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Nadi Astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil - Real or Fake?


Nadi astrology palm leaf.

Nadi astrology palm leaves.

Recently, I had a reader get in touch with me about Nadi astrology.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Nadi astrology is based on  predictions that ancient sages were believed to have written on palm leaves. Apparently, there's a palm leaf that corresponds to everyone. If you find your leaf, you'll get to know your future.

I actually visited a Nadi astrologer in Mumbai last year because I was curious about the practice. It's too early to know if his predictions will come true or not. However, I'm really not convinced that he had my leaf, so am not expecting too much.

The process of finding the right leaf is carried out through a series of questions and answers related to the information on a bundle of leaves that the astrologer pulls out, based on the classification of the lines on your thumb print. In order for your exact leaf to be found, you need to respond "yes" to all the questions for a leaf.  Unfortunately,  I didn't.

Regardless, the astrologer still read out my future. Then, at the end, he suggested I pay 13,000 rupees for priests in Tamil Nadu to chant special mantras. This would ensure that my future would be rosy. (No, I didn't pay).

But, back to my reader. He was interested in consulting a Nadi astrologer and had heard that Vaitheeswaran Koil, in Tamil Nadu, was the best place to do so.  The reason why is because  the families of astrologers at Vaitheeswaran temple obtained the leaves and passed them down from generation to generation.

My reader headed to the temple. However, he told me that not only couldn't he find any astrologers there, the managing director of the temple informed him that it's all a scam. He was afraid to reveal much more to him though, because of the "astrologer mafia".

Very disappointing!

I'm not sure what to think about Nadi astrology.  Quite a few people have told me tales of accurate predictions. Are you a believer? Have you had any experiences with Nadi astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil or elsewhere?

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