:


i tried my nadi in 2010 with koushika siva nadi.and after i tried it in siva maha nadi in 2013.both nadi results the same content.but a year difference in happening events…

May 22, 2013 at 1:42 am
(103) ganssans says:

Remidies never change fate but it gives some relief that to our self satisfaction….never change of fate

May 25, 2013 at 6:38 am
(104) Himanshu says:

I visited Nadi Astrology in Gurgaon in the year 2004 with my whole family, Every single thing as they told us HAPPENED in the same way and time EVERY SINGLE THING. They are totally true and 100 % accurate

May 27, 2013 at 9:38 am
(105) sneha says:

Jyotish, Fate and Free will
People like Shri Karve Guruji make me ponder over the issue of the way Jyotish like us approach (and react to) Jyotish. We have our prima donna egos, which need nursing and boosting always. We feel good when our predictions come true and offended when contradicted. We let our egos get associated and identified with the techniques and methodologies we adopt, and even develop proprietary feelings towards them. We consider ourselves to be a special breed of human beings, with a mandate to comment authoritatively on any subject under the Sun in the guise of Jyotish and expect to be heard and taken seriously. We tend to hog the light rather than emit it. In contrast, a saintly Jyotishi like Shri. Karve Guruji despite his incomparable gifts, talents and skills, claims to be forever a “student” of Jyotish, As a Jyotishi, he remains supremely neutral to and unaffected by the outcome of his predictions. On a personal level he is an epitome of compassion and kindness. He does not touch money, if be does, it is only to give away. He firmly asks Jyotishis not to do Jyotish for money. He always asserts that his gifts are a result (not the cause) of his conduct and are available to anyone prepared to follow the canons of conduct.
Nandan Chirmulay


May 30, 2013 at 3:45 am
(106) priya says:

hai friends,
I have an idea to go for naadi astrology center by next week.I am very curious to know whats written in my leaf.I am in a neutral state.I do not know whether to believe it or not..
actually my friend went there before 2 yrs and told her experience..it was all very accurate..though they ask for some questions how can they predict her future husband’s name his profession etc..now she got her marriage fixed with a guy in that same name and profession..what do u people think about this..??
when she told it first i dint believe but now after her engagement i do believe in naadi astrology.
I am going to that same reader where she went.soon i ll let u people know abt my experience.

May 31, 2013 at 6:12 am
(107) abc says:


pl let us know about location and contact details of the reader .

one of the my friend was given such prediction , but it went wrong .

all the best

May 31, 2013 at 6:37 am
(108) ganssans says:

i went to siva mahanadi in ramanthapur hyderabad.he told me from may 28 onwards lucky days start.but still iam facing difficulties..

idont know the predicted things may happen or not.but 2 of the centers gave same predictions…

June 2, 2013 at 6:52 am
(109) Yagnamurthy Dwaraka Nath says:

Dear friends, there are some genuine Nadi readers and I am lucky enough to give my thumb impression to one such Nadi Reader at Secunderabad, AP 15 years back. For more than 15 questions, I gave my replies as YES or NO. I am surprised with the Nadi astology which revealed my deatails like – My name, my time of birth & date of birth & place of birth, names of my partents, name of my better-half, details of my sisters, my caste/religion, my educational qualifications, my profession. Many a predictions about my future were true in my case.

June 2, 2013 at 10:02 am
(110) siva krishna rao says:

hi lakshmi where is the nadi astrologer in bangalore. please give me the address

June 5, 2013 at 1:49 am
(111) ganssans says:

At last my conclusion nadi is fake…they give exact past 100%.but future predictions are wrong…dont believe nadi…its fake..

June 5, 2013 at 6:46 pm
(112) Ranjini says:

I got married in 2001 and my MIL showed me my hubby’s naadi jothidam book that she got done in 1995 which clearly said he would get a wife who works in a place that has cash as their business and i was working in a bank! Apart from that i was not interested in reading it or knowing anything more as i hated astrology or could not believe anything of that sort. Last year when we went to India i was curious to see if anything else had been predicted 17 years ago i was in for a surprise. In that book it is written that in 2003 he will go abroad and will have a daughter at the age of 32 and son at the age of 35 which are both true!! I am still not convinced to get my naadi done, but cannot ignore the fact that these events have been predicted for my husband long before they happened….

June 8, 2013 at 11:10 am
(113) Poonam says:

Can someone gv the correct nadi astrologers no in bangalore…..some one genuine…..please ASAP…..most thankful

June 8, 2013 at 11:00 pm
(114) Krishna says:

I suggest people not to fall in to this Naadi trip especially in Vaitheeswaran Koil . If you want to see an improvement in your life in any aspect I suggest the following : First fix your personal God ( Hanuman , Shiva , Vishnu , Ganesha etc ) and then mentally repeat your problem to your Personal God , then chant a Hymn / Mantra of your personal God un-interruptedly for the next 48 days with the same faith and devotion .You will see a slight improvement in your situation .Avoid spending money on fake nadi jyotish / astrologers .If you want spend money on the needy to alleviate their suffering i.e sponsor a child education , a poor man’s medical expense , feed the hungry etc .

June 8, 2013 at 11:56 pm
(115) sampath says:

Hi Poonam,
I will give you the address and contact number of genuine nadi center in bengaluru(as i mentioned in my previous comments).If anyone wants to get nadi predictions just go to this center.people in this center are very godly people and very respected.Excellent nadi center guys.You should be lucky to visit this center.one more thing cost is also very resonable.Here is the address and contact number

Adrress: No 16,3rd main,3rd cross,hoysala nagar,Behind FMC building,Ramamurthy nagar,bangalore

Contact number: 9448293251

You can tell my name as referred person

Thank you all

June 9, 2013 at 6:01 am
(116) abc says:

@ priya –

pl let us know about your exoerience

June 9, 2013 at 9:31 am
(117) ganssans says:


i went to rammurthy nagar…and consulted the nadi astrologer.

he is not such a grate talented person.as per my knowledge coz this is my third nadi visit center he gives predictions with year slag….that is he is giving the results vit very long gap of years happening…no clarity in his predictions in which year the happen.so he is not an accurate reader…thats confirm.dont suggest him as a good nadi reader.he is just a reader with out clarity of the happening the events in which year…


June 9, 2013 at 9:37 am
(118) ganssans says:


at last please dont believe nadi with bliend eyes.the things may happen,may not happen.do your work.if u go to nadi…it corrupts ur mind.

at last the nadi predictions may happen or may not happen.lead ur life as usual..coz i performed all poojas and i did pariharams also.but today the rammurthynagar nadi reader gave predictions to do the pariharams as the same the previous nadi readers suggested.

i told him that i performed all pariharams…then no answer from the astrologer….and escape from my words…pariharams all are waste of time and ur mind corrupts the nadi predictions..

so dont go to nadi astrology

June 10, 2013 at 9:44 am
(119) Kamadenu says:


I have visited the centers in Mumbai as well as the one in Bangalore. Both were fake and didn’t told me even 10% correctly. I agree with Ganeshan above.

Also, some claimed that they predict the past, now tell me, if I have your detail, I can get your past from police stations whether if you have any FIR, and your hospital details from your DOB whether if you are admitted so health problem thus from the hospitals, and there are many other tricks to get one’s information. Moreover, these nadi’s are indolent and they don’t even do that much clever work.

And if they can be certain about your past that way, they can entice you to believe the future predictions too. Its as good as mind games.

And the stupid beasts in Naadi centers, asked every information from me for every prediction. Firstly, they asked me atleast 20 questions when I said no no no for every answer for one prediction of name. Guys, it is easy to make one’s name if I get 10 clues. Its JUST mind games. Common, you people all are educated. Why do you be a victim and spend for cheaters ?

Everybody who claimed above, and one idiot has shared the Bangalore Nadi info, he must be closely associated with them too I suspect.

Even, I am in search of good astrologer for problems. I have visited many astrologers and in this era, trust me, none gave me right prediction neither solution. Everyone’s predictions were widely different and some sick idiots took Rs 3000 and above from me.

June 11, 2013 at 2:16 am
(120) ganssans says:

Hi Kamadenu,

dont blame nadi astrology..it may true or fake.i went 3 different nadi centers.and the resultant predictions same.that is the content is same.but the variation is the years that they pridicted were slightly cj\hanged.Onemorething my name is such a big one which contains 4 words and no body able to guess.but with yes/no answers all 3 nadi readers pronounce d my name accurately.no body can able to guess my name..but they corrwectly give my name as accurate with my yes/no answers with in fraction of seconds.that was amazing.they predicted my past very accurately.my doubt is that the predicted future will take place or not.

all 3 nadi readers predicted the same content with some years difference in happening events.

June 11, 2013 at 2:51 am
(121) sampath says:

Hello Mr.Ganssans
As per my knowledge in Mahasiva nadi there will be a year predictions,they will predict the events year by year even in my case they predicted on yearly.One more thing i have visited innumerable astrologers and i have made a research on my future.I am not simply telling nadi astrology in ramamurthy nagar is good.No astrologer in this world can predict the things accuratly on daily basis and as i already said the predictions are going like wise wrt my future.Belief and trust are the two main things in nadi astrology.Ganssans i have an astrologer in my town he has got the blessings of shridi sai baba(i have experienced).He also predicted from june 2012 to june 2013 your time is not good and even in nadi also they predicted the same and accordingly i had faced many difficulties during this period.According to me,it is all prewritten and nadi astrology will give a summary of your future.

Thank you all

June 11, 2013 at 3:07 am
(122) sampath says:

Hello Mr.Kamadenu
Dont get frustrated,i think you have not met a genuine astrologer till now that has made you to say like this..It is your fate that your are not getting right predictions.I am not saying simply that nadi astrology in ramamurthy nagar is good,i had a good experience with people in this center and there predictions are going likewise and i am posting it that it may help others.One more thing you should be destined to get the predictions in nadi.

Thank you

June 11, 2013 at 6:28 am
(123) ganssans says:


iam not criticizing ur astrologer…but from my 3 different nadi visitors he is not that much accurate when explaining the nadi of future happening events

June 12, 2013 at 6:05 pm
(124) Kamadenu says:

Hi Sampath

I respect your comment and experience, I don’t say you are one in them. But it is very much possible for one of those beasts to exaggerate things in these kind of anonymous forums, hope you get my point.

Well, as per Brahmanism, Naadi is not for brahmins, how come some beasts headed that ? I have listened to the priests and gurus who told me, Naadi don’t fit for brahmins and it is not for brahmins.

And, may be I agree with you on that part that, I haven’t met the right Naadi predictor. But I have been to many non naadi specialists too, their predictions were not bad, it was similar.

But one idiot asked me to wear 3 stone rings and couple of other things that he said he will give me and the price for these is close to 1.5 lakhs. That guy is in Bangalore. He claimed, he get the original rings that are non heated from the Jaipur. And all the ring stones in Jewellery shops are heated he said. I don’t know how much I should trust him though. Any idea or suggestions ?

June 12, 2013 at 7:51 pm
(125) Authen says:

clik on below link to see the coverage on Discovery channel.

June 13, 2013 at 3:38 am
(126) padma says:

A sivaguru swamy ramanthapur,Hyderabad center is a fake nadi center which results wrong predictions

June 13, 2013 at 3:47 am
(127) sampath says:

Hi Kamadenu

As per my knowledge i heard that ring stones from other countries(non heated like burma rubies) cost high but not that much as you told.I think its not that worth spending that much for ring stones they just act as luck boosters.According to me dont spend that much money on ring stones.

Thank you

June 13, 2013 at 8:12 am
(128) Rohit says:

Hi freinds,
Can anybody give me genuine nadi astrologer in delhi?????

