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New Indian Tourist Visa Rules Clarified by Indian Government


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At last, the Indian government has released official clarification regarding the much talked about new rule for Indian tourist visas, which requires a two month gap between visits to India.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has confirmed that the new rule will apply to ALL categories of tourist visas, not just long term five and 10 year tourist visas. However, tourists who have documentation to prove that they're using India as a base to visit neighboring countries as part of their holiday, can enter India up to three times without being subjected to the two month gap in between.

The new regulations also require frequent applications for tourist visas, within one month of visa expiry, to be referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs for clearance.

According to the Indian government, these strict measures have been introduced to curb misuse of tourist visas in India.

For detailed information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Visas on the Ministry of Home Affairs website.

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