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The Monsoon Season in India

The main monsoon seasons runs from June to September and the question on everyone’s lips is always, “What's it really like and is travel still possible?” The good news is that you don’t have to let the monsoon ruin your vacation, and travel can even be advantageous during this time.

More About the Monsoon in India:
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August 2014 India Festivals and Events Guide

The famous festival season gets underway in August in India. Visitors can enjoy some of India's most popular and traditional festivals and events. Here's the best of events in August in India (listed by date).

Palladium Hotel Mumbai: New Kipling Bar and Sahib Room

Inventive fusion cocktails meet traditional Indian fare at the luxury Palladium Hotel's signature Indian restaurant, the Sahib Room, and the adjoining Kipling Bar.

North East India Tourism: What to Know Before You Go

Travel in north east India can be draining. If you're considering a trip, there are a few things that you need to know before you go.

12 Places to Take India Cooking Classes on a Culinary Holiday

Wondering where to take cooking classes in India, or go on an extended culinary holiday? These places are all recommended.

Dilli Haat: The Biggest Delhi Market Just Got Bigger

The third branch of Dilli Haat recently opened in the city. Find out about this huge Delhi market and where to visit it.

Guide to the 2014 Teej Festival in India

The Teej festival is an important festival for married women, and much anticipated monsoon festival. It commemorates the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The celebration is most spectacular in Jaipur.

10 Best Places to Visit in Chennai

These places to visit in Chennai will give you a feel for the city's distinctive culture and what makes it special.

Guide to Kerala Snake Boat Races

Snake boat races take place from July to September each year in and around Alleppey, in India's southern state of Kerala. These races, in long canoe style boats, often coincide with other festivals. Here's what you need to know about Kerala's snake boat races.

5 Places to Visit Near Chennai

There are a number of places to visit near Chennai that are popular side trips from the city. The tourist circuit of Chennai, Mammallapuram and Kanchipuram is often referred to as Tamil Nadu's Golden Triangle.

15 Top Kerala Attractions and Things to Do

The unique variety of attractions in Kerala ensures that this tropical south Indian state is high on the list of people's places to see in India. Don't miss these top Kerala attractions and things to do.

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