June 13, 2013 at 9:21 am
(129) kanaka2136 says:

Hi Rohit..

he is a genune nadi reader from wellknown family..
DELHI Office:
Guruji A.Sivaguruswamy
B-41,1st Floor, Sundeep Vatika,
Main Kanthi Nagar,Krishna Nagar
Near Alahadabad Bank,
New Delhi – 110 051

June 13, 2013 at 9:55 am
(130) Venkata says:

About Us

The Naadi centre at Vaitheeswarankoil was opened by A. Siva Guru Swamy as the Chief Naadi Astrologer in charge of the centre. He hails from the well known family of S. V. Arumugam who was really a master of many arts including Naadi Astrology. Since his great grandfather’s period (Guruji Vithyanadan), they have been practicing Naadi astrology continuously for the past three generations, keeping Vaitheeswarankoil is the Head Quarters of Nadi Predictions.

June 16, 2013 at 8:29 am
(131) Parambarian says:

Above two comments are from same fake Naadi astrologer group.

Naadi is FAKE and making money. Do not believe.

June 16, 2013 at 1:46 pm
(132) Reddy says:

Contact Us
Tamilnadu Contact: Andhra Pradesh Address:
45/2, Opp. Railway Station,
Sirkali Taluk,

House Number: 3-9-42,
Sharada Nagar Colony,
ADRM Hospital Lane,
Near Devi Sreerama Apartments,
Hyderabad – 500013.

June 18, 2013 at 3:03 am
(133) Diwakar Padmaraja says:

Hi Sharell and other readers,

I had analyzed about Naadi Astrology between 2001 to 2005 and reviewed them recently by comparing with real incidents in my life that were predicted accurately as well as inaccurately. Moreoever, I have verified the text (scriptures) written in the leaves (as I can read Tamil ancient literature). I will publish a detailed article soon. Hope it would help others to go for correct leaves and Nadi readers.


June 19, 2013 at 1:27 am
(134) goindia says:

Hi Diwakar, sounds fascinating. Please do share it here. I’m sure many people would be interested in reading it. Thanks so much! :-)

June 18, 2013 at 3:21 am
(135) Diwakar Padmaraja says:

Dear Parambarian and other skeptics,

You are in a way correct that Nadi readings about the future events are not fully accurate because of the less expertise in interpreting the ancient literature. Most of these NAdi Readers are not professional literature experts and just simply trained to read the old text. Thats why most of the readings fail. But there are very accurate readings done by few readers. I have compared the different types of Nadi leaves not just for me but two of my own sisters as well as one of my colleagues. I had observed how it came true in future because I(we) tool the leaves between 2001 and 2005 and see now we are in 2013 and I can definitely tell you how many future predictions came true. But as ganssans pointed out the inaccuracy was in the years. I can tell you how even the Nadi Readers do mistakes while interpreting few ancient terminologies (as I can read Tamil ancient scriptures) and that gives a negative impression on these great leaves and great sages.

June 18, 2013 at 3:22 am
(136) Diwakar Padmaraja says:

There are different types of leaves not just by the Sage names but also the details they go into… Thulya (Accuracte) Nadi and Sukshuma(Secret) nadi both consist many many leaves and takes hours and hours to read. But while these Nadi Astrologers want to make money in short time they simply read the main normal leaves and continue with next customer. I had insisted couple of the Nadi Readers to read Thulya Nadi for me and two of my sisters. I have also asked to them read directly from the leaves and show me the text written in those leaves. It was amazing. My lagna (Ascendant) was written in old tamil as Seyel (For fish in Tamil) and my name and my parents name etc etc. Interestingl in one of the Thulya Nadi it was even talking all my five sisters and their families and children too. It took around 4 hours to read for one person and for all 3 (including me and two sisters) it took around 11 hrs to complete the full readings. The reason most Nadi Readers don’t take up the risk is, for the total 11 hrs he had spent with us for reading the Thulya(Accurate) leaves, we had paid him just Rs 2800 and that he could not read for other customers and hence he had lost nearly around Rs 5000 Rs. Whereas many other readers simply refused to read the Thulya nadi as they were not ready to sacrifice the time Vs money. Anyway, I will publish a detailed article on these things later in my blog. You guys can read it at free time…

June 19, 2013 at 12:11 am
(137) antireddy says:

I had my tulya nadi 1:30 minutes.

June 19, 2013 at 8:33 am
(138) antireddy says:

Diwakar Padmaraja,

from 2001 to till date how much accuracy ur nadi is….

Let us know that nadi is fake or true..


June 24, 2013 at 4:48 am
(139) prakash sharma says:

can any body tell me about genuine nadi astrologer in nagpur/bhopal/indore or at central india……………..

I heard about tulya nadi jyotish at telecom nagar nagpur. what about it???

June 28, 2013 at 3:48 am
(140) A.P.MISRA. says:

It is no doubt that they ask you to get the puja done in the last to avoid future problems.

June 30, 2013 at 1:28 pm
(141) Vinoth Kumar says:

Hi all.

I went to Kanchipuram Agsathiyar Nadi Jothida nilayam headed by balasubrahmanyam before two months and they questioned me about my details by saying yes or no… they read many leaves and asked me yes or no.. also meanwhile they asked some clues reg name starts with letter this or that … i told some clues and they read booklet of leaves and in that mine not avl.. they told me to wait for sometime.. after that they bought another booklet…in that bunch of leaves i got my leaf at middle of booklet… they told my name, father name, mom name and my sister name… after that told abt my future prediction… and asked me to know abt any more kaandam… i told one kaandam name and in tat they told abt my past life and pariharam… i hav done some pariharam… but i dont know whether this jothidam is true or fake… i am waiting for one or two years to know whether this is fake or not….

July 1, 2013 at 11:45 am
(142) alisha says:

this reader i met , Mr. V. JAYAPAL.. was not completely right about mi life..
like about mi family personal details n mi education was all true..
but about future im nt sure..
he charges money accordin to ur dressing sense i bleev..

July 4, 2013 at 6:57 am
(143) minal says:

I been to VAITHEE…koil, similar negative thoughts in mind when searching for good one on streets of koil.Some peoples believe because their parents tells them forcefully to believe typically parents from south India where son have hardly choice do anything against. secondly some fanatic people goes to nadi austrologer having good in banks, third category just visit them as curiosity not intending to read and adopt results seriously, fourth are foreigners they spend money for fun, fifth category say 30 % out of all goes to ask solution of exact problem-probably they get good guidelines also but your sence of mind should be coutious enough to understand situational profit maker out of such nadi astrologers. there are few seems genuine have big old house on main bazaar street near temple… conclusion spend max.Rs 300 and test nadiwala and then spend RS.3000, provided you have enough money for basic needs…best of luck folks.

July 5, 2013 at 9:25 pm
(144) arkay says:

vaitheeshwaran loil was very disappointing … they took us to vashishta Nadi … iwas not genuine leaf .. and the astrologer poosaimuthu had a leaf in front of him , but was not reading from it .

July 8, 2013 at 10:58 am
(145) vivek says:

Hi,everybody, i go to nadi reader at lajpat nagar part 1 , delhi, march 2013, center is was full with many peoples, after thumb impression, reader could not find correct leaf,then they told me to come after a week. so then after may weeks they could not find real leaf,however all reader were good , so then i go to agastya nadi reader in delhi ,after some questions he find my nadi leaf, past and present incident were correct, he give recorded cassette having my full future stored in it year wise, charged only nine hundred, he did not make pressure for PUJAS, i feel it is good nadi centre .at near subash nagar metro st.
mobile no. 9711590710 , 9999590751.

July 8, 2013 at 11:09 am
(146) vivek says:

you can contact at agastya nadi centre at
near subash nagar metro st. delhi
mob. 9999590751 ,9711590710
i hv went there feel readers are good .

July 10, 2013 at 9:18 am
(147) Rajababu says:

It all seems very real..however at the end they just end up using the astrological chart which is narrated. It seems real as they engross you in a way which you wouldn’t believe ( they do it by random questioning and elimination ) is in reality narrowing spellings and sounds to possibilities. And that’s where people are dumbstruck.

July 11, 2013 at 11:11 am
(148) ram says:

sulur nadi jodthir is a pakka fraud. avan kitta yarrum pakathinga. avan oru amatru per veli. all detaitails he known from my mouth . then he tell u. he is a pakka fraud. ihe is a no 1 fraud

July 15, 2013 at 2:44 am
(149) kumar says:

hi, i also visited veetheswaram koil and met to mr M ALEXANDER. i wasted 4700/- ,this is totally fake. there is no use to go there and wast your hard earned money.

July 16, 2013 at 2:35 am
(150) Krishna says:

As in every field there are frauds in Naadi Jyothisha.
Thoughh I didn’t get my details in Naadi Jyothisha I feel there are people who can tell 99% accurately. People should be cautious before falling prey to any frauds not scolding after getting cheated.

July 19, 2013 at 6:19 am
(151) Rahul says:

Anybody knows a good Naadi reader in MUMBAI. Please let me know

July 23, 2013 at 3:17 am
(152) XYZ says:

Went for a Naadi reading 12 years ago. I wasn’t asked my name/birthplace/time of birth. The accuracy with which he described my past was astounding. From my mother’s maiden name to my brother’s exact birth time (amongst many other facts). Thats when we zero-ed in on the leaf, and thats also when everything went downhill.
12 years later I found my cassette accidentally and when I listened to it, not even 10 percent of the predictions are accurate. Having said that, it’s certainly a mesmerising experience to have a stranger pick out the smallest details of the life you’ve lived from a thumb impression.
Guess the future will always remain a mystery!

July 25, 2013 at 11:20 pm
(153) Ashwini says:

I know the genuine reader from Pimpri, Pune – Mr. Vaidyanathan Contact No.9960923879. Here u are supposed to answer only “yes” or “no”, he never asks u any information by which he can compare the data & give u comparison, he reads in Koot Tamil & translates in Hindi…..
All the Best….
Do visit as We many are benefited…

July 30, 2013 at 9:52 am
(154) Thrisha says:

There is a one more nadi center in Pondychery ( VIP nagar) . According to my experience they also just listining our details by asking yes or no question and after long wait (If youi go morning may be you will return in midnight) you will get 40 page mini notebook with predictions.

Me and my freind went there in 2011 , My inner voice has said something wrong and also luckily I did not get my leaf .so I escaped from those people with out paying money but my friend paid nearly 800 .

One of my friend addicted to nadi and he is seeing nadi almost everymonth.These people collecting money for puja nearly 6 to 12 thousand.

Nadi is great but it is now with a greedy people hands so beware and go for good center. Dont go blindly to any person.

July 30, 2013 at 12:24 pm
(155) Asleen says:

Dear All,

I am sorry if I hurt someone feelings but Naadi Kendra is true. And hope you find geniune Naadi Kendre. The procedure is they only take thumb impression. They never ask DOB and all such details. Only your thumb imperssion tells the story and lot of people didnt get their leaf. And if they have to make money they could have easily cooked the story. And now they charge 4500 because they have maintain and pay to all the people who work. We are in era of 2013 where is no socil service. They also need money for their survivial. My only concern was fraud Nadi Kendra. If you vist, I request dont share your personal details. If u do, then its fraud.

July 31, 2013 at 7:50 am
(156) lalita says:

can anyone give me the details of any naadi astrology in mumbai pls…?????

August 1, 2013 at 3:15 am
(157) bipin says:

hello everyone ,

i cant say every naadi are fraud but truly saying when i went to naadi astrologer they just asked me to answer yes or no .. after sometime i was shocked , i was frizzed he told my dad name , mom name , brother and sister name .. moreover he told that i and my sister are twins that made me believe they are true .. furthermore he told me about my academic qualifications and my recent problems everything were so much correct . They told me that if this wont come true , we will refund your amount and they have recorded what they said . manymore was told by them let see if it will come true or not .

for address :- bipinatal@gmail.com

August 2, 2013 at 1:44 am
(158) Pradeep says:

I checked in Tambaram, Chennai. His predicted my past accurately. Future till now its fine

August 2, 2013 at 6:11 am
(159) Rama Keishna says:

recently i Visited one NADI Reading Instt which was in Khairatabad, Hyderabad,besides HUANDI show room.First day i gave my impression,after TWO hrs one of guy said ur details are not available ,come after ONE week, after a Week they said pls sit ,one Bundle has been there. again i sit for two hrs .but there is NO CALL for me. finally he called me in a room and sit .he came and read one bundle of TALAPATRAS. but my NAME has not been there. so he said come after a MONTH> So this process going on & on.But to be frankly today there iNO NO perfect person to READ this TAlapatras,all become a commercial ones then also no correct information,

August 4, 2013 at 10:40 am
(160) Vinay says:

Nadi astrology 100% true in my exp,

August 5, 2013 at 11:19 pm
(161) Vandu says:


Vinay can u share from which centre u go through your readings & your experiences in some details

August 7, 2013 at 1:58 am
(162) Nagendra says:

Padmaja mam,

can u say the name of the nadi pridicted person and address for me, since my early age i am well intrested to see my capabilities and negetives through nadi jothisya please……..



August 7, 2013 at 12:21 pm
(163) prakash says:

I got my naadi reading done at Noida recently and the man is fake. while finding correct leaf he needed lot of hints and wanted to be prompted in reg to alphabets of parents and wife’s name. after confirming leaf i was asked to come next day and then he asked birth time, date and place of my sons and thereafter preparing their horoscopes and also mine ( i was asked to inform time) to make predictions. When i asked why he needs details the simple answer was to verify his details as read in naadi. seems to be totally fake. What he told i already knew as per astrology. he did not give any exact time of event to come. A broad period of 2 yrs has been given shall verify.

August 8, 2013 at 9:18 am
(164) Senthil Nathan says:

Hi everyone..to me…it was too accurate. I have seen it twice, one in 2003 and other one in 2013. In 2003, i was not settled in my life, in fact i don’t even have Rs. 10 in my pocket. My friend paid for me. The prediction was, i will end in starting up a business. Initially i would be starting the business on someone else, later on my name.

In 2013, i went to Vaitheeswaran koil, with a sad mind frame, since my wife was passed away about a month back.

Telling my name, parents name, wife name were common in everywhere.

After reading about my past, first came the bomber.

He didn’t even looked at me…he went on to say, your wife should be dead by this time. Prior to that, about 3 months back, i started an automobile business. The naadi fellow, told that business type also.

It was indeed mind blowing…i am totally convinced that, we are all living with the “Scripted Life”. The name of the place called “Poosai Muthu”, Mela Ratha Vethi, Vaitheeswaran koil. Exactly behind to that temple…

August 9, 2013 at 6:39 am
(165) Jyoti says:

Could someone pls recommend a genuine naadi reader at Pune to me. I am not interested in knowing what I already know.

August 18, 2013 at 2:22 am
(166) ram says:

Plz telll me Truth Naadi Astrologer&Address at Vide.Koyal

August 20, 2013 at 6:22 am
(167) jenni says:

You have to go to Nadi at Tambaram
Tel contact : 0091 44 22266262 they are genuine.

August 22, 2013 at 4:03 am
(168) ram says:

jimmi thanks..,
but i need at Vides.koyal Naadi Astrologer
If anybody knows plz tell me

August 23, 2013 at 6:08 am
(169) padam aggarwal says:

Himanshu says:
kindly address and phone no. of Nadi Astrology in Gurgaon.
padam 9868895975

August 26, 2013 at 10:31 am
(170) nawin says:

hi anupama and nivedita pl contact me in email i give u soluiton

August 28, 2013 at 3:52 am
(171) Deva says:

can any one help me to get a good nadi astrolger in and around Chennai? so that it will very help full for us.

August 29, 2013 at 12:13 am
(172) vishal says:

Some facts you should keep in mind before going to Nadi Center,
Never Give your date of birth
Do not try to give him information only say yes or no.
There is list of questionnaire which lead to final draft.
Father Mother are alive.If you say yes, in final draft you will have full details of Parents.
Father name starts with s,p,r,t etc end with r,n, etc
Remember they Know your Full name along with Thumb impression.
From full name they can guess your caste.

At the end when you will recap most of the information they give you are the same information which you have provided them in different forms for different leaves.

One basic rule is there….If someone tell you the past you will be excited and sure that he may be knowing the future also.

Even if you take care of one basic tip,i am sure that you will never find your leaf………that is date of birth.
If they able to extract information about your date of birth.It is very easy to make Janam patri from this information.

Predictions are sum of all the information which you have given during questionnaire and your Janampatri.
Remember it is a combination of ……..I do not want to hurt somebodies sentiments.
Be aware !!!!

August 29, 2013 at 11:02 am
(173) Naadi - Proofless world says:

Guys -

God has given this life to live on our own. Kindly dont seek Naadi.

If something good is said, then you will get anxiety. If bad you go for remedy.

In my case. I saw Naadi in 2007. At that time I had arrears and no Job. However they predicted that by 2009 I will clear my degree and I will get a job that I dream. Surprisingly I cleared my degree in 2009 and by 2010 I got my dream job (S/w testing). And they predicted that there will be a change in job at 2011, and yes it happened too but not in the way I expected.

I went on a quarrel with my PM to negotiate my leave balance with Notice period, They refused and finally I was terminated. With a inner saying that it is gods thing, I just walked out signing my termination and Naadi said I will get my job back by 2012. Ultimately this time it did not work. It is almost end of 2013. I am still searching for job. I was in a great trust that these predictions were true and I was expecting a job as predicted by naadi. Untill now I attended 40 – 60 interview. None clicked….. So never take decision based on Naadi. It will sure ruin your life… get advice from elders or experinced person before making decision and dont seek naadi….

In tamil “Nasama poganum naachu namba thalaila yezithirukalam, Athu naadi la sollamatanga” anga pogatheenga.

Love you all

September 4, 2013 at 10:07 am
(174) Bharath from Netherlands says:

Hi all, I had REALLY some Astonishing facts to tell !!!!
i want to tell you my experience about Naadi Yotish, i went there in november 2011 and was inspired by a well known svamie in the Netherlands. We are very down to earth people and live in europe. But although i was curious about my future. When i went there i thought is was a cave or something like that but it is a normal bungalow. First he asked me some questions only to answer yes/no. I am very sharp not to tell any detail of me ! and recorded it with my iphone. So that they can not fool me!
After finding my right LEAVE he was predicting my past, present time and future. I was really astonished with the facts that how can he mention my mothers, fathers and brothers name ? i never told them and hardly to pronounce as i am saying living in Europe. Also that my parents had 3 children died before i was born, was written on the palm leave. I did NOT know that, so asked my parents and they CONFIRMED !!! :O . It is now 2013 and since my reading in 2011 everything comes out , even my quarrel with my brother, about my eldest daughter etcetera. Everything what they were reading is exact what is going on in my life. i went to a lot of astrologers to read my kundli in the entire world, but no one was so accurate as the Naadi Yotis !!! I am a very smart guy (told by lot of people :) There is a Statue of the Guru Shri Agastya who wrote the palm leaves in the Netherlands in Amsterdam at the Rijksmuseum. Exactly as he is on the manuscript books from naadi Yotish. And was feeling delighted when i touched secretly the statue (Murti).
I can only tell everyone according to the facts that was written on the palm leaves that ALL THIS IS REALLY NOT FAKE !!!

it is a helping hand in someone’s live ! So you can use it….

hope you all get the benefits of this. for a small amount of less than USD100. PLUS travel costs to INDIA :)
Best Regards

September 6, 2013 at 5:10 am
(175) VRK says:

Continuation to the above comment…

Then I tried to find out my 13yrs old written book & cassette to know the address of the one who read my palm long time ago, I could find the cassette but not the book. Now I have the cassette but no player at the moment. But I remember the location of this place — opposite to Shadan womens college, Khairatabad, Hyderabad. But not sure if this one is still there or moved to somewhere else. I also remember that it was said that it is written by agasthya maharshi, so now I am finding the same place with these clues. If any one you know the address please let me know. I am trying to find the cassette player also to get the address (there might not be exact address in the cassette but the reader name etc. can give the clue)

In short-cut, there are so many fakes but at the same time there are really genuine ones, try until you get the genuine one which may change your life (who knows??)

Best wishes,

September 6, 2013 at 11:02 am
(176) VRK says:

Send half got published before I publish the 1st one, here is the full story

I have kept reading plenty of comments here. So here is my story..

Way back the year 2000, so 13 yrs before I was studying in Hyderabad. I had got the opportunity to visit Palm reading place (I do not remember the name of the palm reader / astrologer — that is the reason I was searching for that place again & got to this page)

I gave my thumb prints & got my leaf reading. In my case the details about my life at that time given were very accurate but the future predictions were not given with accurate dates, instead they gave with the range which came out true.


September 15, 2013 at 5:48 am
(177) sree says:

Hi… Can anyone please tell me about nadi astrology in hyderabad which is true

September 18, 2013 at 11:13 am
(178) Saya says:

i went to nadi josiyar in tambaram today… he is the one behind philips bamk…. paka fraud… he has so many assistants who read nadi for us…they r well trained to find our name, parents name, our problems… with in few questins… gud training… it is not real nadi… they are bloody cheaters who get us all the info from us replay it to us… like they ll asks “does ur name starts with ka sa da tha pa ra ” if u say “yes” … their nxt question is “is it ka ke ku” ans “no” …nxt “is it sa se su”… ans “yes”… then then go wit last letter of ur name… i was quite aware of his questions he struggled a lot to find my fathers job…but failed… pls don’t believe all these black magic… don’t be a fool…. i saw so many people there would believed this a were ready to pay more… some knowing the trick left the place feeling this fraudulent… so no more be one among the fool… wanna make a try go vist them and realize they are frauds.. but don’t return believing them…. then u r a total fool…..

September 19, 2013 at 12:20 am
(179) me says:

I and my wife have been to agasthiyar naadi jothidam at Tambaram by Agasthiyar Durai Subburathinam on 18.092013, It all fake. first he took my thumb impression and my native name, as passed he said, he will turn out for my leave to be found, I waited there from morning 9.am to 2pm, later he called me, and started tracing my leaf to find wihich is mine out of sum of 50 above, meanwhile of every leaf he started asking me questions about each letter of my name and family, also about my profession. after sometime getting an idea of who am I, he framed to start saying my where abouts on one time, guessing with all my informations.
Me and my wife felt the same after departing from there. they could not predict anything of their own and about our future its only a guess, and for me and my wife it was all the same.
I dont want to comment anything on naadi jothidam , its only about the place we have been and also for an idea what is happening.

September 20, 2013 at 9:51 am
(180) manoj says:

nadi ok hai but nadi reedar froud hai

September 25, 2013 at 9:19 am
(181) bharti says:

Anupama, could u please tell me how many fees did u pay for your reading?

September 27, 2013 at 11:15 pm
(182) Mathan says:

Nadi is true, Most of Nadi Astrologers are fraud.
Here i can identify you one of the big cheater, Mr.Poosa Muthu & Sons/ Vaitheeshvaran kovil. No 1 Cheaters just close to Vaitheeshvaran Temple.

October 5, 2013 at 1:24 pm
(183) aileen says:

Nadi Astrology explained… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVlWm4JpH70

October 9, 2013 at 3:53 am
(184) Manoj says:


1/26, Parasakthi Appartments Ground Floor,
Jainagar, 1st main rd,
Chennai, India – 600 106.

+91 44 43556116
+91 95660 04810,
+91 80561 42220, 21



I have very bad experience with them . I go to chennai from Delhi for my reading but they took money in advance tell me to they will translation my chart but till now they have didn’t take my call . They all are jumpsuit sorry to say that

October 12, 2013 at 3:35 pm
(185) Richard says:

Dear Friends,

my name is Richard, I got in touch with the Palm Leaves around 3 years ago. I worked at a Hungarian place that helped Hungarian people to find their personal Palm Leaves. I was a translator so I was a kind of ‘bumper’ between the Indian Readers and their clients. Even though I translated around 600 Palm Leaves I wasn’t impressed after 6 months. I didn’t say it is a scam or fake, but I thought if that is it, I wouldn’t go form mine.

Then a new Reader came to the Indian center. He was deep, precise, and whatever he said gave goosebumps to the clients and even to me as a translater. So after seeing five of his readings I decided my time has come. I don’t wanna go deeper into my Palm Leaf’s story, but I left the Hungarian center, moved to Canada and with my wife we started to work with that Reader. I’ve worked with 6-7 so far before that, but only this one I found reliable and precise.

What that Reader said to the people has come true so far. Even those things me, my wife or other people said it can not happen. It did, the way the Palm Leaf described. I’m gonna translate two articles I wrote about the Palm Leaves, and post them here soon. Till now I have translated around 1200 Palm Leaves, so believe me I know what is scam, what is general, useless garbage, and what is true diamond.

Someone mentioned that he was asked for money in order to have a fulfilled life. This is not about cheating you. It’s an option. A karma-cleaning option. These rituals have been performed all over the world, especially in India for 4-5000 years. I personally saw many cases, when someone had his/her pooja done, and miraculously survived an accident, dodged prison-time and things like that. So please try to be open-minded, because these Leaves can give profound answers, great guidance, and effective tools to raise the level of our lives.

Also please check:

October 14, 2013 at 7:27 am
(186) Andrew T says:

Hi all,

I have yet to get my leaf but am very much interested in it. From what I gather is you can’t escape your destiny. Case in point, friend went to India to have an arranged marriage. He was an aircraft technician. The guy who arranged his marriage said he stood better chance if he was described as an aircraft engineer who had a house and car. He possessed neither. He got married and brought his wife back from India. His wife was shocked that he wasn’t what she expected ie no car no house, and handed a cassette tape to him to listen to. It was a translation of the nadi leave that was sought by the wife prior to the wedding. So the prediction was she would marry an overseas spouse who is well educated in the ‘flying industry’ and possessing home and vehicle. So in a wicked sense of humour, it was fated she would marry him no matter what his status was, and got what she deserved in this lifetime.

October 16, 2013 at 5:20 am

Nadi leaves available only for who eradicate Munkarma. First you should identify your karma. Karma stops all the good results including nadi leave preductions. What is Past Karma?
For born in Mesha Lagna Karma from Saturn and Mars (0 -30)
For born in Rishaba Lagna Karma from Jubiter
For born in Mihuna Lagna Karma from Saturn and Mars
For born in Kataga Lagna Karma from Saturn and Venus
For born in Simha Lagna Karma from Jupiter and Mercury
For born in Kanni Lagna Karma from Moon and Mars
For born in Thula Lagna Karma from Venus and Sun
For born in Vrichiga Lagna Karma from Mercury
For born in Thanasu Lagna Karma from Moon and Venus
For born in Magara Lagna Karma from Sun and Mars
For born in Kumba Lagna Karma from Jubiter and Mercury
For born in Meena Lagna Karma from Saturn and Venus(330-360)

October 16, 2013 at 5:37 am

Nadu leave predictions only available for those who eradicate the Past Karma.
What is past Karma? For everybody, Three karmas One Past Karma another
present karma and final future karma. First you identify your past karma
Lagna Past Karma -1 Past Karma-2
0-30/Mesha Saturn Mars
31-60/Rishaba Jupiter -
61-90/Mithuna Mars Saturn
91-120/Kataga Venus Saturn
121-150/Simma Mercury Jupiter
151-180/Kanni M oon Mars
181-210/Thula Sun Venus
211-240/Vrichiga Mercury -
241-270/Thanasu Venus Moon
271-300/Magara Mars Sun
301-330/Kumba Jupiter Mercury
331-360/Meena Saturn Venus

Strength of Past Karma identified by way of Lord of House, planet situated at
Karma house, and other aspects.
Parigaram Sri Mahakali with trisul towards earch have
Power to eradicate Past karma
Important place in Tamilnadu Near Nagapatinam at Keevalur
Anju vattathamman (Siva Temple) three kms far away from Sikkal singaravelu
Another temple Ambakarathur Kali. Further so many temples like this.
Go there and pray to eradicate the past karma. Miracle results you will
Face immediately.
Rest coming soon

October 23, 2013 at 9:12 am
(189) karthik says:

nadi jodhidam 100% ture god is great………

October 27, 2013 at 12:59 pm
(190) Sankar J says:

***************** PLEASE READ ********************
For everyone, think logical. How one can tell about your future.? I have gone there vaideeswaran temple to check about this.
1. He asks you some questions to know about you, education, work, ambition and predict your name based your replies.
2. Once he identifies your name, father name, mother name. He will ask you to wait n prepare a story, he will record it in a tape and gives you. People listening your tape thinks that everything is correct. They never know its based on your answers.

These guys knew very well.. People coming here will have some problem(love failure, marriage issue, more debts, loss in business, studies, etc.). He will try to identify your problem & gives you some solution by doing some pooja. He will try to get as much as money he can.

The only tactic is to identify your name, father name & mother name. Nothing else is true.. Whatever he say about your past(previous genmam) are all great story. Whatever he say about your future based your ambition..

This is your life. You have to sculpt your own life and overcome all your problems by thinking logicall.. Not like this with useless fellows speech. Thanks for reading. Catch me at sankarmca83@yahoo.com

November 4, 2013 at 10:56 am
(191) sasi says:

Yes i saw Nadi in Tambaram,chennai, TamilNadu India….90% are correct..it depends on how you are lucky to get your correct palm leaf…

November 19, 2013 at 6:02 am
(192) Raghavendra says:

I visited Vaitheeswaran Kovil in Chidambaram, recently in November 2013. I did engage an Nadi astrologer just outside the temple premises. The packages offered were 1600 for a short specific read and 3600 family package.

I took the short one and got a reading, so some of,it seemed spot on, rest future predictions. Of course they pressurise you to take up Pooja with them, I did that too paid 7700 for some 90 plus days of chanting mantras.

Let’s see how the future predictions turns out else I will have validated the adage that a fool and his money are soon parted. But I did compare the Nadi predictions with my other predictions from other astrologers and a majority of them matched,

When one feels inundated by the daily grinds of life and is curious to know what the future be holds , guess a experiment for approximately 10 K is in the pipeline ?

November 23, 2013 at 11:58 pm
(193) sharu says:

hi guys… thanks for sharing ur experiences. i wANt to know my past n Future.can any One advise me whom to c in vaideeswara temple to get reliable information? please…

November 25, 2013 at 5:38 am
(194) Sai says:

Hi Sasi,

Could you please tell me the address of Naadi center in Tambaram, Chennai…I’m planning to take my parents there. I’m Chennai only presently.

November 26, 2013 at 5:19 am
(195) Piyush says:

I went to the Nadi centre in Gurgaon (head office is in Tamil Nadu) and received the biggest surprise and shock of my life when without asking me any details (except for 3 questions to identify the correct leaf), they gave me entire family’s names, my family and professional situation down to exact details. This was amazing. My in-laws have had their reading done too and it was cent per cent accurate.
They only charged us once our leaves were found. It was a perception changing and defining moment.
Unfortunately they could not locate my wife’s leaf but they knew about her name, physical ailments, professional situation etc. based on my leaf.

November 26, 2013 at 6:00 am
(196) Piyush says:

For anyone interested in the address:
S/o, V.S. Arulsiva Arumugam
NO: 643, Sector 31
Haryana – 122 001, India.
PHONE : 0124 – 2384111 / 2380222
Mobile : – (0)98102-46999 , (0)98108-39000 , (0)98681-23999

November 28, 2013 at 2:05 am
(197) Rakesh says:


nice to have address of the center from ur side can you put some highlights of the readings as you mentioned of your inlaws about the accuracy level of the future predictions they experienced from this center.


November 28, 2013 at 3:03 pm
(198) K.T.Maran says:

I can help people in Chennai to get their Nadi leaves read.

Since each person’s experience is different, I cannot vouch safe anything.

Geenrally speaking , the past will be correct. The future is unreliable.

ppl do not understand that asking the personal question is only to identify, the specific leaf for u. they may succeed or fail, that is diffferent. My email is mahiz1@yahoo.com. Since i am researching this subject, i welcome comments/requests.


December 7, 2013 at 11:36 am
(199) Poornima says:

Some one suggest me true nadi astro in mumbai

December 11, 2013 at 10:21 am
(200) S.Suresh says:

Nadi astro in Mumbai:
1. Collectors Colony, Chembur Camp 25546300
2. Mulund East 64126031
3. Gandhi Nagar, Bandra East 9322612256
4. Chembur-Govandi road 49175211
5. Sion East 24098676
6. Mira Road 9987078801
7. Nerul 27717395
I have done readings from all of the above. In addition, there are at least 7 more Nadi readers in Mumbai: 2 in Vakola, 1 each in Bandra East, Ghatkopar, Andheri West, Thane and Vashi.

December 20, 2013 at 2:33 am
(201) Bhaskar says:

Hi, all.

I agree that there are many cons out there, but my experience had been otherwise.

I visited a Nadi astrologer in Vashi, Mumbai and he charged me mere 500 rupees. At first I was skeptical but my girlfriend still insisted me to go, as she had gone a couple of days ago the the experience was fulfilling. He took my fingerprints and brought a couple of leaves and then matched the exact leaf by asking a series of questions. No, he didn’t ask me my birthplace and birth time. And then he started to shock me by starting to unravel one by one. I kept jotting down the points on a sheet of paper. Even after the session and a bag of surprises, I still believed it was all a scam. But, two years after this incident I found that paper and started matching what I wrote – all accurate predictions. Point-to-point!

But it didn’t work out for my many of my friends, even at the same Nadi centre but for others it did. Don’t know what to call it. I would say if it’s just 500 rupees it’s worth giving it a shot. Then lay the final decision on your wit.

December 22, 2013 at 6:16 am
(202) ajay says:

hi padmaja can u please tell me which astrologer did u visited.
can u post the address

December 27, 2013 at 3:51 am
(203) vina says:


Any reliable nadi astrologers available in bangalore. Any comments/suggestions??

December 28, 2013 at 12:16 am
(204) Naum says:

I went to the Nadi astrologer in west Tambaram. The address is 36, new state bank colony (behind Phillips hospital) west tambaram chennai 600045 phone number 004-22266264, 22264497 . So first thing is first, I went with a local friend from chennai but I am American yet born in Azerbaijan. We had a hard time finding it but eventually we made it. We got there around 130pm and they still accepted me but you are meant to be there between 830-9 am to give a thumb print. After they take your thumb print they take a few hours to find “your leaves” then take you into a room and ask you a number of questions. Also right after they take your thumb print they give you a price list. For foreigners they charge you 3-4 times as much as Indians. 2000 for general readi (500 for Indians ) and 1000 for each additional chapter ( 300 for Indians). They asked me about 40 questions before they found “my” leaf at which point they identified my name, my parents named bday ( which I might have as well given them based on the questions they asked) . After that they ask which chapters you want ahead of time and ask you to pay. I took the general plus 5 more but said I would only take the additional if I was impressed by the general. They make you wait another hour or so then they return with a booklet with their company logo and info on it and a cd. The booklet has the transcribed data of which they give you a copy.

December 28, 2013 at 12:18 am
(205) Naum says:

Continuation from above. …

They also brought a translator ( hence the extra charge apparently) . As many said above they told me all of these horrible things were going to happen unless I did some prayers that’s when I knew it was all BS. The only information they were able to share with me that was accurate was once again my name, my parents name and my bday. Which I practically gave them in the “interview” section. I’m not here to say if they are a fraud or real but I felt what they gave me was very generic and not specific to me at all. I decided not to continue with the additional chapter, which they were not happy with at all. Personally I would not recommend anyone go to this specific reader. I believe there are genuine nadi astrologers out there, just not sure these are the guys. Hope this helps someone save a little time and money.

December 29, 2013 at 4:15 am
(206) arun nair says:

went with wife to Tambaram Agasthya muni centre. took our fingerprints by 8 a.m. called us by 11 am, as our palm leaf was found. They keep reeling out different leaves based on our thumb impression patterns, keep asking you whether the info on the leaves are correct, even if one detail does not match the leaf is rejected and the next one picked up for reading. the language on the leaf is not Tamil as used now but some ancient Tamil script. If your name, parent’s name and d.o.b and sibling details matches then they proceed further with that leaf. surprisingly my wife’s parent’s name was accurately predicted, At the end of it all, I concluded that 1. most of the information they get out of you after repeatedly questioning you over each failed leaf. 2. All leaves are not available with one family as they have been scattered either intentionally by it’s originator or by in fighting in the families which owned these leaves. 3. Thus the information of one individual is scattered in parts all over India, even upto Ambala and Jallunder. 4. What they cannot predict, they make up by confabulating. That is why the initial predictions come true, but later parts where they do not have the continuation leaves they do not say honestly and confabulate. As there is constant repetition of facts again and again in the leaves, even if they have 2-3 leaves they can tell you about the basic information. What follows next unfortunately is a series of fraudulent predictions intended to create fear of the impending dooms in our heart in order to fleece us by suggesting remedies. cont’d

December 29, 2013 at 4:16 am
(207) arun nair says:

All the predictions are based on pure mathematical astrological predicted by great sages Agasthya (many others like vishwamitra and brighu have also done it). As per these leaves all the possible combinations of human births have been written i.e. if any man has to be born, is living or was living sometime in the past, all their leaves have already been written by these great sages. If there is any birth time combination other than these leaves, then NO HUMAN BIRTH CAN TAKE PLACE IN THESE TIMES. Thus if your leaf comes out correctly they can draw your natal / astrological chart correctly. BE SURE TO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO THEM OR GIVE THE INFO ONLY IN YES OR NO WHILE LOOKING FOR YOUR LEAF BECAUSE EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON FINDING THE CORRECT LEAF. Also do not believe the bunkum they tell you about pooja etc because it is all to be done by them, better would be take the information and then contact good poojaris and priests in your place to conduct the various poojas.
Dr Arun Nair

December 29, 2013 at 9:33 am
(208) S.Suresh says:

There is a good amount of cynicism in posts 204 to 207.

Firstly, it is not the nadi reader who is giving any prediction from his brain, but his job is to simply read out what is on the leaf. The only ground on which you can accuse him of fraud is IF he is saying something which is not at all on the leaf. Other than that, how you can accuse him of being a fake?

In my own case, during the interview I did not give out the names of my parents or wife, but in almost all readings, the three names (father, mother and wife) came out correctly. In one case, my second name also was read out. (In our community, we have two names, 1 for social use and the second is rarely used eg during one’s wedding function). And many other family facts were stated correctly, though I never gave them out during the interview.

Invariably, the time-line for predictions started only from what was my age when I went for the reading. Eg if my age was 54 when I went for reading, the predictions started from age 54 only, and not before or after. How do you explain that?

I don’t believe it is stated in Hindu shastras that you can automatically nullify your sin in past birth (be it murder, or violence, or cheating or whatever wrong you did) by doing pariharams. The rishis and the Siddhas, out of their own goodness, have taken upon themselves the responsibility of seeing to it that when a person gets his nadi read and then does the prescribed pariharas, the impact of his past-life sin is mitigated or greatly softened in this birth.

The purpose of taking nadi readings is not merely to know your future — any good astrologer can predict as well as a nadi reading. The real purpose is to undertake the pariharas to mitigate the effect of your past-birth mis-deeds on yourself and your family, in this life.

December 29, 2013 at 9:34 am
(209) S.Suresh says:

(continued from previous post)

Also, when pariharas are done half-heartedly or with technical flaws (eg in mantra chanting), it is said full benefit may not accrue.

Usually, in shanti kandam, 3 types of pariharas are given: nadi puja (which you perform at the nadi reader’s office), danam (charity) and visit to specified temples. In Deekshai kandam, mantra and kavacha are specified. None of the above is compulsory, and you are free to say No.

January 2, 2014 at 8:54 am
(210) anant says:

dear piyush wen u go to gurgaon sec 31 i think surya is the reader can u tell me how much they charged for general and next section

January 3, 2014 at 11:31 am
(211) aditya tendulkar says:

hey guys…plz share some experience about BHRIGU SAMHITA in (hoshiarpur-punjab)..i am going there for reading after 10 days…

January 5, 2014 at 4:27 am
(212) vicky says:

hey guys….nadi astrologist from mulund (east) is 100% fake.
his address is :-

JAY MAHAVEER DARSHAN, 101, first flr., L.T road,
Near station, Mulund [East], Mumbai,Maharashtra.

and his website is http://www.manirajan.com/

January 7, 2014 at 6:41 pm
(213) Sivanesan says:

Recently I too met a nadi astrologer. He took my tump print and ask me to wait for 10 minutes. Then he call me to his room. He start to ask questions beginning with my name. Is it starts with si, su, sa, . I said si and he got my name correctly. Then my mother’s and father’s name . It was correct. He told about my past then my present and the future it was all correct. The fees was RM165 Malaysian ringgit. He stayed in Malaysia for a month. I was satisfied with his prediction. There was another person with me but could not find the leaf and that person left with a very heavy heart.

January 14, 2014 at 4:05 am
(214) Piyush says:

Hi Guys,

Just responding to the posts above.

1. They charged me only after my leaf had been accurately found. I only answered in yes or no and did not give them any details that they could have narrated back to me. So all genuine again. They charge Rs 4500 for reading out the available chapters ( I have now forgotten how many chapters they have) but I was given a notebook with Tamil text and also a audio CD. If you want to go through the remedy section, they charge another 3000 or 3500 (can’t remember accurately) for reading. The actual remedies are on top of it.

2. I would not like to share specific personal predictions in a public forum, however, it has changed my perspective on life and spirituality.

3. There is a very interesting book by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak titled ‘Naadi Predictions’ that lists various Naadi centres all over India. He has researched this for over 18 years. Just search on google and you cannot miss it.

January 15, 2014 at 3:44 am
(215) Piyush says:

Just realised that the Gurgaon Naadi Centre now also has a website.


January 17, 2014 at 12:16 pm
(216) manoj shinh says:

Please listen – why are you all being simply ignorant and not thinking wisely ?

If the sages knew everything about your life and date of birth, then it is logical they would know ” your time and date of death ” too.
Try to find out your time and date and place and age of death from them ? and how you will die, the circumstances – natural death, sickness/illness, pushed down the cliff, stabbed, shot, run over by a train or bus or being eaten alive in a jungle by some animal ? what animal ? lion, crocodile, tiger, snake ? what is the colour and breed of the snake ?

will you find out all that ? NO. therefore, whatever you purport or presume to find out, is mind games, mind channeling, hypnosis, astrological charts prepared with generic readings etc. or whatever.

The true guru is God, he sits in your heart. Live life.

but of course that is not something the readers or the leaf will explain ?

Is the leaf wholly truthful ? why does the leaf have partial information, especially when the sages saw our future births ? no cone can. we are energy and energy takes form.

why is that not on the leaf reading ? why are there no remedies for the same ?

it is natural that we take birth and we di

January 20, 2014 at 1:31 am
(217) anu says:

Hello Everyone,

I have visited two naadi centre in Mumbai just out of sheer curiocity. I completly agree with Mr. Manoj. I had visited Vashishtha Naadicentre in Santacruz and Agastya saptarishi naadi jyotisham in Chembur. My very first thumb rekhi was different read in both the centres…readings very different. There were similarity in reading after they ascertain your date of bith, time and place of birth through yes and no questions. They then go inside in the other room on the pretex of bringing your talpatra,while they do all the calculations based on our horoscope on the computer and then they predict.Therefore, i honestly feel though Naadi Shastra may be true but the readers are doing just a profession and not giving thulya readings. They further charge you for each kandam separatly Rs.700/-at Chembur along with general reading. While at Santacruz they charged me Rs.3000/- for complete reading. I had visited both the centre only to confirm my doubts regarding Naadi shastra and really its horoscope reading they do.While Parihars suggested by them are too costly and the same should be done by their priests only and at Vaitheeswaran Koli and some head guruji as womens are not allowed for pooja. He further said that whatever cost they are taking from us is the cost of pooja materials and Dakshina is not taken by the priests. Overall the conclusion i draw is you are the sculpture of your own life. Have a good heart and positive outlook in your life evrything will change. Just have firm faith in your God and forget the rest. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiment here but i am stating this out of my experience with both the centres at Mumbai. So believe in yourself and then the world belives you!

God Bless..!
Jai Sairam…!!

January 20, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Hi all,
As per my research in Nadi Astrology if you keep your patience you can change your destiny Believe me .Thank you all

January 22, 2014 at 8:11 am
(219) M says:

I do believe in the nadi leaves but it is a commercial business now.
Those that ply their trade online does not seem to be serious in their work. They treat online business like a part-time job i.e. they only entertain you after their normal working hours. They will say Yes to all your requests but never bother to fulfil them. It’s as if YES YES YES is part of their daily vocabulary which cannot be taken seriously.

They will promise you the sky and the earth but is hopeless in delivering the service. Delayed sessions, always late to a session – and get this, my first session was only 10 minutes long – he only had one bundle with him and said we have to find the leaf at subsequent sessions.

If I could go to India I would, but I can’t so I am trying these online readings. If it was face to face, they would have to search until they find my leaf which might take hours, but online-wise, since they have already taken your money they can delay indefinitely – and search one bundle at each session.

Respect must be mutual. How can I respect these readers when they don’t even have any self-respect? They never put effort in their job. They come with mighty titles and PhD and article writing, astrology etc but I have yet to find one that is sincere and genuine. Maybe my luck has not come yet. I will continue to search, and pray that I find my leaf soon

January 27, 2014 at 2:50 am
(220) GANESAN N says:

Dear Friends,

I just happened to read this post by chance.

I visited the famous Nadi Jothidar in Vaitheeswaran Koil – Mr. Poosa Muthu, 25 years back. At that time it was not very commercial. Since, I am a native of Tanjore Dist., when any of my close relatives want to see Nadi, I just take them enroute my native. During my visit to his house(Mr.Poosa Muthu is no more and his sons have taken over), I feel it is very much commercialised and their aim is to make money by threatening the customer that his/her (customer’s) siblings will have ill luck if pariharams are not performed. Do not fall prey. Leave it to God. Whatever is to be happen has been written by HIM already. Sincere prayers to God would certainly remove all obstacles & ill lucks.

My experiences and suggestions:

1) It is very good PROVIDED if you are lucky to have a patient, good mannered and experienced Reader. (They have quite a good number of palm readers and a few are very arrogant. I had a harsh discussion with a reader who was conscious of saying something and trying to grab more money.

2) Go in for General Kandam only. It will have a general insight of your life. Do not give your complete name & date of birth.

3) They will play all tricks to lure to read various chapters. Do not fall prey, unless you are specifically interested to know about the marriage of son/ daughter etc. Marriage Kandam will be very meticulous.

4) Before you proceed, fix up the price for General Kaandam (Podu Kaandam) & for the specific Kaandam you are interested in.

5) In my last visit with my son-in-law, before I parked my car and went inside, the deal was stuck for Rs.1250/- or so, under some context or so. I was shocked and told the reader that we are interested only in Podu Kaandam and fixed it for Rs.350/- or so. The reader was very upset with me and picked up minor arguments with me throughout the episode, since I spoiled his income.

January 27, 2014 at 1:50 pm
(221) naik says:

if you pay, it is sure t hat your future is a big ZEEEROOO

January 28, 2014 at 7:32 am
(222) aman says:

its okk okk……………

January 30, 2014 at 4:54 am
(223) Upendra Kolte says:

I always have this question in mind .. no matter this jyotish thing is fake or right .. why do you want to know your future.. cant you just live with what is happening today

January 31, 2014 at 6:01 am
(224) rahul g says:

hello frnds
plz mujhe ye batao ki inke bataye gaye upayon se kisi ko aaj tak fark laga hai kya . main bhi ek naadi kendera per gaya tha wahan unhonain mujhe jo upayon ka estimate diya wo lag bhag 50000 RS ka hai jo ki bhaut hi jayada hai kya mujhe ye payment karke upayaain karanay chahiye ya nahi
plz tell me help me

February 3, 2014 at 2:30 am
(225) Anonymous says:

reading through all this… i can only say that if this is true ……India should put it to better use like fighting against criminals / terrorist etc

these guys should act as consultants to CID or Intelligence agencies .. :)

February 15, 2014 at 1:37 pm
(226) Kasturi says:

Anonymous…, quite well said! Having said that, i must say its quite intriguing.., and i don’t mind giving it a try…, since i am going to Chennai. will keep all the tips, suggestions, hints given by all friends in mind.., and also the criticism…!!

February 15, 2014 at 5:21 pm
(227) Shakti says:

For those looking for Nadi,

Use Astroved.com.

Very Good Site, Genuine, Western Friendly and No Gimmicks. Tried and Tested several times. If they don’t have leaf, your money is refunded.

February 17, 2014 at 12:26 am
(228) krupa says:

it was something strange that i had experianced with a naadi astrologer and his predictions about my past was 80% accurate but i donno about the future it is quite cheap for reading ur naadi but it may take alot to spend for poojas ….i spent ten thousand and what i noticed was he had a very cuddling voice after i gave the money:P ….it is nice when u hear him singing and telling ur future…i felt he was putting a spell on me :P

February 17, 2014 at 11:43 am
(229) Karthik says:

On 2003, i went to Sri Vashista Naadi Astrology centre, & met Mr.Ravi, at Santacruz(e), Mumbai. I paid Rs500, and my thumb impression matched with palm leaf. All his questions matched very well with my current and past life. He predicted rightly at that point in time itself, on 2004, i must be going to abroad visit, which I never imagined at all. Because, i was working in a company where there was no scope at all. But it happened at the end of 2004 exactly. I even called him Jan 2005 at the centre and thanked him. He even guaranteed that the next 2 yrs, everything will work the way he told, after that, due to some reasons, things will change, as per my choice which i choose to life.

But unfortunately, i came to know, he was not well treated at that centre, & he was parted from that centre. When I was in trouble on year 2007/8, for my marriage,i called up at the centre, there was someone (Mr.Ravi shankar) pretended that, he was that Ravi and speaking over phone with me. He even called for face to face meeting. I went to that centre, but this person was totally different and hiding first his identity and saying that, he was Ravi. hahahah, when i asked 2-3 times, as I know Mr.Ravi’s face and remember his voice, this guy agreed that, he was Ravi Shankar and Mr.Ravi had parted from them, and didn’t know his whereabouts. This, Ravishankar asked about my marriage problems and he was giving false assurance that, he would help me to get married to the girl, i am fond of or in relation with. He judged on himself that, i was in serious love with someone,. But unfortunately, i was not in love at all with any girls. It was showing his wrong intention & character when he was trying to impress so much with re-creating a false impression.
I silently moved away from that place.


February 17, 2014 at 11:48 am
(230) karthik says:

Hello All,

My request here is , Do anyone meet that person Mr.Ravi ( he looks slim and wears full hand shirt mostly), Is he still living somewhere? If he is really doing well, i would like to meet him. It is now 2014. I met him at 2003. I have still the bill & audio cassette which he gave me. But that cassette got spoiled. It was a nice experience with him, After that, i never get any good astrologer in my life till now. Most of them are 1000% frauts.


February 18, 2014 at 3:59 am
(231) Piyush says:

In addition to the Agastya Naadi centre at Gurgaon (details provided in my earlier comments) I went to the Kaushik Naadi centre in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and my belief in Naadi has been further strengthened. The predictions were accurate and also matched what the Gurgaon centre had given me about a year and a half ago. For those interested, the address is:

E 1/209, 2nd Floor, Banphul Marg, Block E, Near Krishna Market, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

February 18, 2014 at 9:52 am
(232) Nayana says:

My experience at vytheswaran nadi jothisam was really awesome, I don’t know what these series of question you people are talking about. For me I went there, I gave them my thumb impression and initials for instance if your name is Arya.S.V, you have to provide them with A.S.V along with the finger print. And the person came back within 20 minutes or so carrying 3 bundles and he said ‘I’ll read out the parents name, if its correct just tell me’ and 2nd one came out to be right for me, further he read out my parents job and that too turned out to be true and he said, ok this is supposed to be your’s and he started reading further. I ws really amused by the way they read t out, it was as if somebody was reading out what happened to me throughout these years and further they predicted the future too. Even I was asked to do certain poojas for that he did not ask me to pay them but he gave a list of things that was to be done later.

February 20, 2014 at 9:35 am
(233) JAYARAMAN says:

Madam Arya, Pl give us the details of the nadi cenre at vaideeswaran koil. i request the members to publish the names & tel no of the nadi readers who are genuine.

February 20, 2014 at 9:36 am
(234) JAYARAMAN says:

Sorry My mail is to Ms Nayana & not Ms Arya.

February 21, 2014 at 12:29 am
(235) Krishnadas says:

My experience that vaithiswaram covil the best place nadi astrology poosamuthu is best nadijothidar.

February 21, 2014 at 12:41 am
(236) lalita says:

I had a great experience through AstroVed.com. I had my reading via skype and then did the remedies myself at the prescribed temples. The readers are hand picked apparently by the founder (who is also a pretty famous international guru) testing them. Incredible what the reader knew about me. Not all but most of the predictions have come true so far…still some years to go to find out absolutely… but more importantly aside from those stories are the changes in my life situation since doing the remedies. I moved and got a new job just as predicted. I also wear the prescribed copper plate and have to wear it inside my clothes as people are attracted to it and want to touch it all the time as it has so much positive vibration. I have heard of shams in Vateeswaram but this place has many testimonials of good experience and positive changes from having Nadi read here. Both Indians and foreigners. Oh and plus you are offered a money back guarantee if not satisfied. They are more expensive but worth it for authenticity and service. Sounds like a promotional ad! but I was really surprised- a good friend talked me into doing it and am really grateful.

February 21, 2014 at 12:42 am
(237) Krishnadas says:

Posaimuthu is best nadi astrologer in vaithiswaram

February 21, 2014 at 6:25 am
(238) JAYARAMAN says:

I believe Mr Poosaimuthu is no more. Can anybody give the concerned person’s name & number ?

February 23, 2014 at 11:06 pm
(239) M says:

I posted here earlier. I found my leaf online from one Selvamuthu Kumaran of jeevanadi.com

Paid over USD200 for General Kandam and 3 others.

Took his time finding the leaf and found one written by a sage not of the 7 top ones.

Did his reading and added some of his ‘advice’ not from the leaf. But luckily my own interpreter understands the ancient tamil poem.

Now almost 3 weeks later, he has not responded to my request of a cassette recording of which he promised. I guess after they get paid, they don’t care about after-service.

I will continue my search for other leafs. This experience was a good eye opener for me. It is a very commercialised business now. I feel if these readers want respect they should act like a true professional. No wonder people treat them cheaply and accuse them of being money grabbing dishonest individuals.

February 25, 2014 at 2:10 am
(240) vinod says:

i was very curious to know about my naadi.as my sister’s prediction was true which my mother saw a year back in vadapalani i guess.she saw for me too .but i want to know for myself.i saw my naadi last friday in ambattur.since it was near my house..when i went there the first question he asked was have you seen your naadi before.i told my mother has seen.but she didn’t reveal certain things ,so i want to know somethings myself..As i was young ,he took things for granted..he took some informations from me.then he took my leaf,usually..good nadi astrolgers take your leaf by asking some initial questions ..but this guy took every things from me..and told i have found your leaf and asked me to come one hour later..then i went 1 hour later.he started to read my leaf..everything he said was only negative..he told some good things later.i asked you told all negative things,at same time you are telling all good things .he told,we will do prayers so that all good things will happen .Then i decided he is money motive.not actually telling the truth.Hiding certain truth’s …if they say things like this,i will do prayers for you means definetly they are routing you for money.good astrologer will ask you to do parigaram on yourself..

February 26, 2014 at 11:41 pm
(241) M says:

Only give your thumb print (left for female and right for male), full name, parents’ names and your full date/time of birth. If they can’t find your leaf with these info, then be suspicious.

Those asking to do pooja on your behalf or ask you to buy yantra, be careful.

February 28, 2014 at 2:13 am
(242) Manshaj says:

Astrologer can solve problems like Love marriage specialist , Love marriage problem , vashikaran specialist , kundli matching , court case problem , dicorce problem solution , husband wife problems , inter cast marriage ,vastu Shastra , Lal Kitab remedies and any other major problems of human life.

February 28, 2014 at 2:52 am
(243) Dr,sidha Sambandan says:

I have been researching this for over 40yrs. Sadly it has become commercialised. But at present only about 10% are sincere and honest. I have been to Vaitheesvaran koil, and on my first visit the Nadi reader only saked my first name and took a thumg print. His readings were correct upto the time of reading. Some of the future came true too. I went exactly 25yrs later, and now the son was doing it. He insisted on my date of birth, time. It was all wrong – they have become commersialised.
About 20 yrs ago, I read the Kausika Nadi in chennai, I took digital photographs of ALL the names of my family members, and my wife – Josephine- which in old tamil was written as sosapin. I was able to myself read the SO and SA and PI. I then got another Nadi reader known to my friend, and made him read all the names correctly. THis showed that the names ARE on the leaf. What was interesting is that a Nadi leaf in INDIA, had the name of a SRI LANKAN, and his wife who is ENGLISH! had he given me the leaf (Obviously did not!) I could of Carbon dated it.
As for SHanthis and Pariharams – they are a load of scam! Rupees did not exist when these leaves were written. Poosamuthu said if I did the Pariharams I would get a son. I went to the Thanjvur temple, and did prayers and returned to UK. I did have a son. You dont need anyone inbetween you and God!
WOuld love to receive communications about any genuine Nadi readers in Chennaai or the south, as I tend to visit these guys for my research interests in this field. My email is sambandan@aol.com or sidha112@gmail.com. Happy Nadi explorations! I rpomise to reply!

March 1, 2014 at 11:32 pm
(244) S.Suresh says:

reply to: (243) Dr,sidha Sambandan

Most of the readings of shanti pariharam that I have done, it is also written that the pariharam SHOULD be routed through the nadi reader (nool asaan). There are usually two categories of pariharams: first is visit X temple or do X danam (eg anna-danam or vastra-danam), which you can do yourself; but the second category is mantra-pooja for 1 or 2 or 3 mandalas, for which you pay the nadi reader, as they say this pooja for X mandalas will be done in their mutt at Vaitheeswaran Koil. In my experience, sometimes who should do this mantra pooja is also given eg it should be done by sanyasis or by brahmacharis etc. Further, in my experience, sometimes even the place where the mantra-pooja is to be done is also given eg in one instance, nadi said that the pooja should only be done at Tirukadaiyur. Also, no doubt rupee was not prevalent when nadi’s were written, but there was somewhat equivalent terminology, relating to coins. There is a word (I don’t recall it specifically), which is now interpreted by nadi readers as 10 paise; another word (I don’t recall it specifically), which is now interprted as one rupee, and so on. Moreover, on a jeeva nadi reading given to Shri Ganesan of Tanjore, Sri Agastya Rishi says that even if you feel you have been cheated (say, by the nadi reader), it is either part of your karma or some of your negative karma is being taken away from you by this cheating.

March 2, 2014 at 7:03 am
(245) Ramakrishnan says:

I had the chance to go to a famous naadi josier in the outskirts of Chennai (Tambaram). What is surprising is that he told me that the name according to my namakaranam was not important but what i am called as counts. He spent time asking me questions to find out the leaflet and finally told me a series of parikarams to be formed in that particular sequence. Ending note was if not done as per the reading, the josier is not responsible! And then he wanted an amount (as per the leaf) to be paid to guru (him).. a special pooja in the village for parikaram by his godmen! I strongly believe in god and god only…this was an experience of sorts..I do not think that they are all genuine..A big net work! A big racket!

March 3, 2014 at 4:47 am
(246) Jayaraman says:

I think there is a need for a strong law with each of the nadi reader getting registered with a license, since it is a full time profession now. The refund clause is to be mentioned within a time frame. This would bring in accountability. The genuine & honest reader would not worry much ..
Also the mantras mentioned in the deeksha khandam of an individual has to be given to the nadi seeker as he is paying the fees for the chapter.The seeker will be at his liberty to take a call.The great initiative & the purpose of the Sages was to remove the obstacles for the future generation which they could perceive . Look at the irony !

March 3, 2014 at 9:19 am
(247) mdnbabu says:

Even I who is practicing astrology including nadi principles since 20 years visited 4 or 5 nadi centres upto now and could arrive at the following conclusions. I went through all the abovesaid opinions and could understand to howmuch agony some people are put to.I want to help such people.Most of the nadi centes are basically business oriented.They will ask number of questions to ellicit all the past history of an individual,including the names ,date of birth e,t,c by means of using a questionnaire preared already.After that they will prepare a chart and apply some nadi principles and predict future events like job,promotions ,marriage,court case e,t,c with a margin of 1 to 3 years for the results to take place..according to transit of planets Guru,Sani, Rahu and Ketu and by correlating birth chart with present taransits.
i can be of help as regards to forecasting the abovesaid events according to nadi principles like transit guru on sukra will give marriage at that time, similarly transit of sani on ketu will give job problems e,t,c.I practiced many Nadi principles and am able to predict many events with good accuracy.This is not a business for me. It is upto the individual,s chioce.I can be reached at mdnbabu@yahoo.com. It takes 1 hour to 1 day to study a chart.This help may please be properly utilized.

March 6, 2014 at 2:54 am
(248) Anshu says:

The saints in ancient India were realised souls. They attained unity with their higher conscience to be guided by the Supreme. Such was, Rishi Agastya. He could forecast how each life incarnation would be defined for centuries to come.
We are living in a curropt age. Its easy to get fooled, difficult to believe what’s true. I have come across a brilliant article by Anupam V Kapil (renowned astrologer who is precisely accurate everyday) The link is given below for reference. There are two important points:

1.No details like your birth date or name are asked
2. They say nadi means ‘destiny’s call’, so you cannot find it before the right time arrives for you. Anupam spend 6 years looking for the correct Nadi reading for himself.
3. When you find it, its bang on target.

Here’s the list of info you can expect to find from your Nadi:: http://nadi-astro.net/

March 10, 2014 at 1:16 am
(249) chew says:

I have an opportunity to meet up the Nadi leaf reader in Bali, Indonesia. The Nadi Leaf reader is from India.
Basically, there are few of us in the Bali’s Ashram. We are light workers from all over the place: Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and …… We give free healing to the people who need our help without charges in Bali.
For this Nadi leaf reading, we are required to give them our thumb print and bate of birth. According to the leaf reader, these info is to enable them to find the right leaf. So many people born in the same date. Besides the thumb print is to identify which bundle of leaf to search for (they mentioned there are 1 dot, 2 dots, 3 dots and…… so on to enable them to find the leaves)
From the bundle of leaf, they need to ask some questions to identify your leaf. You just need to answer some question by saying “yes” or “no”. You don’t have to provide further info to them.
Bear in mind that not everybody has the leaf ready. The reader said the leaf will be there when your time come.
The leaf has the following information:
parents name, wife name. How many children you have. Your job and your family member’s occupations. I am reading the general leaf. It telling your job and all things about your present life.
Please bear in mind that the nadi leaf has the correct information. These leaves are written 2500 years ago. Only to beware, the Nadi leaf readers can manipulate the content of the leaves. Just remember, they are only the translator. The content of the leaf is written by the Rishi. Some unethical readers will use the leaf to earn extra money.
No matter what, do good and do no harm to human being. The karma needs yourself to cleanse it.
Love and light with all of you.

March 10, 2014 at 9:32 am
(250) Ramakrishnan says:

I think this could be true..

just a quick update…

It is ‘Koil’ and not ‘Koli’ in the above article.

Koil – means temple in Tamil.


March 10, 2014 at 4:09 pm
(251) goindia says:

Hi Ramakrishnan, thanks for that information. I was actually wondering about it when I was in Tamil Nadu last December as I noticed “Koil” being used there. I’ll make the correction.

March 10, 2014 at 1:58 pm
(252) S.Suresh says:

Reply to (249) chew from Bali, Indonesia

The available Nadi leaves are scattered across many many nadi readers, located throughout India and also abroad. They also have a system of circulation of nadis amongst themselves. So if you don’t find your nadi with a particular reader, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to keep waiting for the “right time” to get your nadi. Instead, you should try to meet with other nadi readers, and you may find your leaf with one of them. For example, in Mumbai, out of the 12-13 nadi readers I went to, I found my nadi with 4 of them. Similalry, ouf the 11-12 nadi readers I went to in Delhi, I found my nadi with 3 of them.

March 15, 2014 at 1:24 am
(253) Sridhar says:

There’s a saying “if u believe in it then it is god else it remains just a doll”
Im referring to the statue/doll which we buy and bring it home to worship.
I have done my reading almost 9 years ago after which i have referred close to 30-35 ppl,(friends and relatives) every one is satisfied like ive been. Incidently the person who read my leaf is a landlord himself and doesnt require to take this as a profession as he earns well enough to take care of himself and many other families too.so i asked him the reason and then he told me that in his prediction it was written that he would be in this profession hence he is here as and when they require him.And kindly note not everyone can read the Language in the leaves as it is in Kalvettu thamizh which is the ancient Lipi and only a few handpicked can read it..I have no interest in marketing this guy but im writing to all those genuine people believing in this Art who are in trouble and would need some solace .
Indian tradition and culture is more than 2014 yrs old which doesnt have a date to relate as compared to the other cultures which have a particular date. I’m writing this in order to those people who want to believe in this.There are two kinds of people Aetheists and believers.
One more information is ,it is better to go to the temple as you may have a chance for a short break finish the reading visit the Mars temple either as a tourist or a devotee and get back home after being satisfied.
This person just needs your thuimb impression and DOB to faciclitate fasterretrieval of your leaf.
Of late to provide service the leaves have been segregated according to certain peroid of years and hence the DOB is required.Neither your name nor any other details required.The charge is less than Rs 2000

March 17, 2014 at 2:19 am
(254) JAYARAMAN says:

Mr Shridhar,
You were fortunate to come across a non commercial & genuine nadi reader. I presume since you are mentioning of mars temple, the place must be vaideeshwaran koil. For the benefit of those who are interested & want to seek the nadi services for any emergency, i request you to mention the name & contact details of the nadi reader.

March 18, 2014 at 1:42 am
(255) healinghand says:

I am from Malaysia. Have done Nadi reading at Ampang (Nadi Astrologer come from India) for RM 100 per chapter and Brickfield (local little India) RM 200 for General and RM 100 for others. Both are not genuine as they would ask for money to do the puja or ask you to donate money to them. Generally a Genuine Nadi will recommend you to visit some of the Navagraha Temples and the Lord Shiva 5 Elemental temple like Mount Arunchala (Fire element), Chindabaram (Sky Element), etc…and some important temples as per your need.

Although Nadi leaf is genuine Divine tool but the readers mostly are greedy and take the opportunity to make some quick bucks which they definitely have to pay back in the next life. What a waste of life for these greedy Nadi Readers who have the opportunity to service God and humanity with this Divine tool.

I am a spiritual teacher and have many students need to do their Nadi Reading and we are now using Online service which is extremely costly. I hope can get here contact of genuine Readers who is of service to God and humanity here.

I would like to share some message from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva says our kindness to others will fed blessings from people around us such as parent, family members and society will help us overcome the difficult karma when it arise. For those who visit temples, the Lords are favorable to those sincerely willing to change and correct their mistake. The Lords will bless these people to have prosperous, happy and longevity life. (those who feel dizzy and sleepy while reading this message, the Lords are blessing you now)

March 19, 2014 at 1:29 am
(256) Chitts says:

I have a question ?

I went to Naddi astologer at Pune, he found my leaf there, what ever he predicted was accurate, after few yers when I was in Chennai so I went to Naddi astrologer at Chennai, there also he found leaf for me, all my family member names, other details were absolutely correct.

How many leaves are there for me and at How many locations ?

March 19, 2014 at 6:53 am
(257) senthil says:

it is totally fraud…dnt go there…they are getting all information from us only

March 20, 2014 at 5:58 am
(258) Amit says:


I had to visit the Rammurthy nagar Nadi reader thrice over a span of 6 months to get my nadi leaves. I would like to believe that the predictions are true. Some of the very accurate readings given by this guy includes accurately reading out my wife’s name from the leaves. My wife has a slightly uncommon name which is not related to any God or Goddess however during the reading he accurately read out her name. I was shocked.

At the time of the reading I was happily married however the man read out that me and my wife were heading towards a long period of seperation for the next 18 months which would also include legal battles, possible thoughts of divorce and second marriage. Unfortunately his reading was true and just a week after the reading all the readings started turning out to be true. The 18 month period specified by him will end around the month of May this year and I will keep you updated if his other readings (which includes reuniting with my wife) turn out to be true. So far he has been quite accurate.

March 21, 2014 at 6:52 am
(259) healinghand says:

reply to Chitts question, there were few people researcher on Nadi and got their nadi reading from North India to South India. What the researchers said is that you will get your nadi almost every day if you get a reading every day from different Nadi Reader.

Comment from the researchers, there are large amount of fake Nadi readers and there are few genuine one around. You just need to know the different.

Fake readers will ask you for money to do pooja, remedies will be very vague where it will subject to manipulation and so on. If fake one, normally your life will not improve after the remedies. Personally I paid way more than INR 100,000 (sorry, i am not from India so the rate is more expensive) over the years doing remedies, pooja and donation out of gratitude, appreciation of the Lords for their teaching and guidance.

Some advice from Lord Shiva is be kind and loving to people around you. Visit the 5 Elemental Lord Shiva temples, Navagraha temples, Vishnu and Brahma temples to do Archana and sincerely regret your past actions and willingness to change and correct your mistakes will fetch you good blessing from the Lords.

March 24, 2014 at 4:21 am
(260) rags says:

Went to Tambaram, SBI Colony, Chennai,
This guy asked me the complete details,
Started with Age 30+ – I said no.
He asked 35+ – I said no.
He asked 43-45 – I said No.
finally settled for 41,

Simillarly for number of parants alive.
again for number of children, and gender of children,

Similarly for the birth month, year etc.

and a very good combination of fact is available now.

He gave the summary back to me (what I gave).

He said “you have to go to Murugan temple for 2 Mondays and come back for the reading, write your address and give 500″

I said no,

So friends be concious on what is goin on with this fake guys, there are some original readers, who can tell you all the details on his own in one or two iterations.

Lot of guys came from Mexico and left as a group without proceeding, due to the same reasons.

March 24, 2014 at 6:40 am
(261) JAYARAMAN says:

I have visited many readers over a period of 17 yrs. I do not have an iota of doubt regarding nadi shastra.what is happening now is the urge to loot the innocent . But yes there are genuine readers who charge nominally. Just by mentioning the names of parents or spouse does not vouch for the authenticity .With basic analysis of the questions what they ask, it leads to the answers. In my view, the facts, past as well as future events are the best parameters. A nadi reader can be judged after his readings turn out to be true over a period of time.In general the integrity of the reader & his intention to give a proper reading makes a difference. THe problem is that they do not want to loose a customer despite the non availability of a particular leaf. For how many people the leaves are available is a big question ? I have myself seen in a centre at bangalore some time back, there is a disconnect in terms of knowledge of the reader as well as the translator. In some case the reader could not understand what exactly the phrase was as he was seen struggling to interpret ! In one of the centres i told the reader not to struggle too much on arriving at the names. I told him to mention as it is given in the leaf. At times the sages have mentioned the names in the form of hints. But off course the meaning will be the same. Friends, my suggestion is do not spend too much time & money. Ask for general chapter. See the overall events predicted. Wait for some event to take shape as predicted & then decide to go further. More of dishonest readers than the good ones.
Overall not a healthy picture to be relied upon.

March 24, 2014 at 6:44 am
(262) JAYARAMAN says:

I have also taken the reading at Ramamurthy nagar bangalore last year & waiting for few predictions to happen, as he has told me to wait for an year. I would not comment on him as it is too early to arrive at a judgement before the passage of time.Also i do respect the other’s experience with that gentleman. Even some of them had personally told me about his accuracy. Very recently i happen to visit a very reputed nadi reader in tamilnadu.This visit was totally unplanned one as i had to join a friend who was going there. I shall mention about his readings after sometime as i am yet to get some clarifications what i have asked for .

March 26, 2014 at 11:30 pm
(263) Radhika says:

pls. give me your address, I send my thamb print

March 29, 2014 at 8:27 am
(264) mdnbabu says:

As already mentioned by me in (247),I am of the opinion that
by means of correlating the erected chart ,with the past history ,
future will be predicted by using Nadi principles with years of time gap.I am practicing nadi principles and examining them by applying to my own chart and many others since 20 years .Accuracy can be achieved ,but I feel Parasari also needs to be applied along with nadi principles to have better results.Nadi is basically developed on guru’s position.-jeeva – in the chart from alnack.. i.e in which rasi he is ,and the planets from him in the successive 12 signs ,from the same alnack..Then results will be forecast.Guru’s position changes every year ..Not all those born in that year can have the same characterstics.so differences are coming. They have some general principles with them and they apply them to charts.For many ,they will not coincide.general is different from specific.
But parasari method, varies for every 2 minutes.differnce in birth time.Nadi method, varies only with 2.5 days gap that too with reference to moon’s position only. So for those born in the said 2.5 days time period they will have the same chart.In 2.5 days how many people will be born?.Can all have the similar life events and results?.
Also regarding thumb prints, how separate leaf for every thumb print, is possible for hundreds of crores of people is , a torturing question for me. I dont know about this.No two people can have the identical prints and identical life events.
Co-born couples will also differ in characterstics and life events.
Only Parasari can answer this.So I request all to give equal value to sage parasara and his methods.Parasara dasa, system is most unique. So too much thinking regarding Nadi and straining mentally is not necessary. Of course criticizing anybody is not my intention ,but the said points needs to be examined..

March 30, 2014 at 2:08 am
(265) M says:


I write in response to mdnbabu above. I am author of posting 239 and 241.

Firstly, allow me to inform that I have received my leaf information with recordings of the predictions. I can definitely vouch for nadi prediction since it can tell me so many happenings, family names, notable events and even my own recent feelings that no one knows except me.

Obviously there are black sheep in every corner but it is up to you to sieve through to get the true readings. A good interpreter is necessary in my opinion, one that understands the poems itself and able to translate correctly.

Just do not volunteer too much information when nadi search is performed and never answer sweeping questions e.g. Yes/No to “Are you are aged 40-45?”

What I know is if you can predict even without calculation is best. The authenticity obviously will only be known to you since your experience is unique. I know of holy people who can predict just based on your name and birth date (birth time not even necessary). No calculation is done. The prediction is done through the holy men by divine grace.

Some of them do practice astrology, and they confirm the prediction through the calculation aspect of which they studied, and not the other way round. Even then, sometimes the calculations cannot match the prediction.

Calculation can differ and can be wrong. And many go through trial and error in their profession to get intuition.

IMHO, if you are not supposed to get the truth, you won’t, no matter how many nadi/astrologer you seek. In my own experience, I have yet to receive a detailed true prediction just by calculation alone. Most are quite general in nature, and they use the Major/minor period to make sweeping prediction.

Everything due to your past karma. If you have the luck, you can seek the right advice and act upon it. If not, you won’t be able to escape even if you have the right corrective prediction.

March 30, 2014 at 11:42 am
(266) Revathy says:

My mother had visited agasthiya nadi astrology in salem during 2007. They predicted that i will study mba and get first class in correspondence. That turned out to be true.but regarding my marriage whatever They predicted has not happened.so dont believe that one is fake fake fake fake.dont waste your time by believing All these things.

April 2, 2014 at 9:56 am
(267) spoorthy says:

@ Amit –

Can you tell me the Nadi astrologer name and address that you went to.

April 5, 2014 at 2:45 am
(268) JAYARAMAN says:

Since some of the readers are asking for reference i wish to quote the place where i have taken the reading. My experience with the below said nadi reader is reasonably good & accurate. My act of reference should not be taken as an marketing activity from my side. I am not responsible for any of his actions nor any way connected to him. The reader is Mr Thanikachalam- Saptarishi Nadi astrology at Vaideeswaran Koil, The contact person’s name is Mr Sarveshwaran. The telephone no is 04364- 279620.
IMr Sarveshwaran is able to talk in Hindi & was easier for me to get some clarification wherever needed.

April 8, 2014 at 6:49 am
(269) Rohan says:

I live in UK and I have had a Nadi reading through skype with guruji A.Sivaguruswamy from Sivanadi. I want to know how reliable the predictions are?

April 8, 2014 at 8:37 am
(270) Nishi says:

I have visited one Nadi Astrologer today.. the reading was perfect to me but the only point which i am doubting is that they asked that chanting of mantras have to be done in Tamil Nadu by 2 bramhins for 240 days and that will cost 17000 rs to remove hurdles and bad luck.
This doesnt seems good to me.. i mean reading was ok all good but is it possible that by such remedies life can be made smoother for future.. can someone pls guide me if i shud go for this or not.

April 8, 2014 at 12:38 pm
(271) Bhaskar says:

Hi Nishi..
Dont go for it…

April 9, 2014 at 3:10 am
(272) Jayaraman says:

Comment for – 270 .Never ever agree for a remedy undertaken by them. Rather go to the temples suggested by them & pray sincerely. Lord will take care.

For 269. Mr Sivaswamy is supposed to be one of the leading nadi readers. It purely depends on the individual luck .. i mean if the reader is able to get the exact leaf, then is should be accurate to a large extent. Pl wait till the passage of time . only time can answer in a nadi reading.

April 9, 2014 at 4:04 am
(273) Nishi says:

Thanks a lot Bhaskar & Jayaraman for the help..

April 12, 2014 at 10:27 am
(274) S. Suresh says:

in reply to (269) Rohan

I have had 3 separate readings done in Hyderabad through A. Sivaguruswamy of Hyderabad. Because he has a lot of overseas clients, his fees for reading seem to be on the higher side, as compared to normal rates. At the same time, his fees/charge for doing pooja/mantras at V. Koil are quite reasonable. I did not detect any in-sincerity or fraud in him. As far as the reliability of prediction of future events, too premature to say, as my readings were done only in the last 1-2 months.

April 13, 2014 at 5:04 am
(275) Ap says:

Please dont Trust these Guys in Vahideswaran Koil ..I went recently..All are Fake guys..They will ask each and every detail from u only. and will read hem at one stream..Tey vl charge 300 min..if we go to them..I got irritated..Its worrost..I went around 2days journey to that place.Its no use..

If u dont belive me ..I met he Priest in that temple…he only told all are Fake guys..dont trust any one..he told u came from very far Just belive in God and Pray him and leave….

If u go also first meet Priest..or Near by one Hotel or Mess is ther right side of that temle..You can enquire them..all are Fake before approching these nadi fellows..

April 13, 2014 at 11:13 am
(276) piya says:

Will they reveal.us our date of birth?

April 13, 2014 at 2:31 pm
(277) Ap says:


No….they wont..They are all fake guys..

April 16, 2014 at 5:12 am
(278) naga says:

I recently visited Vaitheeswaran koil, and went to 2 astrologers. The first I felt was incorrect regarding past life, and was fishing around to work out current predictions though came up with good guess for the type of business I had. I felt there was something not right as he kept emphasizing the bad karma, I was at the end asked for 20k for the remedies, and had to be paid on the spot. I did not pay anything for I said would do it as my own way, this created some tension between us as I left.
However the second astrologer, was the opposite, accurate predictions of business situation, my health and family. Gave the option if wanted to do the remedies or not. But no pushing. I left feeling had a good reading. Nadi astrology is not a fake, its finding the correct experienced astrologer to interpret it.

April 17, 2014 at 8:20 pm
(279) alkesh says:

I went through my nadi reading frm jeevanadi.com through dkype by asrrolger selvamuthukumaran . First he asked my d my all the details like my birth date, my name , my father name nd place of birth & time.then he start findingout my leaves after 3-4 sittings I got my leaf then he told me to diposit amnt in his accnt which I done nd after the prediction when he yold me pariharam he told zbt two pujas one iaxmi yantra puja nd shatrusamharak yantra puja which I decided to get done by him now 4 months passed of the date he gsve me when yhe puja will be over nf I have nt recvd the said yantra…everytime I call hom he maked new excuses….I m tottsly confused.

April 18, 2014 at 3:14 am
(280) JAYARAMAN says:

Mr Naga, It is good that you shared your experience you had in vaideeswaran koil. Can i request you to name the 2nd nadi astrologer whom you met & had good reading ? I am sure it shall benefit some of the readers.

April 21, 2014 at 4:02 am
(281) sreenivas says:

Recently(19/04/2014), i have visited poosamuthu nadi astrology @ Vaitheswarankoil. They charged me Rs. 5,000 and it was fraud.
They (astrologer) followed the same procedure as my friends already written above.

I request everybody pls don’t waste money for that..it was like cheating people…might have true for very few people in past prediction could have been correct. But now you can forget about that..

My friends pls don’t loose money to these cheaters..Instead of giving it to people pls donate the same to temple/trust or to needy people who don’t have money to buy food.

April 21, 2014 at 7:38 am
(282) Manoj Nair says:

Hi, I recently been to Viteeshwaran koil & met with one of the nadi astrologer.
I can say with 200% confidence, this is nothing but utter crap !!
Me and my friends was just curious to know about it & can now say with authority – this is simple loot exploiting religious feeling of people.

There is nothing called the so called “leaf with our future” they pretend to be searching, any basic educated astrologer can know/check the basic characteristics of a person if DOB is given, that’s all they do.

The kind of question they ask to know about family name is nothing but equal to ‘Ashwamedahm show of GS Pradeep in malayalam channel”, at least he ask only 15 questions, here they ask endless number of questions and pull the name of our family from us and claim, they found it.

Holy crap, please save that money and lend it to poor people or beggers sitting close to temple, there is no doubt god will bless you and not to those junks who cheat peoples feeling, just run away from them.

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